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November 29/17 17:33 pm - Final 48 Hours to Vote for the Canadian Cyclist Bike Shops of the Year!

Posted by Editor on 11/29/17

Have you voted yet in the sixth annual Canadian Cyclist Bike Shops of the Year Awards? There is less than two days to get your vote in, so you need to support your favourite bike shop. Votes have been registered from across Canada in every province. It is easy - pick your shop and tell us why it is so good.

From your votes we will select the top bike shops from across Canada. We will select up to two (2) shops for each province or region - Atlantic, Quebec (East, West, Greater Montreal), Ontario (East, West, North, Greater Toronto), Manitoba/Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia (Mainland, Island) and Yukon/NWT/Nunavut.

There are votes for shops from every province; B.C. is slowing starting to see the votes roll in, but it could do a lot better. Surely, there are vote-worthy shops in B.C.!

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