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May 1/18 11:46 am - Lemieux wins Red Hook Crit Brooklyn

Posted by Editoress on 05/1/18

Italy's Filippo Fortin and Canada's Raphaele Lemieux took victories on Saturday (April 28th) at the eleventh edition of the Red Hook Crit Brooklyn in front of thousands of spectators.

The Red Hook Crit is a track bike (fixed gear) criterium held on a short technical circuit at night in front of thousands of spectators. Athletes from around the world compete to claim the coveted championship title.

1 Raphaele Lemieux (Can) Specialized Rocket Espresso 0:43:33.7
2 Melanie Guedon (Fra) T RED Factory Racing Team 0:43:35.5
3 Margaux Vigie (Fra) Santafixie BLB London 0:43:35.9
4 Ash Duban (USA) The Meteor // Hey Allez! 0:43:35.9
5 Lisa Worner (Ned) Aventon Factory Team 0:43:36.0
6 Roxanne Fox (USA) Team Schindelhauer-Gates 0:43:36.2
7 Michelle De Graaf (Ned) IRD Squadra Corse 0:43:36.5
8 Ashley Faye (Ned) LA Sweat 0:43:36.5
9 Esther Walker (USA) Aventon Factory Team 0:43:36.6
10 Nicole Mertz (USA) The Meteor // Hey Allez! 0:43:36.9
11 Chelsea Matias (USA) Rodagira Laser Team 0:43:37.1
12 Keira Mcvitty (GBr) Wyndymilla / Hype Energy 0:43:37.7
13 Eleonore Saraiva (Fra) Aventon Factory Team 0:43:38.1
14 Giorgia Fraiegari (Ita) Cykeln Divisione Corse 0:43:40.8
15 Letizia Galvani (Ita) Cykeln Divisione Corse 0:43:41.1
16 Lena Vogl (Den) Maloja Pushbikers Fem 0:43:58.6
17 Colleen Gulick (USA) Pickle Juice Pro Cycling Team 0:44:16.1
18 Paola Panzeri (Ita) System Cars-Cinelli-Comense 1887 0:44:16.2
19 Camille Udny (Fra) Team Look Criterium 0:44:16.7
20 Aoife Doherty (Irl) 5th Floor CC 0:44:16.8
21 Gabrielle Carriere (Can) Ma Bicyclette 0:44:17.0
22 Emily Beaudoin (USA) State Bicycle Co. 0:44:17.1
23 Francisca Campos (Col) State Bicycle Co. 0:44:17.2
24 Sami Sauri (Esp) LA Sweat 0:44:17.2
25 Poppy Thompson (GBr) LOVE&ROCKETS - Basso 0:44:17.3
26 Ana Puga (Mex) WTM 0:44:17.5
27 Tamika Hingst (Den) Canyon Rad Pack lapped
28 Veronika Volok (USA) ELF Race Team lapped
DNF Brooke Philips (GBr) LOVE&ROCKETS - Basso
DNF Carla Nafria (Esp) Specialized Rocket Espresso
DNF Johanna Jahnke (Den) ELF Race Team
DNF Fleur Faure (Fra) LA Sweat
DNF Hanna Raymond (USA) Rodagira Laser Team
DNF Kazuyo Kodama (Jpn) sfiDARE Crit Japan
DNF Nikki Ulug (USA) Boneshaker Fixie Squad
DNF Samantha Wipff (USA) State Bicycle Co.
DNF Christina Hashimoto (USA) Team Kingdom
DNF Kym Perfetto (USA) Aventon Factory Team
DNF Dazie Holt (USA) Team Cinelli
DNF Tori Riemersma (USA) The Heavy Pedal
DNF Jenna Latour-Nichols (USA) Team Handmade/Don Walker
DNF Catherine Mevel (Fra) Inside Cycles Speed Team
DNF Leah Goldberg (USA) Formula Femme
DNF Lauren Jones (USA) State Bicycle Co.
DNF Evelyn Sifton (Can) Unattached
DNF Virginia Cancellieri (Ita) IRD Squadra Corse
DNF Ainara Elbusto (Esp) Santafixie BLB London
DNF Elena Valentini (Ita) T RED Factory Racing Team
DNF Rebecca Book (USA) DisTRACtion Circus
DNF Cinthia Pedraza (USA) ATX Sirens
1 Filippo Fortin (Ita) Team Bahumer Critlife 0:48:37.37
2 Justin Williams (USA) Specialized Rocket Espresso 0:48:37.43
3 Alec Briggs (GBr) Specialized Rocket Espresso 0:48:38.26
4 Davide Vigano (Ita) Team Cinelli 0:48:38.70
5 David Van Eerd (Ned) Team WIT 0:48:39.60
6 Evan Murphy (USA) MASH SF 0:48:39.80
7 Michael Capati (Ita) URB - Rhevo Probike 0:48:39.90
8 Kaj Verhaegh (Ned) Team WIT 0:48:40.63
9 Stefan Schaefer (Den) Specialized Rocket Espresso 0:48:42.39
10 Matteo Cecchini (Ita) Cykeln Divisione Corse A 0:48:43.09
11 Olivier Leroy (Fra) Aventon Factory Team 0:48:43.90
12 Timon Seubert (Den) Suicycle 0:48:44.81
13 Nico Keinath (Den) Suicycle 0:48:45.11
14 Felix Lhenry (Fra) Team Look Criterium 0:48:45.44
15 Robin Gemperle (Sui) No. 22 0:48:45.60
16 Adrien Merkt (Sui) Team Schindelhauer-Gates 0:48:46.01
17 Brian Wagner (ZA) Deluxe Cycles 0:48:46.45
18 Andrea Tincani (Ita) IRD Squadra Corse 0:48:47.44
19 Alessandro Mariani (Ita) IRD Squadra Corse 0:48:47.85
20 Marco Poccianti (Ita) Cykeln Divisione Corse A 0:48:48.54
21 Eamon Lucas (USA) Specialized Rocket Espresso 0:48:54.46
22 Jesus Alberto (Esp) IRD Squadra Corse 0:48:56.51
23 Luca Ursino (Ita) URB - Rhevo Probike 0:48:56.71
24 Johannes Killisperger (Den) Mess Pack Berlin 0:48:57.01
25 Jan-Willem Groeneveld (Ned) Team WIT 0:48:57.10
26 Brian Megens (Ned) FGC By Lemar 0:48:57.13
27 William Lewis (Fra) Revo Racing Team 0:48:57.15
28 Nicolas Cote (Can) IBIke 0:48:57.34
29 Eike Hauman (Den) Fixedpott 0:48:57.36
30 Yvan Morf (Sui) Team Schindelhauer-Gates 0:48:57.43
31 Richard Jansen (Ned) IRD Squadra Corse 0:49:05.47
32 Christopher Rabadi (USA) Heavy Pedal Tribe 0:49:07.09
33 Isaac Howe (USA) Aventon Factory Team 0:49:07.51
34 Owen Blandy (GBr) ELF Race Team 0:49:08.43
35 Hal Hunter (Aus) Hunter Bros Cycling 0:49:08.45
36 Harry Scott (Aus) Hunter Bros Cycling 0:49:09.10
37 Marco Cecchinato (Ita) T RED Factory Racing Team 0:49:09.56
38 David Santos (USA) Aventon Factory Team 0:49:15.62
39 Ivan Ravaioli (Ita) Team Cinelli 0:49:25.42
40 George Garnier (GBr) 5th Floor CC 0:49:42.29
41 Haralds Silovs (Lva) 53DNTS X POLOANDBIKE 0:49:42.50
42 Mattia Cappella (Ita) Cykeln Divisione Corse A 0:49:42.52
43 Chris Hildreth (USA) Heavy Pedal Tribe 0:49:42.75
44 Zachary Felpel (USA) Heavy Pedal Tribe 0:49:45.71
45 Miqui Rueda (Esp) Santafixie BLB London 0:49:46.79
46 Cristopher Martinez (Ita) Cykeln Divisione Corse A 0:49:47.07
47 Andrea Vassallo (Ita) IRD Squadra Corse 0:49:47.39
48 Remi Fagnan (Chn) NTTLD 0:49:47.75
49 Cooper Ray (USA) Deluxe Cycles 0:49:47.85
50 Alvin Escajeda (Mex) Endo Cncpt Team 0:49:48.04
51 Richard Bergeron (Can) IBIke 0:49:55.23
52 Francesco Martucci (Ita) Team Bahumer Critlife 0:49:55.37
53 Cristhian Molina (Col) Skidz 0:49:55.52
54 Michael Reyna (USA) Shred Monster 0:49:56.09
55 Cameron Bond (USA) Heavy Pedal Tribe 0:49:56.41
56 Miguel Indurain (Esp) Endless x Dosnoventa 0:50:02.38
57 Dante Young (USA) CNCPT Team 0:50:02.39
58 Roberto Pagliaccia (Ita) Cykeln Divisione Corse A 0:50:17.78
59 Angus Morton (Aus) Specialized Rocket Espresso 0:51:30.62
60 Chris Tolley (USA) Aventon Factory Team 0:45:09.66
61 Luca Sacchetti (Ita) Steel Drali Milano 0:45:14.69
DNF Edwin Van Kerkhof (Ned) F. A. S. T. Amsterdam
DNF Giovanni Longo (Ita) Team Bahumer Critlife
DNF Brandon Feehery (USA) Stanridge p/b Roley Poley
DNF Addison Zawada (USA) State Bicycle Co
DNF Antoine Fabry (Can) thePack
DNF Nico Hesslich (Den) 8Bar Team
DNF Johnny Corcoran (USA) Team Kingdom
DNF Thibaud Lhenry (Fra) Team Look Criterium
DNF Lucas Strittmatter (Sui) Unattached
DNF Peter Janak (SK) NVAYRK Paria Team
DNF Paolo Bravini (Ita) Team Cinelli
DNF Steven Castellanos (Mex) Throne Cycles
DNF Martin Hoggart (Aus) Hunter Bros Cycling
DNF James Ambrose-Parish (GBr) One Life Cycle
DNF Danilo Borroni (Ita) Steel Drali Milano
DNF Riccardo Melandri (Ita) IRD Squadra Corse
DNF Charles Kimble (GBr) NVAYRK Paria Team
DNF Luis Rivera (PR) Team Handmade / Don Walker Cycles
DNF Javier Benitez (Esp) 53DNTS X POLOANDBIKE
DNF Cesar Gallego (USA) The 5th Floor NYC
DNF Israel Romero (USA) Engine 11
DNF Nicolas Cote (Can) IBike B
DNF Liam Yates (GBr) 5th Floor CC
DNF Jake Silverberg (USA) Stanridge p/b Roley Poley
DNF Ray Hunter (Aus) Hunter Bros Cycling
DNF Jean-Michel Lachance (Can) Quebexico
DNF Josh Gieni (Can) IBIke
DNF Zach Morvant (USA) Heavy Pedal Tribe
DNF Josh Tyrell (Can) State Bicycle Co
DNF Hector Morales (USA) Catella / Sario Legal
DNF Jakob Claffey (Can) ERTC
DNF Flavio Pagliaccia (Ita) Cykeln Divisione Corse B
DNF Manuel Barra (Mex) Throne Cycles
DNF Robert Evans (USA) Team Illuminate
DNF Gonzalo Andres (Esp) 53DNTS X POLOANDBIKE
DNF Evan Hartig (USA) Stanridge p/b Roley Poley
DNF Facundo Lezica (Arg) T RED Factory Racing Team

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