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August 30/18 8:02 am - Bromont Velodrome to Become All-Season Facility

Posted by Editoress on 08/30/18

The Quebec cycling federation (FQSC) has announced that the provincial government will invest $4.5 million into the Bromont velodrome, adding a roof that will make it a year-round training facility.

The Bromont track opened in 2001, after the purchase and installation of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic track.  Bromont is one of two regional National Cycling Centres (the other is in Victoria, BC).

Since the demolition of the Montreal velodrome in 1989, the cycling community is mourning an indoor velodrome. Several initiatives have tried to revive it from the ashes, whether in the city or elsewhere in Quebec, but without success ... until today. It is therefore with great enthusiasm and gratitude that the Quebec Federation of Cycling Sports (FQSC) welcomes the announcement of the Government of Quebec.

"With the World Cup events and the World Track Championships being held between November and April since 2005, Quebec cyclists were at a distinct disadvantage. And that is not counting the rain, which limited the days of training on the track to about 70 per year. With an indoor velodrome, they will be able to train on the track all year long, without having to go into exile outside Quebec, as is currently the case," said André Michaud, president of the FQSC.

Since taking the position of Executive Director of CNCB [Centre national de cyclisme de Bromont] in 2012, Nicolas Legault has invested wholeheartedly in developing the Centre.  With limited resources, but an overwhelming passion and valuable volunteers, he worked miracles and carried out an ambitious project. After redoubling efforts and ingenuity to extend the life of the track surface, the Centre had to face the facts:  it was not made to face the harsh winters of the province.

Although a number of Quebec athletes have made their way into the national team, it must be admitted that an outdoor velodrome was not enough for these athletes to compete on a level playing field with the world's elite.  Several athletes have, over the years, demonstrated great potential on the oval.  But, some athletes came to decide, reluctantly, to leave the track, due to the lack of facilities and the need to move away to train.  With the Quebec winters, an indoor velodrome is not a luxury, but a necessity.



Hugo Barrette



Kirsti Lay



Patrice St-Louis Pivin



Laurie Jussaume



Lauriane Genest

"Quebec is full of talent," points out André Michaud,  "We see it particularly in road cycling, mountain biking and para-cycling, where Quebec is the undisputed leader on the national scene.  With the arrival of an indoor velodrome, there is no doubt that Quebec will also look good in track cycling, a discipline where we are already well represented.  We only have to think of Olympians Hugo Barrette and Kirsti Lay, or other emerging athletes like Ariane Bonhomme, Laurie Jussaume, Lauriane Genest, Tristan Guillemette, Thierry Kirouac-Marcassa, Joel Archambault, Patrice St-Louis Pivin and Gabriel Drapeau-Zgoralski.  They are all athletes who are part of the national team programs and who made their debut or were developed at the Bromont velodrome."

The CNCB will shortly announce a fundraising program for the Bromont velodrome.


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