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November 23/18 13:01 pm - 2018 CXFever Grant

Posted by Editoress on 11/23/18

Canadian national cyclo-cross champion, and Pan American champion Maghalie Rochette has announced that the application period is now open for the 2018 CXFever grants. "The goal of the CXFever Fund, is to share our passion for cyclo-cross," explains Maghalie.  "We believe that when someone finds their passion, it gives them a purpose to work hard and become a better version of themselves ... In other words, passionate people are happy people, and we like happy people!"

"We also want to support up-and-coming racers by helping them live enriching experiences that can hopefully make a positive difference in their career."

In 2017, Maghalie offered a grant of a $1500 financial value to an up-and-coming CX rider. The grant recipient got to come to the Pan American Championships with the CLIF Pro Team and become a member of the team for a weekend of racing. The goal was to share experiences and ressources with the winner, so she could see what it's like to be on a professional CX team.

Although this was a successful experience last year, the Fund will take a different approach this season.

"With the change of team and the creation of the CXFever p/b Specialized program, and because we were going to be away in Europe for a big part of the season, David and I didn't have the time or resources to do the same type of project as we did last year. But we still wanted to keep the Fund alive and do our part to help young racers in Canada."

This year, the Fund will offer two $500 grants to young, ambitious, and passionate cyclocross riders from Canada.

"This year, I feel like the Fever is stronger than ever in Canada. I've never seen that much enthusiasm for our sport here, and that makes me really happy. I hope we can keep spreading the Fever even more."

"Many people contributed to the Fund by purchasing CXFever merchandise throughout the season, or by donating to the Fund. I think that expresses well the tight knit community that cyclo-cross is. We are excited to be able to give back. If someone can benefit from the grant, all those trips to the post office (to ship CXFever merchandise) will be worth it haha!"


To apply to the Fund, you must be a Canadian Junior or U23 rider and need to have participated to the 2018 National Championship in the Junior or U23 category.

The two recipients will be chosen based on their short application video. We want to know why you have the Fever and what is your ambition in cyclocross.

For more details on how to apply, please follow this link

The deadline for application is December 7th, 2018.


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