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January 22/19 10:53 am - MPCC Announces Cycling Ranks 13th in Doping & Corruption

Posted by Editor on 01/22/19

The Movement for Credible Cycling (MPCC - Mouvement Pour Un Cyclisme Crédible) has released their 2018 report tracking doping and corruption cases in major sports, and cycling ranks in the lower half for cases that have been publicly revealed by sports federations or media for professional athletes.

For the entire year, Athletics [Track and Field] led by a large margin with 102 cases, followed by Baseball (83), Weightlifting (74), Football [Soccer] (73) and Equestrian (41). Cycling was 13th with 17 cases (11 Road, 1 BMX, 4 MTB, 1 Track); 15 Male athletes and two Female. As a point of interest, Ice Hockey had seven cases and Curling had one. By Country, the USA had 131 cases, followed by Russia with 76 and the Italy at 42. Canada had 11 cases.

The MPCC points out that, while Cycling is falling in the overall rankings (this is their fifth year of releasing the report), it is not because cases are dropping in our sport, but more that there is better reporting and more transparency in other sports. They have also added corruption cases (all the Cycling cases were doping-related), which are quite high in some sports, such as Football [Soccer], which had only 16 doping cases but a staggering 57 corruption charges.

See the MPCC release Here.






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