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April 26/19 18:33 pm - Escape Velocity Good Friday BC Cup Road Race (B.C.)

Posted by Editoress on 04/26/19

The Escape Velocity Good Friday BC Cup race on the Murchie West race course took place in warm and dry conditions.  Nigel Kinney from Langlois Brown took the win in the Men's 131km Cat 1/2 Open race.  Claire Cameron from Fleuvog's Nasty Crit took the win in the 100km Cat 1/2 Women's race.

The Murchie West course is a challenging 10.1 km rolling course through the Fraser Valley with finishing 600 metre long climb at 5% leading up to the finish line. This was the second time for Escape Velocity using this course, which is a variation of the older Murchie Course that has been used for over twenty years.

Cat 1/2 Open
The Cat 1/2 Open category had twenty one starters doing 13 laps of the gruelling course.  A strong break got away in the third lap, consisting of two Langlois Brown riders - Nigel Kinney and Patrick Riddel - two Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes riders - Alexander Murison and Kyle Buckosky - and one Mighty Cycling Rider - Nick Monette.  The break eventually gained a two minute gap on the rest of the field.  Kinney took the win in the sprint finish over Murison for second and Monette for third.

Cat 1/2 Women
The Cat 1/2 Women category had ten starters that stayed together for their 10 lap race to a sprint finish.  Claire Cameron from Fleuvog's Nasty Crit took the win over Angie Buonassisi from WOWride Cycling Club, with Rachel Canning from Levine Law Group p/b taking third.

Masters Open
The Masters Open category had twenty two starters doing 10 laps. Very early in the race Michael Wegner from Langlois Brown got away, to be joined a lap later by Darin Bentley from United Velo. They managed to expand their lead up to two minutes ahead of the main pack until caught by the main group in Lap 8.  At the finish it was Jeff Werner from Langlois Brown for an easy win, with Richard Costello from Steed Cycles taking second in the sprint finish fourteen seconds later over Uli Mayer from Glotman Simpson in a very close third.

Cat 3 Open
The Cat 3 Open category had twenty starters that stayed together for 7 of their 10 lap race.  Mathew Cox of Glotman Simpson Cycling managed to break away in lap 7 to get the win with a 50 second margin.  Evan McBeath from Cannondale p/b Fortius Sportg and Health was second leading the group sprint in, with Martin Utley from PenderFund p/b Neighbourhodd Holdings a close third.

Cat 1/2 Women, 101 km
1 Claire Cameron (BC) Fluevog's Crit Nasty 2:45:57
2 Angie Buonassisi (BC) WOWride Cycling Club at 0:01
3 Rachel Canning (BC) Levine Law Group p/b s.t.
4 Elle Bush (BC) Cannondale 0:02
5 Janna Gillick (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling 0:03
6 Krista Matthews (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling 0:23
7 Caroline Kenning (BC) Mighty Cycling 0:29
8 Carolyn Russell (BC) PenderFund p/b Neighbourhood Holdings -1 lap
DNS Joanie Caron (BC) Fluevog's Crit Nasty
DNS Madeleine Dupuis (MB) Fluevog's Crit Nasty
Cat 1/2 Open, 121.2 km
1 Nigel Kinney (BC) Langlois Brown Racing 3:00:42
2 Alexander Murison (GBr) Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes at 0:02
3 Nick Monette (BC) Mighty Cycling 0:03
4 Kyle Buckosky (BC) Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes 0:05
5 Patrick Riddell (BC) Langlois Brown Racing 0:12
6 Sherwood Plant (BC) Langlois Brown Racing 2:17
7 Scott Wannop (BC) Mighty Cycling 2:19
8 Jem Arnold (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling
9 Grant Gill (BC) Mighty Cycling both s.t.
10 Mark Boner () Hewdog Racing 2:22
11 Nick Geddes (BC) Super Vacation 2:40
12 Amiel Flett-Brown (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling 2:47
13 Dylan Davies (BC) Langlois Brown Racing 2:48
14 Jake Cullen (BC) DC Bank Pro Cycling 7:43
15 Ryan Golbeck (BC) Mighty Cycling 7:53
16 Dylan Wiwad (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling -12 laps
DNF Graham Lock (MB) Hewdog Racing
DNF Wai-Ben Wong (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling
DNS Jackson Bocksnick (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling
DNS Zachary Konings (BC) Hewdog Racing

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