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April 30/19 9:49 am - Hayman Classic Registration & Rule Updates (B.C.)

Posted by Editoress on 04/30/19

The 2019 edition of the Hayman Classic, held in the Penticton region of central British Columbia, will be comprised of four races over three days. It stands almost alone on a yearly cycling calendar that caters overwhelmingly to adults. What makes the Hayman Classic distinctive is that it is open only to young cyclists, meaning those aged 13 to 19.




More than that, the races are designed to give them a European-style experience of riding in groups or alone over courses that challenge their skill, strength and stamina against top juniors from British Columbia, the rest of Canada and the United States. For coaches and trainers, it's a chance to take the measure of the next generation of cyclists.

For Ron Hayman, the former Olympian and pro racer behind the Hayman Classic, it's an opportunity to nurture and encourage young riders, but more important to give them a chance to compete, to have a "real-world experience," as he puts it. Too often, he says, young riders devote hours and hours to training but rarely if ever have the chance to succeed - and fail and learn - from a hard-fought race. The Hayman Classic helps to fill that void.




In order to create the best racing experience for all riders, organizers are introducing ability based category racing to the Hayman Classic. Athletes are encouraged to compete in the most appropriate ability group. The U19 Junior categories remain gender and age specific, while the other three categories are blended, with flexibility to help each rider find their appropriate level.

The rules regarding wheels have been amended. All categories may now use carbon rims with a maximum rim depth of 45mm. Disc brakes remain legal, and a maximum gearing of 52x14 (or equivalent) will be enforced throughout all categories.

Register by May 7th to avoid additional fee. And fill out the Rally for Youth contest form to receive a free entry even if you've already registered!


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