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August 4/19 16:21 pm - Pan Am Games: Madison Silver for Canada

Posted by Editoress on 08/4/19

The Canadian team of Maggie Coles-Lyster and Miriam Brouwer won the silver medal in the women's Madison on Sunday at the Pan Am Games in Lima, Peru.  The United States won gold with 46 points, followed by Canada at 35 and Mexico, also at 35 points. Canada took silver after finishing ahead of Mexico in the final sprint.

Brouwer was in her first Madison race on a full 250 metre track, and the pair of NextGen riders had a strong start, holding the lead after seven of 12 sprints.  However, the U.S. moved into the lead for good after winning the next two sprints, with Mexico pulling two points in front of Canada after the second to last sprint.  Canada finished second in the final double points sprint with Mexico third to move Canada in front of their rivals.

"Our plan going into the race was to stay at the front because it was the safest place," explained Coles-Lyster.  "Thank goodness we had that tactic because most of the crashes happened behind us.  Miriam has a better endurance engine, so she went for the longer stuff and I'm the sprinter.  We set me up and got enough sprints."

"We had never actually raced a Madison together," said Brouwer, "but we jelled really well and were reading each other's minds well, which is what you have to do in a Madison."


Women Sprint
Semi Finals
Heat 1 Race 1 Race 2 Decider
1 Kelsey Mitchell (Canada) 11.526 11.33
2 Jessica Salazar Valles (Mexico)
Heat 2
1 Martha Bayona Pineda (Colombia)   11.457 12.197
2 Luz Daniela Gaxiola Gonzalez (Mexico) 11.426
Winners race for Gold and Silver medals
The losers race for the bronze

Men Keirin
First Round
Heat 1
1 Kevin Quintero Chavarro (Colombia)
2 Jaïr Tjon En Fa (Surinam)
3 Kacio Fonseca Da Silva (Brazil)
4 E Verdugo Osana (Mexico)
5 Brandon Pineda Estrada (Guatemala)
1 Kwesi Brown (Trinidad & Tobago)
2 Hersony Canelon Vera (Venezuela)
3 Robinson Steven Ruiz Callé (Peru)
REL Leandro Hernan Bottasso (Argentina)
DNF Joël Archambault (Canada)
First 2 riders in each heat advance to Final 1-6
the others to First Round Repechage
First Round Repechage
1 Brandon Pineda Estrada (Guatemala)
2 Leandro Hernan Bottasso (Argentina)
3 Kacio Fonseca Da Silva (Brazil)
4 E Verdugo Osana (Mexico)
5 Joël Archambault (Canada)
6 Robinson Steven Ruiz Callé (Peru)
First 2 advance to Final 1-6
the others to Final 7-12

Women Madison
1 United States (Kimberly Geist/Christina Birch) 46 pts
2 Canada (Miriam Brouwer/Maggie Coles-Lyster) 35
3 Mexico (Lizbeth Salazar Vazquez/Jessica Bonilla Escapite) 35
4 Colombia (Lina Mabel Rojas Zapata/Jannie Salcedo Zambrano) 14
5 Brazil (Daniela Cristine Lionço/ Dos Santos Rodrigues) 11
6 Cuba (Jeydy Pradera Bernal/Idaris Cervante Trujillo) -18
7 Chile (Aranza Villalón Sánchez/Paula Villalón Sánchez) -40
DNF Ecuador (Ariadna Herrera Teran/Dayana Aguilar Garcia)
DNS Trinidad & Tobago (Alexi Costa/Teniel Campbell)


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