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July 6/22 15:56 pm - UCI & IOC Announce Cycling Quotas for Paris 2024

Posted by Editoress on 07/6/22

The UCI has announced the quotas for the cycling disciplines at the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games. Overall, the move to gender parity (women and men) in cycling will be completed for the Paris Olympic Games, the first Games that will achieve this objective. However, the Paralympic Games will not achieve parity, with the men still having 50% more spots than the women. The cycling events of the 2024 Olympic Games will take place between July 26th and August 11th, and for the Paralympic Games between August 28th and September 8th.

For the four Olympic road cycling events (road race and individual time trial for men and women), a total of 180 qualification places (88 places for each gender, plus two per gender for the host country) will be allocated, with a maximum of eight places - four for men and four for women - per National Olympic Committee (NOC).




For the road race, the Nation breakdown will have a total of 80 qualification places allocated based on the UCI Road World Ranking by nations (results recorded in UCI Elite and Under-23 events on the UCI International Calendar during the 52 weeks preceding the end of the 2023 road cycling season). The remaining eight places per gender will be allocated to nations not qualified via the UCI Road World Ranking by nations, according to their results at the 2023 UCI Road World Championships and 2023 Continental Championships (excluding Europe and Oceania). This means the men's road race quota drops from 122 spots (in Tokyo), while the women increase from 62.

For the individual time trials, 35 places for men and 35 places for women are available. For each gender, only NOCs that received places for the road race can be allocated places in the individual time trial (maximum of two athletes per NOC and per gender). The men have lost five spots and the women have gained ten.

For the 12 Olympic track cycling competitions (keirin, omnium, individual sprint, team pursuit, team sprint and Madison for men and women), 190 qualification places are available: 95 places for men and the same number for women, with a maximum of 14 places per NOC (seven for men and seven for women). These will be allocated based on the UCI Olympic Track Ranking 2022 - 2024, which will be established for each event according to points acquired at the last two editions of the respective Continental Championships, the two best results of the UCI Track Nations Cup in each of the 2023 and 2024 seasons and the 2023 UCI (Elite) Track World Championships. The 2024 system breaks down qualification by Endurance and Sprint (equal for women and men) - a maximum of four riders for Endurance (for the Team Pursuit), and three for Sprint (for the Team Sprint). For any individual events (and the Madison), the riders must come out of the Team quota. A country could also just qualify a rider for an individual event (Omnium, Sprint, etc.) if they don't get in through the Team quota.




A total of 72 mountain bike (cross-country) places will be awarded, comprising 34 for the men's race and 34 for the women's race, plus four additional places (two per gender): two for the host country and two universality places (quotas that promote the development of sport and offer equal opportunities to emerging countries). The total number of spots has dropped by four.





For BMX Racing, the total quota of 48 places is made up of 22 men and 22 women plus four additional places (two per gender): two for the host country and two universality places*. There is no change to the number of spots.

The BMX Freestyle qualification documents will be published shortly. In Tokyo there were nine spots each for women and men.

For para-cycling events at the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, a quota of 220 places will be allocated (140 men and 80 women). Qualification quotas will be allocated initially according to the 2022 UCI Para-cycling Nations Rankings (47 places for men and 28 places for women) and secondly according to the 2024 UCI Paralympic Ranking (88 places for men and 47 places for women) combining UCI road and track competitions between January, 2023, and June 30, 2024. This ranking will include the 2023 UCI Para-cycling Road World Championships, 2023 and 2024 UCI Para-cycling Track World Championships and the 2023 and 2024 UCI Para-cycling Road World Cup. In addition, five eligible male athletes and five eligible female athletes will receive an invitation from the Bipartite Commission.

Publication dates of the final UCI rankings of the different Olympic and Paralympic disciplines:

Road cycling: October 2023

Track: April 15, 2024

Mountain bike: May 28, 2024

BMX Racing: June 4, 2024

Para-cycling road and track: July1, 2024

BMX Freestyle: TBA


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