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March 2/23 10:06 am - Volunteers Needed - Free VO2 Max Testing (B.C.)

Posted by Editoress on 03/2/23

Cyclists are needed for a UBC research study aimed to develop a non-invasive sports sensor to monitor exercising muscles. You will participate in an incremental exercise protocol on a stationary bike and be measured for muscle metabolic fitness using non-invasive sensors. You will learn about your own VO2 max and maximum heart rate.




STUDY AIM: Develop a wearable optical device for monitoring body and muscle metabolic function during exercise to enhance athletic performance.

WHO: Healthy adults (18-45 years old) with moderate to high fitness levels and/or athletic ability.

WHAT: You will participate in an incremental exercise protocol on a stationary bike. We will be measuring your muscle metabolic fitness using multiple non-invasive sensors. You will need to come in for data collection on one occasion, which will last approximately one hour.

WHERE: The study will be conducted at ICORD on the Vancouver General Hospital campus.

BENEFITS: You will be contributing to an experiment that is looking to develop a novel biosensor that can monitor muscle function non-invasively and in real time. You will learn valuable information about your own fitness level, including parameters such as VO2 max and maximum heart rate. These tests typically cost over $100 at private sports performance labs.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Babak Shadgan
Assistant professor, Department of Orthopaedics, University of British Columbia
Chairman, Medical Commission, International Olympic Styles Wrestling Federation

For more information, please contact:

Aaron Mah at


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