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May 11/97 18:50 pm - Men's World Cup, Canadians in Europe

Posted by Editor on 05/11/97

Men's World Cup - Martinez Leads 1-2-3 Finish

Road racing tactics have come to mountain biking, and it is somehow fitting that the French are leading the way. The Sunn-Nike team of Miguel Martinez, Christophe Dupouey and Christophe Herrisset put on an awesome display of strength and tactics to take all the podium positions at the fifth Grundig World Cup cross-country race in Prague. The men raced 43 kilometres (7 laps), and from the beginning the race resembled a road event. A group of 8 were off the front early, with attacks and counter-attacks taking place. Herrisset went off as a rabbit on the third lap, forcing non-Sunn riders Hubert Pallhuber and Michael Rasmussen to do the chasing. Martinez bridged up to his teammate on the 5th lap and dropped him a lap later. Herrisset was caught by Dupouey, who was then the obvious team choice for second, since it put him in the World Cup leaders jersey (current leader Cadel Evans is in the U.S. racing the NORBA National at Snow). Full results and World Cup standings to follow.

Tour De l'Aude

We have some more information about the Tour de l‚Aude, thanks to Valerie Davidge and Piers Davidge. Clara Hughes continues to maintain her second place on G.C., while Sue Palmer has won EVERY mountain sprint so far and leads in the Mountain category. Kim Langton (who is providing the info to Piers and Valerie), is Sue‚s designated leadout, and reports that the team is very upbeat and filling extremely strong. In related news, Oakville, Ontario-based Piers is racing in Belgium and finished 11th yesterday (Valveleringe) and 6th today (Ste Dilif Viijve).

Tour of Romandy, Switzerland

Stage 5a - 69 km

1. Mario Cipollini (Italy) 1:31:47
2. Adriano Baffi (Italy)
3. Mario Manzoni (Italy)
4. Fabio Baldato (Italy)
5. Gabriele Missaglia (Italy) all s.t.


1. Pavel Tonkov (Russia) 19:57:41
2. Giuseppe Guerini (Italy) at 0:27
3. Davide Rebellin (Italy) 0:51
4. Beat Zberg (Switzerland) 0:55
5. Gilberto Simoni (Italy) 1:09

Stage 5b - 21.7 km ITT

1. Chris Boardman (Britain) 24:10
2. Viatcheslav Ekimov (Russia) at 0:16
3. Erik Breukink (Netherlands) 0:36
4. Johan Bruyneel (Belgium) 0:38
5. Erik Dekker (Netherlands) 0:50

Note: Chris Boardman won the final 21.7 km ITT, but Tonkov finished close enough to retain the overall lead and win the Tour of Romandy.

Final G.C.

1. Pavel Tonkov (Russia) 20:22:46
2. Boardman at 0:45
3. Zberg 1:04
4. Teteriouk 1:27
5. Giuseppe Guerini (Italy) 1:42

Four Days of Dunkirk, France

Stage 7 - 177 km

1. Jamolidin Abduzhaparov (Uzbekistan) Lotto Four hours and 16 seconds
2. Jaan Kirsipuu (Lituania) Casino
3. Jan Koerts (Netherlands) Rabobank
4. Philippe Gaumont (France) Cofidis
5. Endrio Leoni (Italy) Aki

7. Gordon Fraser (Canada) Mutuelle Seine et Marne all s.t.

Final G.C.

1. Johan Museeuw (Belgium) Mapei 10:43:35
2. Franck Vandenbroucke (Belgium) Mapei at 0:11
3. Daniele Contrini (Italy) Brescialat 0:25
4. Andrei Tchmil (Ukraine) Lotto 0:29
5. Christophe Mengin (France) Francaise 1:11


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