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May 2/06 5:15 am - Regina Cycle Club Spring Classic Stage Race

Posted by Editoress on 05/2/06

2006 RCC Spring Classic April 30th, Regina SK

By Jason Grundahl

The weather could have been better (like the previous day), but that did not stop 30 people from showing up and racing. The wind was from the south east and pushed us on the one-way time trial. The road race started shortly after that and despite looking very grey there was no rain. The racers were place in two categories, One Hill and Two Hills. The Two Hills group went first and had 12 riders. The second group started 5 minutes back and had the remaining 18 riders.

I was in the Two Hill group. The group went out at a high pace.... with the tail-wind. Dan Tomczak made the first move and gained about 20 seconds on the group, but with a bit of hard chasing we were able to come back together before the first hill. The next move was on the hill, of course. Dan and Pedro moved to the front and I was able to respond. Dave Bitschy (aka "wind beneath my wings") told me after that he got caught at the back of the pack and could not bridge the gap, but held our pace up the hill. With three of us against Dave, who was alone at that point, we made the break away stick.

The break worked to the second hill and we went up together (thanks guys). With just over 20km to go there was a good stiff headwind to keep us honest. We rode hard but not crazy. At exit A I was feeling good and attacked. The response was swift from both Dan and Pedro. We traded some attacks, but had to get back into rhythm to bring the speed up. We ended up sprinting for the line and Dan easily took it with Pedro outlasting me.

On a sad note we found out that there was a crash in the 1 hill group. We hope that everyone is ok and heals up quickly. It is unfortunate that we had an accident so early in the season.

Thanks to Ed and Simone for doing a great job of timing and thanks to all the others who helped. Great way to start the season everyone.
Individual stage results and photos are on the website.

Two Hills Group (General Classification)

1. Pedro Peralta Elgueta, 1:48:03
2. Daniel Tomczak, 1:48:20
3. Jason Grundahl, 1:48:41
4. Dave Bitschy, 1:55:07
5. Matthew Martynuik, 1:55:48
6. Daniel Kleer, 1:56.20
7. Brad Clifford, 1:56:31
8. Jason Christbason, 1:56:52
9. Sean Kukura, 1:58:49
10. Marc Quinnett, 2:00:19
11. Jason Cherney, 2:04:01
12. David Gould, 2:04:38

One Hill Group (General Classification)

1. Keith Wempe, 1:42.26
2. Dean Etienne, 1:43:00
3. Chris Gilboy, 1:46:37
4. Reyno La Cock, 1:46:29
5. Lane Warsylewciz, 1:46:45
6. Brent Waliduda, 1:49:14
7. Jannes Wessels, 1:50:14
8. Graeme McMaster, 1:52:05
9. Elizabeth Tomczak, 1:53:19
10. Darcy Gullacher, 1:56:11
11. Kevin Woodard, 1:57:21
12. Terry Martyniuk, 1:59:28
13. Crystal Barlas, 2:00:16
14. Wilma VanNiekerk, 2:05:49
15. Denean Wanner, 2:52:11
DNF. Michael Wrubleski
DNF. Arnold Boldt
DNF. James Winter


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