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July 15/06 11:05 am - MTB XC Nationals Results: Elite Men & Women, Junior Men & Women, Cadet Men & Women

Posted by Editoress on 07/15/06

Cross Country Nationals Sun Peaks, Kamloops BC
Reports made possible by the support of MAXXIS and Rocky Mountain

Elite Women
1. Marie-Helene Premont (QC) Rocky Mountain Business Objects1:33:34
2. Alison Sydor (BC) Rocky Mountain Business Objectsat 2:57
3. Kiara Bisaro (BC) TEAMR.A.C.E.COM3:38
4. Catharine Pendrel (BC) Norco Factory Team4:52
5. Patricia Sinclair (BC) Scott USA/Kenda6:14
6. Wendy Simms (BC) Velo Bella - Kona7:28
7. Mical Dyck (AB) Team Alberta7:49
8. Melanie McQuaid (BC) Orbea10:37
9. Amanda Sin (ON) 3 Rox Racing11:54
10. Jean Ann McKirdy* (BC) Rocky Mountain Business Objects13:13
11. Catherine Vipond* (ON) Team Ontario14:03
12. Danelle Kabush (AB) Timex15:54
13. Meghan Kindree* (BC) Rocky Mountain Business Objects17:04
14. Sandra Walter (BC) X.O-Felt17:32
15. Caroline Villeneuve (QC) équipe du québec/brunet-la vie sportive18:14
16. Ann Yew (BC) 18:46
17. Julie Sanders (QC) Equipe du Quebec - Xprezo19:17
18. Kylie Case* (ON) Team Ontario19:22
19. Joanna Harrington (BC) 21:19
20. Christine Misseghers (AB) Mountain Bike City21:49
21. Melissa Dekker (BC) Jamis22:21
22. Susan Trimble-Haviland (ON) Havys Bike Shop22:25
23. Anne-Marie Jobin (QC) XCLUZIV23:41
24. Leah Guloien (BC) Team Sugoi/Giant24:15
25. Elsie Torresan* (QC) Specialized24:47
26. Sophie Fortin (QC) La cordée plein air26:31
27. Kelly Jones (BC) Sugoi Factory Team27:43
28. Christy Love (BC) Sugoi Factory Team27:50
29. Mathilde Hupin Debeurme* (QC) Équipe du Québec - Sportif Bromont28:09
30. Kate Scallion* (NS) The Cyclery30:34
31. Andrea Nighbor (AB) Rundle Mountain cycling club31:01
32. Pepper Harlton* (AB) DirtGirls32:30
33. Heather King (BC) Natural Earth Racing33:57
34. K.J. Sadler (BC) Steed Cycles34:22
35. Ashleigh Miller (BC) Natural Earth Racing35:24
36. Jennifer Schulz (BC) 36:37
37. Isabelle Jacques* (QC) Brunet-La Vie Sportive37:01
38. Andrea Bunnin* (SK) Team Saskatchewan37:28
DNS. Karen Dewolfe (NB)
DNF. Martina Feldmann (BC) X.O-Felt
DNF. Caton Nyree (BC) Independant
Elite Men
1. Geoff Kabush (BC) Team Maxxis2:00:42
2. Ricky Federau (ON) TEAMR.A.C.E.COMat 0:48
3. Neal Kindree* (BC) Kona / Les Gets3:58
4. Seamus McGrath (BC) 4:54
5. Mathieu Toulouse (QC) Maxxis6:16
6. Kris Sneddon (BC) Kona Les Gets Factory Team7:43
7. Max Plaxton* (BC) Rocky Mountain Business Objects8:02
8. Andreas Hestler (BC) Rocky Mountain Business Objects8:05
9. Michael Garrigan (ON) HBCC8:25
10. Andrew Watson (ON) TEAMR.A.C.E.COM8:26
11. Martin Lazarski* (ON) Rocky Mountain Business Objects9:23
12. Eric Batty (ON) 10:02
13. Derek Zandstra* (ON) 10:41
14. Raphael Gagne* (QC) Rocky Mountain Business Objects/ Equipe du Quebec11:52
15. Cory Wallace* (AB) Bicisport12:06
16. Stefan Widmer* (BC) Team Sugoi/Giant12:53
17. Matt Hadley (NB) Rocky Mountain Business Objects13:21
18. Craig Richey* (BC) Sugoi / Giant Bicycles15:02
19. Adam Morka* (ON) Team Ontario15:45
20. Roddi Lega (AB) Team Alberta16:10
21. Troy Misseghers (AB) Mountain Bike City16:13
22. Benoit Simard (QC) Specialized18:31
23. Andrew Kyle (BC) Sugoi / Giant18:48
24. Peter Classford* (ON) Team Ontario18:56
25. Jonathan Boulanger* (QC) Specialized19:51
26. Evan Sherman (AB) Team Alberta20:44
27. Edouard Duquette* (QC) equipe du quebec20:47
28. Matthew Green* (BC) 21:03
29. Daniel Sessford* (YT) 21:51
30. Shawn Bunnin (SK) TEAM SASKATCHEWAN22:15
31. Frederic Bussieres* (QC) Equipe Quebec / Rocky Mountain Business Objects22:55
32. Ian Carbonneau (QC) Equipe du Québec + Vélo Chambly23:46
33. Jeff Ferguson (BC) 24:03
34. Léni Gélinas Trudel* (QC) Équipe du Québec + Le Yéti24:44
35. Ryan Ingham (BC) VC Riomois25:31
36. Andre Sutton (AB) Hadcore Cycling Club25:40
37. Manuel Fehlmann (BC) 27:06
38. Benjamin Schmidt (BC) Natural Earth Racing29:01
39. Mark Batty* (ON) TEAMR.A.C.E.COM30:31
40. Jonathan Gormick (BC) Steed Cycles/SRAM/Rockshox31:21
41. Carsten Ivany (BC) Natural Earth Racing32:49
42. Ian Mcavity* (NB) Bikes and Beans33:30
43. Taylor Ryan* (BC) Surly/Riding Fool/Hostel/Dodge City33:31
44. Dion Clark (AB) Bow Cycle/CMC34:56
45. Steve Martins (AB) Hardcore36:23
DNF. Dustin Gordon (BC) Team Whistler/Natures Path
DNF. Earl Nolan (AB) Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle
DNF. Drew Mackenzie (BC) SUGOI/GIANT
DNF. Jonathan Burgess* (NS)
DNF. Tristan Galbraith (ON) Dropmachine/Commencal
DNF. Thomas Skinner (BC) Sugoi Factory Team/Giant Bicycles
DNF. Galen Kehler (BC) Wentings Cycle
DNF. Brendan MacIntosh (BC) Trek/Riders Cycles/Kenda/LX
DNF. Matthew Martindill (BC) Cove Factory Racing
DNF. Scott McGregor (BC) Steed Cycles
DNF. Sebastien Tremblay* (QC) Specialized
DNF. Daniel Nemetchek* (MB) Manitoba
DNF. Christian Ravlic* (BC)
DNF. Cameron Jette* (ON) HBCC
DNF. Jon Nutbrown (AB) Team Alberta
DNF. Robert Leeds (AB) Cyclemeisters/ Bow Cycle
DNF. Dallas Morris (AB) Team Alberta
DNS. Kyle Douglas* (ON) 3Rox Racing
Junior Men
1. Cody Canning (AB) Team Alberta1:55:17
2. Michael Mitchnick (ON) Sportswapat 0:35
3. Jeff Clarkson (BC) BC Provincial Team1:17
4. Francis Morin (QC) Equipe du Québec - DEVINCI1:59
5. David Fournier (QC) Equipe du Quebec Club Lessard Bicycles4:55
6. Kyle Kennedy (BC) BC Provincial Team5:35
7. Andrew Thomas (SK) TEAM SASK8:08
8. Jean-Philippe Thibault-Roberge (QC) CCS/Dalbix9:59
9. Zachary Winn (ON) Team Ontario10:28
10. Jon Kinsie (ON) Team Ontario11:24
11. Owen Harrison (BC) Fresh Air Experience12:37
12. Jacob McClelland (ON) Team Ontario13:45
13. Malcolm Brentnall (AB) Bow Cycle14:16
14. David Greer (YT) Yukon Cycling Association15:22
15. Paul Benson (MB) Alter Ego/ Trek/ Manitoba17:12
16. Haydn Boucher (ON) 3 Rox Racing1:02:17
17. Jason Cherney (SK) Lumsden Bike Club-1 lap
18. Daniel Kleer (SK) Lumsden Bike Club-1 lap
19. Troy Henry (YT) Yukon Cycling-1 lap
20. Kyle Salter (BC) Team Squamish-1 lap
DNF. Matt Savage (BC) BC Provincial Team
DNF. Kyle Fry (ON) Team Hardwood Cycling and Ski
DNF. Cory Hancock (ON) Team Ontario
Junior Women
1. Emily Batty (ON) TEAMR.A.C.E.COM1:24:29
2. Kaitlin Michener (ON) Team Ontarioat 3:00
3. Marie-Claude Surprenant (QC) Dropmachine/Commençal10:54
4. Kylie Morin (SK) TEAM SASK18:04
5. Danielle Dornik (BC) BC Provincial Team24:07
6. Jaclyn Mcclements (BC) BC Provincial Team32:07
7. Amanda Hardie (MB) Team Manitoba/TTT-1 lap
DNF. Sydney Van Loon (BC) BC Provincial Team
DNF. Christine Lynch (BC) BC Provincial Team
DNF. Alexandra Gélinas (QC) Équipe du Québec Cycle Outaouais
Cadet Men
1. Philip Cairns (BC) BC Provincial Team1:42:43
2. Justin Middleton (AB) Team Albertaat 0:35
3. Evan Guthrie (BC) BC Provincial Team0:39
4. Alistair Hardy-Poirier (BC) 2:04
5. Scott Benson (MB) Manitoba/Woodcock7:23
6. Xavier Bouchard (QC) CCS/Dalbix8:27
7. James Winter (SK) Fresh Air Experience23:36
8. Michael Mee (BC) Team Squamish-1 lap
DNS. Sean Stanhope (BC) BC Provincial Team
Cadet Women
1. Leah Kirchmann (MB) Team Manitoba/Trek0:59:58
2. Katherine Short (BC) BC Provincial Teamat 0:19
3. Charlotte Batty (ON) Team Urban Athlete/SportsSwap5:36
4. Kjersten Lone (BC) BC Provincial Team8:15
5. Anna Schappert (MB) Manitoba Provincial Team12:36
6. Jennifer Brown (BC) On The Edge Race Club13:36
7. Samantha Grover (AB) Juventus13:43
8. Ruby Woodruff (BC) BC Provincial Team14:21
9. Jane Thomson (ON) Arrow Racing19:09
10. Alison Mcclements (BC) BC Provincial Team20:55
11. Jennifer Virtue (AB) Bow Cycle22:14
12. Jessica Kisell (AB) Team Alberta25:03
13. Kendra Middleton (AB) Juventus25:39



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