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November 12/06 10:03 am - 2006 Cyclo-Cross National Championships: Report, Results & Photos

Posted by Editoress on 11/12/06

2006 Cyclo-Cross National Championships November 11th, Nanaimo BC

Elite Men
Elite Women

Greg Reain (Stevens Racing) flew all the way from Germany to Vancouver Island to finally grab the national cyclo-cross title which has eluded him up until now. Reain rode from the front all race win ahead of the chasing Maxxis duo of Geoff Kabush and Mat Toulouse. In the women's race, Lyne Bessette ( successfully defended her title against local favourite Wendy Simms (Kona).

Organizer Normon Thibault (Frontrunners) designed a technical and demanding circuit of 2.8 kilometres, which favoured riders who rode from the front. From the start, the riders zig-zagged their way around the upper portion of the course before dropping down a descent and onto a BMX track for a lap. The bumps and berms threw some riders off their rhythm. Exiting the BMX circuit, the course cut across to a run-up; made muddy by days of rain prior to the race. A straight piece of singletrack took the riders over to a set of stairs, and then into a horse barn for a pair of barricades. Leaving the barn was one last slog through a soft, loamy horse paddock before the final 500 metres on pavement to the line.

"It's an awesome course," commented Bessette "but there is nowhere to rest or to do a straight on fast turn of power. All those turns mean you need to be totally focussed, and once someone gets a gap it is very hard to close it up again."

For every race on the day except the women's, the winning tactic was to go to the front and open up a gap, forcing your competitors to chase. The Masters titles were all won by solo rides - including Thibault's successful defence of his 30-39 age category title.

For the women, it was a little different, since Bessette couldn't drop Simms right away. Bessette hasn't been racing on the road, so admitted "I don't have as much snap in my legs. But Wendy is so much better technically than me that I had to make sure that I got in front before the technical sections, otherwise if I made a mistake she could have gotten away."

"I saw that I was doing the run-up better than she was - I got a little gap then I would back off at the top - so I went on the last lap when she had some trouble in the sand and opened it up some more on the climb."

Simms, while disappointed not to win in front of her hometown crowd of Nanaimo, agreed with Bessette's analysis. "I wanted it in front of the home crowd, but I was realistic going in - Lyne is super strong. She was definitely stronger on the run-up, and she was covering everything I did, so I decided just to sit on for a while. I hit something in the sand and a little gap opened, which took up my energy to catch before the run-up, and I had nothing left to go with her there."

Mountain biker Mical Dyck (Team Alberta) rode steadily in third all race to take the bronze medal, while Tara Ross (Cheerwine) dropped companion Kelly Jones (Sugoi) in the final lap for fourth.

In the men's race, Reain used his European racing fitness to charge away from the field at the start, avoiding the bottleneck which formed going into the first set of corners. Kabush, the 2004 champion, was quite not so lucky, hitting the first set of corners in eighth, and using up energy to work his way into second.

"I got swarmed at the start, and Greg got off the front, and that was the gap. It wasn't much, but on this course it was enough. Then, for the first three or four laps, I was waiting a bit for (team mate) Mat (Toulouse) to bridge up, but he couldn't quite get there. I think I hesitated too much in the first half of the race. I was chasing and riding well, but Greg is going very strong now. This obviously wasn't what I had hoped for."

Reain admitted that he wasn't sure how his tactics would work. "I've been struggling with the best tactics here. Mat and Geoff are really strong, so I didn't want to let it turn into a tactical race with the two of them. I decided to go from the start, and 'if it works, it works'. Plus, after all the rain and mud this week, it was definitely better to ride from the front."

Reain also pointed to his European racing schedule for his improved fitness. "I've been racing there most of the season, including the road season, and I did three stage races, which really got my fitness up. This is clearly my best result ever in 'Cross - it's a really big thing to be able to go back to Europe with the national champion's jersey."

Race Notes

- Reain commented on the controversy which has surrounded his Stevens Racing Team after reports of doping came out, and the sponsors announced that they would be pulling the plug on the team. "When I first heard about it, through the news, it bothered me a lot. But the reality is that it won't affect my racing this year, so I started to feel better and be able to concentrate on my racing."

- Kyle Douglas (3 Rox Racing) decimated the Espoir field, with a 30 second gap after the first lap, which stretched to over a minute by the finish. "I haven't raced any of these guys before, so I didn't know quite what to expect. I decided it was best to go to the front and set my own pace." Douglas confirmed that he will go to Worlds.

- A collection of past and present Canadian cycling stars came out to watch the Nationals - including Alison Sydor, Chrissy Redden and Roland Green. Both Redden and Green will become first time parents next year - Green in January and Redden late May.

National Categories
Junior Men - 4 Laps
1. Spencer Smitheman (AB) Team Alberta36:15
2. Garrett McLeod (NS) Annapolis Valley Clubat 0:42
3. David Larson (AB) Juventus1:06
4. Graeme Bant (BC) Rocky Mountain2:13
5. Kevin Thorpe (BC) dEVo/ Escape Velocity3:47
6. Cody Campbell (BC) Team dEVo3:56
7. Stephen Cooley (SK) Team Saskatchewan4:07
8. Andrew Schietzsch (AB) Juventus10:56
U23 Men - 5 Laps
1. Kyle Douglas (ON) 3 Rox Racing45:02
2. Aaron Schooler (AB) 0:24
3. Shaun Adamson (AB) Team Alberta0:36
4. Brian Robinson (AB) Cyclemeisters/ Bow Cycle0:58
5. Mike Bidniak (AB) Team Alberta1:24
6. Andrew Thomas (SK) Team Saskatchewan1:41
7. Dave Brooks (SK) Team Saskatchewan2:43
8. Alexander Fulton (ON) Ottawa Bicycle Club3:23
9. Kevin Hazzard (ON) McMaster Cycling4:07
Elite Women - 4 Laps
1. Lyne Bessette (QC) Cyclocrossworld.com37:31
2. Wendy Simms (BC) Konaat 0:08
3. Mical Dyck (AB) Team Alberta1:45
4. Tara Ross (ON) Cheerwine1:45
5. Kelly Jones (BC) Sugoi Factory Team2:12
6. Lisa Ludwig (BC) Oak Bay Bikes3:07
7. Amanda Shaw (ON) Biovail3:31
8. Dawn Berg (BC) Oak Bay Bikes3:35
9. Jenny Trew (AB) Team Giant4:50
10. Leah Guloien (BC) Team Sugoi/Giant4:52
11. Sandra Walter (BC) XO-Felt5:05
12. Patricia Sinclair (BC) Scott5:19
13. Sarah Stewart (BC) Wedgewood Cycling5:27
14. Christy Love (BC) Sugoi Factory Team5:33
15. Karen Watson (ON) McMaster Cycling 6:02
16. Stephanie Roorda (BC) Synergy Racing Cycle 7:34
17. Chelsea Bilsbarrow (BC) Giant Canada 8:07
18. Melanie Vaughan (BC) 8:47
19. Heather King (BC) Natural Earth Racing10:05
DNF. Jaymie McGowan (BC) Oak Bay Bikes
Elite Men - 7 Laps
1. Greg Reain (ON) Stevens Racing58:16
2. Geoff Kabush (BC) Maxxisat 0:20
3. Mathieu Toulouse (QC) Maxxis1:47
4. Kris Sneddon (BC) Kona Les Gets2:19
5. Michael Garrigan (ON) HB Cycling Club2:32
6. Andrew Pinfold (BC) Symmetrics Cycling3:28
7. Ryan Hopping (AB) Redbike3:30
8. Mathew Hewitt (BC) Oak Bay Bicycles3:49
9. Andreas Hestler (BC) Rocky Mountain-Business Objects3:53
10. Kevin Noiles (BC) Masi Adobie4:30
11. David Coughlin (ON) Aquila Racing/Race4:31
12. Osmond Bakker (ON) The Cyclery4:41
13. Nathan Chown (ON) Cyclissimo/ KONA C4:48
14. Daniel MacDonald (BC) Bike Barn4:49
15. Julian Hine (ON) The Cyclery4:50
16. Drew Mackenzie (BC) sugoi/giant5:17
17. Nick Friesen (AB) Pedalhead Roadwork5:20
18. Troy Woodburn (BC) Giga Bike5:27
19. Craig Richey (BC) Kona Bikes5:56
20. Tyler Trace (BC) Giga-Bike/ La-Z-Boy 6:45
21. Thomas Skinner (BC) Sugoi/Giant Bicycle 7:26
22. Tristan Galbraith (ON) Bikes8:07
23. Robert Britton (BC) Giga-Bike 9:08
29. Phil Cortes (OR) Louise Garneauat 1 Lap
24. Robin Baillie (BC) H&R Blockat 2 Laps
25. Fred Hodgson (BC) Island Cycle2 Laps
26. Christopher Molgat-roy (BC) Pedalhead2 Laps
27. Will Pratt (BC) The Bike Barn2 Laps
28. Scott Kelly (ON) Freewheel Cycle/Opus2 Laps
30. Scott Malone (BC) Steed Cycles2 Laps
31. Matthew O'Hagan (BC) IRC p/b Cameron Law2 Laps
32. Chris Reid (BC) Midweek Club3 Laps
33. Joe Wessel (BC) Fresh Air Experience3 Laps
34. Aaron Amar (BC) Island Racing Club3 Laps
DNF. Jonathan Gormick (BC) Steed Cycles/RBCDS
DNF. Andrew Kyle (BC) Sugoi
Masters 50+ Men - 3 Laps
1. Ed Campbell (ON) St. Catharines Cycle27:57
2. Nels Guloien (BC) Sugoi / Giant Bicylesat 1:27
3. Don Fox (AB) Juventus Cycling Club2:20
4. Derek Tripp (BC) Nanaimo Bicycle Club2:41
5. Claude Breau (AB) Bicisport3:28
6. Pat Ferris (BC) Blizzard Bike Club5:02
Masters 30+ Women - 3 Laps
1. Susan Copeland (AB) Juventus Cycling C31:13
2. Nicola Mann (WA) TiCycles/Avanti Racingat 0:25
3. Martha Handford (AB) IF/Different Bi1:56
4. Vicki Thomas (ON) Ride with Rendall2:29
5. Barbara Zimich (BC) Team Coastal3:09
6. Brenda Reid (SK) Cycledelia3:26
7. Lesley Trivett (BC) Wedgewood Cycling 5:12
8. Joanne Breau (AB) Bicisport 5:32
9. Barbara Polehoykie (BC) Blizzard Cycling C 6:54
10. Lesley Chown (ON) St. Catharines CC 8:21
DNF Alison Keple (BC) Frontrunners
Masters 40+ Men - 4 Laps
1. Peter Stevenson (BC) Cowichan Cycling C37:00
2. David Holden (BC) aviawest-vegaat 0:14
3. Derek Shiers (WA) Ti Cycles/ Avanti0:40
4. Steven Murray (BC) Sorca0:40
5. Robert Orange (QC) Ride With Rendall0:55
6. Peter Toth (BC) ERTC1:08
7. Chris Sayers (BC) Kelowna Cycles1:47
8. Dale Ewanchook (BC) Floraglo2:24
9. Brian Griffin (BC) Maple Ridge Cycle/2:39
10. Paul O'Blenes (ON) The Cyclery2:49
11. Tracy Shearer (AB) Juventus Cycling Club3:02
12. Michael Judge (BC) Steed Cycles3:17
13. Stephen Cork (BC) Escape Velocity4:32
14. Jeff Spence (BC) Wedgewood4:37
15. Lance Adamson (AB) Juventus5:04
16. Greg McKee (SK) Cycledelia5:27
17. Peter Wellsman (BC) Rider's Cycles5:48
18. Rick Thiessen (BC) Gigabike/Lazy Boy 6:23
19. Kevin Sutton (SK) Saskatoon Triathlon 7:25
20. Paul Brend (BC) IRC 7:40
21. Jay Loder (BC)11:04
Masters 30-39 Men - 5 Laps
1. Normon Thibault (BC) Frontrunners44:27
2. Andre Sutton (AB) Hardcore Cyclingat 0:05
3. Craig Hawkes (ON) The Cyclery1:23
4. Rob Gosselin (BC) Atomic1:47
5. Chris McNeil (NL) Canary Cycles2:02
6. Aart Van Kooy (BC) Bike Barn2:31
7. Keith Bayly (AB) Deadgoat Racing2:40
8. Robin Dutton (BC) Arrowsmith Bike2:54
9. Andrew Brown (BC) Dalvay/Taylors2:55
10. Trevor Hopkins (BC) Team Whistler / Natures Path organic 3:00
11. Stephen Proulx (ON) The Cyclery3:14
12. Jason Fluckiger (BC) Bayside3:26
13. Scott McGregor (BC) Steed Cycles3:30
14. David Perrin (BC)3:36
15. Clayton Sansbury (BC) Bayside Cycling3:38
16. Rick Rodland (BC) Norco/ Flora-Glo3:47
17. Marc Boudreau (ON) Ride with Rendall4:14
18. Jay Murray (BC) Trek / Red Truck A4:22
19. Dave Nowak (BC) Frontrunners/CVCC4:52
20. Menno Jongsma (BC) Frontrunners5:04
21. Andrew Hilton (AB) Pedalhead Roadwork5:41
22. Brent Hambleton (BC)5:44
23. Brad Collins (BC) Bicycle Sports5:46
24. Gordon Ross (BC) Escape Velocity5:46
25. Jason Sandquist (BC) Frontrunners5:49
26. Patrick Beckstead (BC) Scott Bikes - Ambleside Cycle5:59
27. Jeff Hanninen (BC) Bayside 7:22
28. Vaughn Hildebrand (BC) Island Racing Club 7:23
29. Rumon Carter (BC) Frontrunners 7:32
30. David Cressman (BC) Wedgewood Cycling 7:33
31. Jason Leber (BC) Steed Cycles 8:06
32. Robbie Bitz (BC) The local Ride 8:27
DNF Michael Achuff (BC) Pedalhead Racing
Challenge Categories
Open Men - 3 Laps
1. Bob Chew (BC) Escape Velocity30:32
2. Andrew Olive (BC) Dr. Walker/GVVAat 0:33
3. Mark Weiler (BC) Arrowsmith Bike0:47
4. Jay Latiff (BC) Arrowsmith Mountai0:56
5. Jak New (BC) Escape Velocity2:13
6. Ryan Cousineau (BC) Escape Velocity2:13
7. Derek Steel (BC) Nanaimo Mt. Bike C2:44
8. Jay Ruzicka (BC) Wheelers4:09
9. Meshkat Javid (BC) Mighty Riders5:02
Open Women - 3 Laps
1. Brandy Svenson (BC) Arrowsmith32:44
U20 Men - 3 Laps
1. Matt Dawes (BC) Arrowsmith Bike30:19
2. Sebastian Sleep (BC) On The Edge Race Clubat 0:19
3. Conor O'brien (QC) Ride with Rendall3:51
4. Kiernan Orange (QC) Ride With Rendall 6:26
5. Curran Jongsma (BC) vic wheelers1 lap
U20 Women - 3 Laps
1. Katherine Short (BC) Giant Bikes32:31
2. Kjersten Lone (BC) Dirty Girlzat 5:14


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