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July 23/07 6:00 am - Tour de L'Abitibi: Stage 8, 9 and Final GC

Posted by Editoress on 07/23/07

Tour de L'Abitibi Quebec

American Taylor Phinney was declared grand champion of the Tour de l'Abitibi's 39th edition following the final criterium. He now proudly wears the final brown jersey, only 4 seconds ahead New-Zealander Tom David in the final general time category. Quebecer Guillaume Blais-Dufour also goes home proud, finishing third, 10 seconds behind Phinney. Since it is Taylor Phinney's first year in the junior category, he is therefore also recipient of the blue jersey.

However, it is a Japan National team member, Kazushige Kuboki, who won the stage with a 26 seconds lead ( 1hour, 15 minutes and 44 seconds). Two laps before the end, the cyclist engaged in a breakaway with his colleague, Ryoma Nonaka. Nonaka was reached by the pack not too long before the finish when all were working extra hard to win themselves a spot on the podium. It is after all José Blonco of the american Major Motion team who stood on the second step, while Québec team's Guillaume Blais-Dufour completed the trio with the same time as Blonco: 1 hour, 16 minutes and 10 seconds.

In the final points category, Guillaume Boivin ended up with the orange jersey after Stage 9 with 97 points. His companion, Guillaume Blais-Dufour, was not far behind with 90 points, while Taylor Phinney finished with 80.

Thanks to Taylor Phinney, Benjamin King and Daniel Summerhill (all three in the 9 first positions in the individual general category), the USA beats another national team, New-Zealand National. Byron King, coach of the American team, was visibly proud, having said the Tour de l'Abitibi was a goal that highly motivated his racers.

The Tour de l'Abitibi will welcome all athletes next year as it celebrates its 40th anniversary.

Stage 8. (July 21st): Preissac / Val-d'Or, 94:4. km
1. Tony Guinhut (Fra) France Pôle Espoirs2:04
2. Guillaume Boivin (Can) Québec
3. Taylor Phinney (USA) USA National
4. Guillaume Blais-Dufour (Can) Québec
5. Arnaud Papillon (Can) André Cycle/IdCad
6. Jesper Asselman (Ned) Netherlands
7. Wade Mangham (NZl) New Zealand National
8. James Williamson (NZl) New Zealand National
9. Quentin Gougeon (Fra) France Pôle Espoirs
10. Martin Pirlet (Bel) VC Ardennes
11. François Chabot (Can) Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault
12. Jarno Gmelich Beijling (Ned) Netherlands
13. Vincent Quirion (Can) Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault
14. José Blonco (USA) Major Motion
15. Daniel Summerhill (USA) USA National
16. Azamat Turaev (Uzb) Uzbekistan
17. William Garneau (Can) Québec
18. Joseph Tokarski (USA) Hotel San Jose
19. Marc Allard (Can) Abitibi
20. Hayato Yoshida (Jpn) Japan National
21. Simon Lambert-Lemay (Can) Québec
22. Ricardo Cruz (USA) Major Motion
23. Danny Finneran (USA) Major Motion
24. Christophe Premont (Bel) VC Ardennes
25. Masanori Noguchi (Jpn) Japan High School
26. Alfredo Cruz (USA) Major Motion
27. Nolan Froese (USA) Baraboo Sharks
28. Tom David (NZl) New Zealand National
29. Pierre-Yves Vromen (Bel) VC Ardennes
30. Weston Luzadder (USA) Iscorp Junior Cycling
31. Erik Meier (USA) Baraboo Sharks
32. Jonathan Eijssens (Ned) Netherlands
33. Kazushige Kuboki (Jpn) Japan National
34. Simon Honour (NZl) New Zealand National
35. Kazuto Komaki (Jpn) Japan High School
36. Carter Jones (USA) USA National
37. Ryoma Nonaka (Jpn) Japan National
38. Lucien Pirotte (Bel) VC Ardennes
39. Harrison Harb (USA) North East Regional
40. Jérôme Boucher (Can) André Cycle/IdCad
41. Benjamin King (USA) USA National
42. Cédrik Dion-Poitras (Can) Régionnale EVA - Devinci
43. Garrett McLeod (Can) Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault
44. Lawrence Warbasse (USA) Borah Development
45. Rico Wientjes (Ned) Netherlands
46. Joey Rosskopf (USA) SouthEastern Regional
47. Oscar Clark (USA) SouthEastern Regional
48. Thomas Devisscher (Can) CIBC/Wood-Gundy
49. Christopher Allard (Fra) France Pôle Espoirs
50. Devon Novakowski (Can) Ontario
51. David Boily (Can) Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault
52. Shotaro Iribe (Jpn) Japan National
53. Yannick Bédard (Can) CIBC/Wood-Gundy
54. Eiichi Hirai (Jpn) Japan High School
55. Dustin Andrews (Can) Alberta
56. Cody Campbell (Can) Régionnale EVA - Devinci
57. Travis Burandt (USA) Hotel San Jose
58. Thacker Reeves (USA) Hotel San Jose
59. Antoine Matteau (Can) Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault
60. Christian Parrett (USA) SouthEastern Regional
61. Micah Herman (USA) South Central Development
62. Ludovic Fleury (Can) Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault
63. Batthew Huseboe (USA) Iscorp Junior Cycling
64. Thomas Vaillant (Fra) France Pôle Espoirs
65. Ryan Zupko (USA) Arizona Select
66. Spencer Smitheman (Can) Alberta
67. Nicolas Chollet (Fra) France Pôle Espoirs
68. François-Charles Malo (Can) Régionnale EVA - Devinci
69. Joseph Kukolla (USA) USA National
70. Taylor Kuphaldt (USA) Major Motion
71. Yuya Aoyama (Jpn) Japan National
72. David Maltais (Can) Régionnale EVA - Devinci
73. Dave Hackworthy (USA) Iscorp Junior Cycling
74. Pier-Alexandre Marquette (Can) André Cycle/IdCad
75. Hophra Gerard (Bel) VC Ardennes
76. Dominic Cantin (Can) Abitibi
77. Carmi Schulman (USA) Hotel San Jose
78. Reed Taylor (USA) Mid-South Development
79. Nick Keller (USA) Arizona Select
80. Jordan Marquet (Bel) VC Ardennes
81. Marco Cote (Can) Ontario
82. Stephen Housley (USA) SouthEastern Regional
83. Jun Shimizu (Jpn) Japan High School
84. Evan Mundy (Can) Ontario
85. Michael Midlarsky (USA) Arizona Select
86. Dmitriy Melikov (Uzb) Uzbekistan
87. Jamie Riggs (Can) Ontario
88. Grant Van Horn (USA) USA National
89. Graham Lang (USA) North East Regional
90. Ismailjon Karimov (Uzb) Uzbekistan
91. Mac Brennan (USA) Borah Development
92. Denis Chernukhin (Uzb) Uzbekistan
93. Shunsuke Horiuchi (Jpn) Japan National
94. Peter Mayrhofer (USA) Mid-South Development
95. Alex Hetherington (USA) South Central Development
96. Cody Hall (USA) Mid-South Development
97. Phillip Baxter (USA) SouthEastern Regional
98. James Dobson (NZl) New Zealand Nationalall s.t.
99. Nikita Abramov (Uzb) Uzbekistan0:20
100. Simon Gagnon-Brassard (Can) Régionnale EVA - Devinci0:51
101. Hugo Houle (Can) Québec0:55
102. Mitch Gantz (USA) Baraboo Sharks0:58
103. Chikayoshi Uoya (Jpn) Japan High School1:04
104. Evan Bybee (USA) South Central Developments.t.
105. Scotty Tickemyer (USA) Major Motion1:07
106. Christopher Dale (USA) SouthEastern Regional1:15
107. Benjanmin Barsi-Rhyne (USA) Arizona Selects.t.
108. Cedrick Bourgeois (Can) André Cycle/IdCad1:27
109. Gabriel Leboeuf (Can) CIBC/Wood-Gundy
110. Allen Morris (USA) Mid-South Development
111. Anthony Olson (USA) Borah Development
112. Roland Dijkhuizen (Ned) Netherlands
113. Kevin Young (USA) Borah Development
114. Kyle Cochran (USA) Mid-South Development
115. Sherwood Plant (Can) Alberta
116. Cameron Lasky (USA) Arizona Select
117. Ryan Crawford (Can) Abitibi
118. Frédérick Montplaisir (Can) Abitibi
119. Chris Hurst (USA) Baraboo Sharks
120. Ryan Mimko (USA) Mid-South Development
121. Kyle Fry (Can) Ontario
122. Brice Ward (USA) Arizona Select
123. John Caldwell (USA) Iscorp Junior Cycling
124. Travis Troxtell (USA) Hotel San Jose
125. Logan Von Bokel (USA) Borah Developments.t.
126. Connor Sallee (USA) North East Regional1:34
127. Nicolas Lefrançois (Can) CIBC/Wood-Gundy1:40
128. Logan Cornel (Can) Ontarios.t.
129. Brett Jacoby (USA) Iscorp Junior Cycling1:48
130. Draye Redfern (USA) South Central Development1:57
131. Michael Talley (USA) South Central Developments.t.
132. Louis-Phillipe Leclerc (Can) CIBC/Wood-Gundy2:05
133. James Mollison (Can) Alberta3:03
134. Tomohiro Toriumi (Jpn) Japan High School3:24
135. Lenny Dion (Can) Régionnale EVA - Devinci4:25
136. Joshua Brown (NZl) New Zealand National4:38
137. Guillaume Dubois (Can) Abitibi
138. Charlesalexandre Cloutier (Can) André Cycle/IdCadboth s.t.
139. Vincent Veilleux-Lessard (Can) CIBC/Wood-Gundy6:31
140. Danny Zagay (Can) Abitibi8:23
141. Lloyd Sutton (USA) Borah Developments,t,
142. Alex Wieseler (USA) Iscorp Junior Cycling16:21
143. Jordan Hester (USA) Hotel San Jose27:55
DNF Stéphane Cossette (Can) Québec
DNF Jean-Paul Leclair (USA) South Central Development
DNS Neal Gregory (Can) Alberta
DNS Marc Dugas (Can) André Cycle/IdCad
Stage 9. (July 22nd) Val d'Or Criterium, 55.8. km
1. Kazushige Kuboki (Jpn) Japan National1:15:44
2. José Blonco (USA) Major Motionat 0:26
3. Guillaume Blais-Dufour (Can) Québec
4. Benjanmin Barsi-Rhyne (USA) Arizona Select
5. Jesper Asselman (Ned) Netherlands
6. Christophe Premont (Bel) VC Ardennes
7. Ricardo Cruz (USA) Major Motion
8. Simon Lambert-Lemay (Can) Québec
9. Grant Van Horn (USA) USA National
10. James Williamson (NZl) New Zealand National
11. Jarno Gmelich Beijling (Ned) Netherlands
12. Taylor Phinney (USA) USA National
13. Quentin Gougeon (Fra) France Pôle Espoirs
14. Martin Pirlet (Bel) VC Ardennes
15. François Chabot (Can) Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault
16. Weston Luzadder (USA) Iscorp Junior Cycling
17. Marc Allard (Can) Abitibi
18. Vincent Quirion (Can) Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault
19. Daniel Summerhill (USA) USA National
20. Benjamin King (USA) USA National
21. Guillaume Boivin (Can) Québec
22. Nicolas Chollet (Fra) France Pôle Espoirs
23. Jonathan Eijssens (Ned) Netherlands
24. Azamat Turaev (Uzb) Uzbekistan
25. Lawrence Warbasse (USA) Borah Development
26. Erik Meier (USA) Baraboo Sharks
27. Arnaud Papillon (Can) André Cycle/IdCad
28. Carter Jones (USA) USA National
29. Pierre-Yves Vromen (Bel) VC Ardennes
30. Garrett McLeod (Can) Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault
31. Simon Gagnon-Brassard (Can) Régionnale EVA - Devinci
32. Simon Honour (NZl) New Zealand National
33. Rico Wientjes (Ned) Netherlands
34. Connor Sallee (USA) North East Regional
35. Nick Keller (USA) Arizona Select
36. Hugo Houle (Can) Québec
37. Thacker Reeves (USA) Hotel San Jose
38. Ismailjon Karimov (Uzb) Uzbekistan
39. Danny Finneran (USA) Major Motion
40. Scotty Tickemyer (USA) Major Motion
41. Spencer Smitheman (Can) Alberta
42. Cédrik Dion-Poitras (Can) Régionnale EVA - Devinci
43. Joseph Tokarski (USA) Hotel San Jose
44. Tom David (NZl) New Zealand National
45. David Boily (Can) Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault
46. William Garneau (Can) Québec
47. Nolan Froese (USA) Baraboo Sharks
48. Yuya Aoyama (Jpn) Japan National
49. Lucien Pirotte (Bel) VC Ardennes
50. Kazuto Komaki (Jpn) Japan High School
51. Alfredo Cruz (USA) Major Motion
52. Joey Rosskopf (USA) SouthEastern Regional
53. Micah Herman (USA) South Central Development
54. Mac Brennan (USA) Borah Development
55. Masanori Noguchi (Jpn) Japan High School
56. Harrison Harb (USA) North East Regional
57. Jun Shimizu (Jpn) Japan High School
58. Wade Mangham (NZl) New Zealand National
59. François-Charles Malo (Can) Régionnale EVA - Devinci
60. Pier-Alexandre Marquette (Can) André Cycle/IdCad
61. Nicolas Lefrançois (Can) CIBC/Wood-Gundy
62. Chikayoshi Uoya (Jpn) Japan High School
63. Dustin Andrews (Can) Alberta
64. Danny Zagay (Can) Abitibi
65. Oscar Clark (USA) SouthEastern Regional
66. Thomas Devisscher (Can) CIBC/Wood-Gundy
67. Cody Campbell (Can) Régionnale EVA - Devinci
68. Eiichi Hirai (Jpn) Japan High School
69. Christopher Allard (Fra) France Pôle Espoirs
70. Yannick Bédard (Can) CIBC/Wood-Gundy
71. Ryan Zupko (USA) Arizona Select
72. Devon Novakowski (Can) Ontario
73. Joseph Kukolla (USA) USA National
74. Christian Parrett (USA) SouthEastern Regional
75. Ludovic Fleury (Can) Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault
76. Shunsuke Horiuchi (Jpn) Japan National
77. Phillip Baxter (USA) SouthEastern Regional
78. Kevin Young (USA) Borah Development
79. Jordan Marquet (Bel) VC Ardennes
80. Thomas Vaillant (Fra) France Pôle Espoirs
81. Dmitriy Melikov (Uzb) Uzbekistan
82. Dave Hackworthy (USA) Iscorp Junior Cycling
83. Tony Guinhut (Fra) France Pôle Espoirs
84. Michael Midlarsky (USA) Arizona Select
85. David Maltais (Can) Régionnale EVA - Devinci
86. Denis Chernukhin (Uzb) Uzbekistan
87. Evan Mundy (Can) Ontario
88. Jamie Riggs (Can) Ontario
89. Kyle Fry (Can) Ontario
90. Shotaro Iribe (Jpn) Japan National
91. Cameron Lasky (USA) Arizona Select
92. James Dobson (NZl) New Zealand National
93. Stephen Housley (USA) SouthEastern Regional
94. Christopher Dale (USA) SouthEastern Regional
95. Brice Ward (USA) Arizona Select
96. Batthew Huseboe (USA) Iscorp Junior Cycling
97. Roland Dijkhuizen (Ned) Netherlands
98. Louis-Phillipe Leclerc (Can) CIBC/Wood-Gundy
99. Alex Hetherington (USA) South Central Development
100. Dominic Cantin (Can) Abitibi
101. Hayato Yoshida (Jpn) Japan National
102. Hophra Gerard (Bel) VC Ardennesall s.t.
103. Ryoma Nonaka (Jpn) Japan National1:06
104. Alex Wieseler (USA) Iscorp Junior Cycling1:19
105. Jérôme Boucher (Can) André Cycle/IdCads.t.
106. Gabriel Leboeuf (Can) CIBC/Wood-Gundy6:52
107. Cody Hall (USA) Mid-South Development
108. Chris Hurst (USA) Baraboo Sharks
109. Reed Taylor (USA) Mid-South Development
110. Mitch Gantz (USA) Baraboo Sharks
111. Draye Redfern (USA) South Central Developments.t.
112. Logan Cornel (Can) Ontario7:24
113. Antoine Matteau (Can) Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault7:56
114. Travis Troxtell (USA) Hotel San Jose
115. Evan Bybee (USA) South Central Development
116. Anthony Olson (USA) Borah Development
117. Vincent Veilleux-Lessard (Can) CIBC/Wood-Gundy
118. Peter Mayrhofer (USA) Mid-South Development
119. Allen Morris (USA) Mid-South Development
120. Marco Cote (Can) Ontario
121. Michael Talley (USA) South Central Development
122. Frédérick Montplaisir (Can) Abitibiall s.t.
123. Logan Von Bokel (USA) Borah Development8:17
124. Tomohiro Toriumi (Jpn) Japan High School10:22
125. Graham Lang (USA) North East Regionals.t.
126. Kyle Cochran (USA) Mid-South Development10:41
127. Taylor Kuphaldt (USA) Major Motion11:58
128. Charlesalexandre Cloutier (Can) André Cycle/IdCad12:04
129. Cedrick Bourgeois (Can) André Cycle/IdCads.t.
130. Guillaume Dubois (Can) Abitibi12:58
131. Travis Burandt (USA) Hotel San Jose13:16
132. Carmi Schulman (USA) Hotel San Joses.t.
133. Lenny Dion (Can) Régionnale EVA - Devinci14:16
134. James Mollison (Can) Alberta
135. John Caldwell (USA) Iscorp Junior Cycling
136. Ryan Mimko (USA) Mid-South Development
137. Sherwood Plant (Can) Albertaall s.t.
138. Lloyd Sutton (USA) Borah Development18:28
139. Ryan Crawford (Can) Abitibi30:39
DNF Brett Jacoby (USA) Iscorp Junior Cycling
DNF Joshua Brown (NZl) New Zealand National
DNF Nikita Abramov (Uzb) Uzbekistan
Final GC
1. Taylor Phinney (USA) USA National11:30:05
2. Tom David (NZl) New Zealand Nationalat 0:04
3. Guillaume Blais-Dufour (Can) Québec0:10
4. Guillaume Boivin (Can) Québec0:24
5. Benjamin King (USA) USA National0:33
6. Nolan Froese (USA) Baraboo Sharks0:51
7. François Chabot (Can) Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault0:54
8. Garrett McLeod (Can) Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renaults.t.
9. Daniel Summerhill (USA) USA National0:58
10. James Williamson (NZl) New Zealand National1:02
11. Simon Lambert-Lemay (Can) Québec1:14
12. Christian Parrett (USA) SouthEastern Regional1:30
13. Wade Mangham (NZl) New Zealand National1:31
14. Grant Van Horn (USA) USA National1:34
15. Simon Honour (NZl) New Zealand National1:41
16. Lawrence Warbasse (USA) Borah Development1:42
17. Vincent Quirion (Can) Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault1:47
18. Jarno Gmelich Beijling (Ned) Netherlands1:49
19. Kazushige Kuboki (Jpn) Japan National1:50
20. Danny Finneran (USA) Major Motions.t.
21. Cody Campbell (Can) Régionnale EVA - Devinci1:53
22. Hugo Houle (Can) Québecs.t.
23. Jesper Asselman (Ned) Netherlands1:55
24. William Garneau (Can) Québec1:56
25. Ricardo Cruz (USA) Major Motion2:03
26. Ryan Zupko (USA) Arizona Select2:04
27. Spencer Smitheman (Can) Albertas.t.
28. Alfredo Cruz (USA) Major Motion2:05
29. Joseph Kukolla (USA) USA National2:07
30. Arnaud Papillon (Can) André Cycle/IdCad2:08
31. Carter Jones (USA) USA National2:09
32. David Boily (Can) Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault2:11
33. Joey Rosskopf (USA) SouthEastern Regionals.t.
34. Quentin Gougeon (Fra) France Pôle Espoirs2:13
35. Hayato Yoshida (Jpn) Japan National2:24
36. Tony Guinhut (Fra) France Pôle Espoirs2:27
37. Azamat Turaev (Uzb) Uzbekistan2:29
38. Stephen Housley (USA) SouthEastern Regional2:32
39. James Dobson (NZl) New Zealand National2:36
40. Shotaro Iribe (Jpn) Japan National2:44
41. Thomas Devisscher (Can) CIBC/Wood-Gundys.t.
42. Joseph Tokarski (USA) Hotel San Jose2:46
43. Christophe Premont (Bel) VC Ardennes2:49
44. Hophra Gerard (Bel) VC Ardennes2:51
45. José Blonco (USA) Major Motion2:52
46. Thacker Reeves (USA) Hotel San Jose2:57
47. Weston Luzadder (USA) Iscorp Junior Cycling3:08
48. Shunsuke Horiuchi (Jpn) Japan National3:09
49. Rico Wientjes (Ned) Netherlands3:12
50. Nicolas Chollet (Fra) France Pôle Espoirss.t.
51. Scotty Tickemyer (USA) Major Motion3:20
52. Thomas Vaillant (Fra) France Pôle Espoirs3:27
53. Evan Mundy (Can) Ontario3:28
54. François-Charles Malo (Can) Régionnale EVA - Devincis.t.
55. Michael Midlarsky (USA) Arizona Select3:35
56. Batthew Huseboe (USA) Iscorp Junior Cycling3:42
57. Oscar Clark (USA) SouthEastern Regionals.t.
58. Christopher Allard (Fra) France Pôle Espoirs3:43
59. Dustin Andrews (Can) Alberta3:46
60. David Maltais (Can) Régionnale EVA - Devinci3:51
61. Micah Herman (USA) South Central Development4:26
62. Yannick Bédard (Can) CIBC/Wood-Gundy4:25
63. Yuya Aoyama (Jpn) Japan National4:26
64. Connor Sallee (USA) North East Regional4:28
65. Masanori Noguchi (Jpn) Japan High School4:37
66. Jun Shimizu (Jpn) Japan High School4:42
67. Pierre-Yves Vromen (Bel) VC Ardennes4:45
68. Ryoma Nonaka (Jpn) Japan National4:47
69. Ludovic Fleury (Can) Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault4:55
70. Marc Allard (Can) Abitibi4:56
71. Erik Meier (USA) Baraboo Sharks5:05
72. Martin Pirlet (Bel) VC Ardennes5:28
73. Harrison Harb (USA) North East Regional5:53
74. Kazuto Komaki (Jpn) Japan High School6:02
75. Jonathan Eijssens (Ned) Netherlands6:05
76. Cédrik Dion-Poitras (Can) Régionnale EVA - Devinci6:10
77. Simon Gagnon-Brassard (Can) Régionnale EVA - Devinci6:45
78. Denis Chernukhin (Uzb) Uzbekistan7:36
79. Jamie Riggs (Can) Ontario8:13
80. Lucien Pirotte (Bel) VC Ardennes8:26
81. Dave Hackworthy (USA) Iscorp Junior Cycling8:46
82. Antoine Matteau (Can) Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault9:34
83. Eiichi Hirai (Jpn) Japan High School10:33
84. Nicolas Lefrançois (Can) CIBC/Wood-Gundy11:25
85. Brice Ward (USA) Arizona Select13:37
86. Nick Keller (USA) Arizona Select13:46
87. Alex Hetherington (USA) South Central Development13:53
88. Chikayoshi Uoya (Jpn) Japan High School13:56
89. Travis Burandt (USA) Hotel San Jose14:11
90. Kevin Young (USA) Borah Development14:51
91. Christopher Dale (USA) SouthEastern Regional15:09
92. Danny Zagay (Can) Abitibi15:43
93. Reed Taylor (USA) Mid-South Development16:39
94. Phillip Baxter (USA) SouthEastern Regional17:00
95. Dmitriy Melikov (Uzb) Uzbekistan18:07
96. Graham Lang (USA) North East Regional18:21
97. Dominic Cantin (Can) Abitibi18:41
98. Cameron Lasky (USA) Arizona Select18:48
99. Roland Dijkhuizen (Ned) Netherlands19:50
100. Peter Mayrhofer (USA) Mid-South Development20:13
101. Kyle Fry (Can) Ontario20:45
102. Draye Redfern (USA) South Central Development21:09
103. Chris Hurst (USA) Baraboo Sharks21:21
104. Mac Brennan (USA) Borah Development21:22
105. Benjanmin Barsi-Rhyne (USA) Arizona Select22:26
106. Carmi Schulman (USA) Hotel San Jose22:27
107. Gabriel Leboeuf (Can) CIBC/Wood-Gundy22:34
108. Ismailjon Karimov (Uzb) Uzbekistan22:36
109. Evan Bybee (USA) South Central Development23:36
110. Vincent Veilleux-Lessard (Can) CIBC/Wood-Gundy23:38
111. Michael Talley (USA) South Central Development24:24
112. Jérôme Boucher (Can) André Cycle/IdCad25:12
113. Frédérick Montplaisir (Can) Abitibi26:23
114. Devon Novakowski (Can) Ontario26:44
115. Marco Cote (Can) Ontarios.t.
116. Louis-Phillipe Leclerc (Can) CIBC/Wood-Gundy29:16
117. Mitch Gantz (USA) Baraboo Sharks29:30
118. Alex Wieseler (USA) Iscorp Junior Cycling30:01
119. Cedrick Bourgeois (Can) André Cycle/IdCad32:19
120. Travis Troxtell (USA) Hotel San Jose33:32
121. Jordan Marquet (Bel) VC Ardennes38:25
122. Taylor Kuphaldt (USA) Major Motion39:51
123. Anthony Olson (USA) Borah Development40:32
124. Logan Von Bokel (USA) Borah Development40:34
125. Cody Hall (USA) Mid-South Development40:50
126. Kyle Cochran (USA) Mid-South Development43:10
127. Ryan Mimko (USA) Mid-South Development44:07
128. Logan Cornel (Can) Ontario46:58
129. Charlesalexandre Cloutier (Can) André Cycle/IdCad47:33
130. John Caldwell (USA) Iscorp Junior Cycling49:10
131. Sherwood Plant (Can) Alberta49:28
132. Pier-Alexandre Marquette (Can) André Cycle/IdCad52:10
133. Allen Morris (USA) Mid-South Development52:40
134. Lenny Dion (Can) Régionnale EVA - Devinci1:07:13
135. James Mollison (Can) Alberta1:08:10
136. Tomohiro Toriumi (Jpn) Japan High School1:10:43
137. Ryan Crawford (Can) Abitibi1:10:56
138. Guillaume Dubois (Can) Abitibi1:20:58
139. Lloyd Sutton (USA) Borah Development1:38:28
Points GC
1. Guillaume Boivin (Can) Québec97. pts
2. Guillaume Blais-Dufour (Can) Québec90
3. Taylor Phinney (USA) USA National80
4. Tony Guinhut (Fra) France Pôle Espoirs54
5. Tom David (NZl) New Zealand National53
6. Jarno Gmelich Beijling (Ned) Netherlands40
7. Arnaud Papillon (Can) André Cycle/IdCad40
8. Hayato Yoshida (Jpn) Japan National34
9. Quentin Gougeon (Fra) France Pôle Espoirs34
10. James Williamson (NZl) New Zealand National34
11. Kazushige Kuboki (Jpn) Japan National30
12. Benjamin King (USA) USA National29
13. Azamat Turaev (Uzb) Uzbekistan26
14. Daniel Summerhill (USA) USA National24
15. José Blonco (USA) Major Motion24
16. Masanori Noguchi (Jpn) Japan High School22
17. Wade Mangham (NZl) New Zealand National22
18. Jesper Asselman (Ned) Netherlands22
19. Benjanmin Barsi-Rhyne (USA) Arizona Select22
20. Nolan Froese (USA) Baraboo Sharks16
21. François Chabot (Can) Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault12
22. Rico Wientjes (Ned) Netherlands12
23. Cody Campbell (Can) Régionnale EVA - Devinci10
24. Travis Burandt (USA) Hotel San Jose10
25. Christophe Premont (Bel) VC Ardennes10
26. Christian Parrett (USA) SouthEastern Regional8
27. Ricardo Cruz (USA) Major Motion8
28. Lawrence Warbasse (USA) Borah Development7
29. Vincent Quirion (Can) Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault6
30. Joseph Tokarski (USA) Hotel San Jose6
31. Devon Novakowski (Can) Ontario6
32. Weston Luzadder (USA) Iscorp Junior Cycling6
33. Grant Van Horn (USA) USA National6
34. Simon Lambert-Lemay (Can) Québec6
35. Shotaro Iribe (Jpn) Japan National4
36. Thomas Vaillant (Fra) France Pôle Espoirs4
37. William Garneau (Can) Québec2
38. François-Charles Malo (Can) Régionnale EVA - Devinci2
39. Joey Rosskopf (USA) SouthEastern Regional2
40. Garrett McLeod (Can) Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault2
41. Martin Pirlet (Bel) VC Ardennes2
Team GC
1. USA National34:08:50
2. Nouvelle-Zélande National0:26
3. Québec1:05
4. Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault2:26
5. Major Motion3:57
6. South Eastern Regional4:03
7. Hollande4:13
8. Japan National4:32
9. Iscorp Junior Cycling6:04
10. Régionnale EVA - Devinci6:32
11. France Pôle Espoirs6:33
12. André Cycle/IdCad6:47
13. Belgique VC Ardennes7:04
14. Japan High School11:01
15. Ouzbékistan11:57
16. Hotel San Jose12:38
17. Ontario12:52
18. Arizona Select13:06
19. CIBC/Wood-Gundy13:53
20. North East Regional18:30
21. Abitibi21:04
22. Baraboo Sharks23:18
23. Borah Development27:01
24. South Central Development31:31
25. Alberta47:55
26. Mid-South Development51:33


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