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October 23/07 11:50 am - Hillbilly Hustle CX, Durham Cyclocross Classic

Posted by Editoress on 10/23/07

Hillbilly Hustle CX Saturday Oct 21st
Courtesy Chris Kiziak, HBCC Cycling Club

Lots of happy and dirty faces at the Hillbilly Hustle at Highlands Nordic Cross Country Ski Centre. HBCC cycling club made this happen and thanks to the sponsors, Outdoor Gear Canada, Epic Ride Orangeville, Digica Computers and Sound Solutions.
A hard fought come from behind battle in the Elite race won by Andrew Watson of the Barrie Cycling Club. He now holds the coveted Hillbilly Hustle lumberjacket and plans to defend the title in 2008.

Senior Men

1. Andrew Watson (Barrie CC)
2. Erik Box (The Hub Bicycle Club)
3. Peter Glassford (Team Trek Store)
4. Kevin Black (Cycle Solutions)
5. Zach Gammage (HB Cycling Club)
6. Marco Li (Cycle Solutions)
7. Mark Sugita (Independent)
8. Matthew Paziuk (Impala Bicycles)
9. Scott Kelly (Independent)
10. Shane Hollingshead (Barrie Cycling Club)
11. Timothy Carleton (Team Trek Store)
12. Kaesy Gladwin (Independent)
13. Jay Menard (Brampton CC) ( -1 Lap)
DNF. Dave Brown (BikeSports Racing Team)


1. Jill Vale (Coach Chris)
2. Holland Gidney (Independent)
3. Sarah Coney (EMD Serono Cycle Logik Racing)
4. Christina Bouchard (Independent)
5. Briana Illingworth (Midweek CC)

Junior Men

1. Zachery Hughes (The Hub Bicycle Club)
2. Mitchell Bailey (Team Hardwood Cycling & Ski Club)
3. Bennett Winn (Impala)
4. Matthew Farquharson (Independent)
DNF. Taylor Pieprzak (Arrow Racing)

U17 Men

1. Chris Stone (HB Cycling Club)
2. Stuart Loney (HB Cycling Club)
3. Noah Summer (Newmarket Eagles)
4. Brendan Cubello (HB Cycling Club)
5. Ryan Humphries (HB Cycling Club)

Master 1 Men

1. Andrew Croutch (True North)
2. David Dermont (True North)
3. Glenn Cameron (Sound Solutions)
4. Lorne Anderson (La Bicicletta)
5. Pavle Stanojevic (Jamis Racing)
6. Richard Strong (King Street Cycles)
7. Mark Summers (Sound Solutions)
8. Oscar Retamal (Independent)
9. Jonathan Wilby (Independent)
10. James Layfield (Team R.A.C.E)
11. Don Gain (Barrie Cycling)
12. John McCormick (Hub Bicycle Club)
13. Roderick Olliver (Open Access)
14. Gord Woolley (Sound Solutions)
15. Ernesto Alvarez (Mazur Coaching) ( -1 Lap)
DNF. Chris Wood (Sound Solutions)
DNF. Brent Lowes (Sound Solutions)
DNF. Hamish Gordon (Team R.A.C.E)

Master 2 Men

1. Greg Palmer (Coach Chris)
2. Hugh Hill (HB Cycling)
3. Bill Trayling (Hardwood Hills)
4. Peter Hennessy (Independent)
5. Dave Scott (
6. Rick Meloff (La Bicicletta)
7. Ron Spencer (Velocity)
8. Robert Cheskey (Cyclepath)
9. Paul Dean (London Honda)
10. Richard Wade (Newmarket Eagles)
11. Fulvio Mark Cubello (HB Cycling Club)
12. Eric Sanders (Aquila)
13. Julian Howitt (Openaccess/GRG Road Racing)
14. Elmore Brenton (Newmarket Eagles)
15. Donald Perry (Newmarket)
16. Peter Loney (HB Cycling Club)
17. John Walton (Independent)
18. Pierre Perrin (Cycle 4 MS)

Senior 3/4 Beginner Men

1. David Grose (BikeSports Racing Team)
2. Jeff Kroetsch (Waterloo CC)
3. Scott Luscombe (D`Ornellas / Delta Graphics Racing Team)
4. Chat Ortved (Independent)
5. Mike Beatty (Independent)

Master 3 Men

1. Sean Wheldrake (Independent)
2. Dennis Thang (Independent)
3. Anthony Whetham (Impala)
4. Jason May (Cycllissmo)
5. Francis Morrow (Independent)
6. Will Winn (Impala)
7. Bob Bergman (Independent)
8. Ron Baines (Waterloo CC)
9. Michael Doble (Barrie Cycling Club)
10. Jeff Kielley (Independent)

Durham Cyclocross Classic Heber Down Conservation Area, Whitby ON
Courtesy Dan Salter

An unseasonably warm sunny day in Southern Ontario.
This year's course conditions were a polar opposite of last year, as there was no mud or water to found anywhere. The course was dry, fast and flat.

Exceptional turnout of 123 riders considering - Nationals was taking place on the same day - and there was a race on Saturday.

Special thanks to event sponsors;
CRCS Contractors
D'Ornellas Bike Shop
Bicycles Plus
Rent a Bike Box

Junior Men
1. Jared Stafford (HB Cycling Club)48:37
2. Ben Winn (Impala)
3. Chris Bradbury (Cyclissimo)
1. Jill Vale (Coach Chris)45:45
2. Carolynne Haill (Chain Reaction)
3. Holland Gidney (Ind.)
4. Brianna Illingworth (Midweek CC)
5. Tabatha Ferguson (Waterloo CC)
6. Leslie Greene (Chain Reaction)
7. Laura Bietola (Jr.) (3 Rocs Racing)
8. Christina Bouchard (Ind.)
9. Colleen Golding (Fly Girlz)
10. Prisca Natterer (True North)
Master 2 Men
1. Greg Palmer (Coach Chris)46:52
2. Mark Pagell (Ind.)
3. Roy Andrigo (Team H & R Block)
4. Pete Hennessy (Ind.)
5. Adam Austin (Team Bearclaw USA)
6. Scott Doel (Gears Racing)
7. John Fisher (Cycle Solutions)
8. Colin Matsalla (Ind.)
9. Rick Meloff (La Bicicletta)
10. Don Smith (Pierik's)
11. Ron Spencer (Velocity)
12. Alex Sanna (The Hub)
13. Martin Kohn (Ind.)
14. Len Harris (Ind.)
15. Kris Tobias (Team Trek Store)
16. Rory McDonagh (Pierik's)
17. Eric Saunders (Racer Sportif)
18. Richard Wade (Newmarket Eagles)
19. Dave Tompkins (The Hub)
20. Josh Spicer (Ind.)
21. Pierre Perin (Cycle 4 MS)
22. Marcus Elia (Peterborough CC)
23. Jason Baille (Ind.)
24. Joel Rose (The Hub)
25. Jonathan Moreno (Peterborough CC)
26. John Bietola (Pedal Performance)
27. Darko Antic (Open Access)
28. Lorne Cunliff (Project Freeride)
29. Tom Villano (Team Trek Store)
30. Frank Watts (Pierik's)
Master 3 Men
1. Graham Jones (Ind.)39:06
2. Tom McKay (Cycle Solutions)
3. Winston Tan (Ind.)
4. Dennis Thang (Ind.)
5. Giles Marshall (Ind.)
6. Michael McMurray (Ind.)
7. Paul Bradbury (Ind.)
8. Jan Kocemba (ZM Cycle)
9. Ron Baines (Waterloo CC)
10. Will Winn (Impala)
11. Tim Buckley (HB Cycle)
12. Brad Mccutcheon (Ind.)
13. Tony Whetham (Impala)
14. Keith Mcdonald (Cycle Solutions)
15. Louis Wong (Ind.)
16. Phil Harper (Newmarket Eagles)
17. Larry Sullivan (Ind.)
18. Glen Goodwin (Ind.)
19. Bill Packham (Ind.)
20. Barry Earhart (Ind.)
21. Guy Leclair (Ind.)
22. Jeff Kielly (Ind.)
23. Henry Au (Ind.)
24. Phil Renaud (Hamilton CC)
25. Sean Ranger (Ind.)
Senior 3/4 Beginner Men
1. Scott Luscombe (D'Ornellas)38:21
2. Ryan Turner (Ind.)
3. Jeremey McaClennen (Ind.)
4. Peter Manani (Ind.)
5. Tomasz Kasprzyk (The Hub)
6. Mike Greenburg (Invita Racing)
7. Wesley Hodson (Ind.)
8. Mike Clark (Ind.)
9. Ben Ricetto (Ind.)
Under 17 Male/Female
1. Jeff Tomkins (The Hub)39:30
2. Luke Winn (Impala)
3. Jan Kocemba (Ind.)
4. Logan Earhart (Thyssen Hill Climbers)
5. Arden Earhart (Thyssen Hill Climbers)
Sr. Men
1. Andrew Watson (Barrie CC)57:43
2. Peter Morse (Jet Fuel)at 0:40
3. Justin Hines (Rapid City Cyclery)0:45
4. Kevin Black (Cycle Solutions)
5. Ryan Atkins (Ind)
6. Marco Li (Cycle Solutions)
7. Kyle Fry (Peterborough CC)
8. Evan Mundy (Cyclissimo)
9. Matt Paziuk (Impala)
10. William Fu (Pedal Peformance)
11. Mike McCaughley (Pierik's)
12. Cory Hancock (3- Rocks)
13. Brandon Mathias (Mazur Coaching)
14. Stephane Marcotte (Cycle Solutions)
15. Sean Sinclair (True North)
16. Shane Hollingshead (Barrie CC)
17. Andrew Bradley (Cyclissimo)
DNF. Mark Sugita (Ind)
Master 1 Men
1. Steve Heck (Team Trek Store)1:01
2. Glen Cameron (Sound Solutions)
3. Pavle Stanojevic (Jamis Racing)
4. Andrew Crouch (True North)
5. Dave Dermont (True North)
6. Chris Wood (Sound Solutions)
7. Matt Berridge (La Bicicletta)
8. Doug Hinan (Peterborough CC)
9. Jon Wilby (Ind.)
10. Adrian Jackson (Wheels of Bloor)
11. Wes Stephenson (Rapid Cycle Cycle)
12. Jamie Sprules (Project Freeride)
13. Andrew Stewart (Project Freeride)
14. Cary Moretti (Project Freeride)
15. Chris Paton (Cycle 4 MS)
16. Richard Strong (King St. Cycles)
17. Ernesto Alvarez (Mazur Coaching)
18. Raoul Khan (ZM Cycle & Fitness)
19. Don Gain (Barrie CC)
DNF. Brent Lowes (Sound Solutions)
DNF. Jon Barnes (Team Trek Store)
DNF. Joe Layco (Ind.)
DNF. Oscar Retamol (Ind.)
DNF. James Laird (Ti-Cycle)


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