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February 5/08 8:47 am - Boulevards Road Race: Rollin 10th, Guloien 2nd

Posted by Editoress on 02/5/08

Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team Sweeps the Podium at the Boulevards Road Race February 2nd, Crestwood, CA
Report courtesy Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team

The racing season opened today with the Toyota-United Professional Cycling Team lining up with a large contingent of Southern California riders and strong representation from three other American Professional Teams ˆ Kelly Benefits-Medifast, Jelly Belly, and Rock Racing.

The Toyota-United team, fresh off a Solvang, CA training camp, hit the front on the first of four laps as Caleb Manion set the tone for what was to come. With the chase on, Jonny Clarke slipped into the group and when contact was made the Toyota-United boys had two riders off the front. As subsequent groups chased and tried to bridge across to the front group there was always a Toyota-United teammate along.

With windy, cold, and moderately high altitude (4,000‚) the pace and conditions began to split the riders into ever smaller groups. With one circuit to go in the 90 mile race the Toyota-United team had five riders in the final 30 man selection and the hammer went down. Soloing in for the race win was Heath Blackgrove, followed by team mate Ben Day a few seconds later. Taking a three up sprint for third was another Toyota-United rider, Jonny Clarke for a sweep of the podium. Another few seconds later the race animator, Caleb Manion, soloed home for sixth and a minute later Dominique Rollin rolled in for 10th place.

Blackgrove said, „We started strong due to Caleb‚s efforts right off the line and we controlled the race for the final 15-20km, and it was just a matter of which of us from Toyota-United was going to finish first.‰

8th Annual Boulevard Road Race

1-2 Men

1. Heath Blackgrove (NZl) Toyota- United Pro Cycling Team
2. Benjamin Day (USA) Toyota- United Pro Cycling Team
3. Jonnie Clarke (Aus) Toyota- United Pro Cycling Team
4. Daniel Bowman (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast
5. Jared Barrilleaux (USA) The Jittery Joes Pro Cycling Team
6. Caleb Manion (Aus) Toyota- United Pro Cycling Team
7. Brian Buchholz (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast
8. Justin Spinelli (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast
9. Adam Switters (USA) Rock Racing
10. Dominique Rollin (Can) Toyota- United Pro Cycling Team
11. Ronald Jensen (USA) Team WM
12. Benjamin Bradshaw (USA) Kahala LaGrange
13. Neil Shirley (USA) The Jittery Joes Pro Cycling Team
14. Andrew Bajadali (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast
15. Bernard Van Ulden (USA) Jelly Belly Cycling Team
16. Rudolph Napolitano (USA) Rock Racing
17. Karl Bordine (USA) Team 5 Star Waste Vegetable Oil
18. Matt Seagrave (USA) Kahala LaGrange
19. Vincent Owens (USA) Sierra Pacific Racing
20. Sean Mazich (USA) Racelab U-23 Cycling Team
21. Kevin Klein (USA) Rock Racing
22. James Gunn-Wilkinson (USA) Team 5 Star Waste Vegetable Oil
23. Jonathan Mumford (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast
24. Jeremiah Wiscovitch (USA) Rock Racing
25. Daniel Ramsey (USA) Time Pro Cycling
26. Luis Zamndio, (Mex) DeWalt
27. John Salskov (USA) Bicycle Haus Racing
28. Nicholas Reistad (USA) Jelly Belly Cycling Team
29. Chris DeMarchi (USA) Team 5 Star Waste Vegetable Oil
30. Danny Finneran (USA) Team Rock
31. Thomas Githens (USA) Kahala LaGrange
32. Walter Tate (USA) Unattached
33. Benjamin Kneller (USA) The Jittery Joes Pro Cycling Team
34. Sergio Hernandez (USA) Rock Racing
35. Kenneth Hanson (USA) California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized
36. Edgar Parra (Mex) Kahala La Grange
37. Gustavo-Adolfo Mendez (USA) Kahala LaGrange
38. Alfredo Cruz (USA) Major Motion
39. Brock Curry (USA) Rock Racing
40. Brian Keller (USA) Team Simple Green
41. Eric Jeppsen (USA) Bikers Edge/Destination Homes
42. Daniel Stevens (USA) Liquid Fitness Elite Team
43. Aram Dellalian (USA) Unattached
44. Timothy Doud (USA) Team WM
45. Travis Wilkerson (USA) Sho-air/Sonance
46. Frederick Bottger (USA) Vitamix/
47. Alan Wagenbach (USA)
48. Nicholas Turner (USA) Acqua al 2/SDBC
49. Gregory Bourque (USA) Acqua al 2/SDBC
50. Brandon Gritters (USA) Team 5 Star Waste Vegetable Oil
51. Gilbert Correa (USA) Team 5 Star Waste Vegetable Oil
52. Martin Adamczyk (USA) WDT International Cycling Team
53. Jon Nist (USA) Coates/Felt Racing

1-3 Women

1. Janel Holcomb (USA) Webcor Builders Cycling Team
2. Leah Guloien (Can) CA Pools Racing
3. Cara Gillis (USA) Team Vegan
4. Elizabeth Hatch (USA) Vanderkitten Racing
5. Ashley Dymond (USA) Team Rock
6. Morgan Kapp (USA) South Bay Wheelmen
7. Tracy Kubas (USA) Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling
8. Maike Sander (USA) Acqua al 2/SDBC
9. Jennifer Wilson (USA) South Bay Wheelmen
10. Lana Atchley (USA) Team Rock
11. Anna Gerber (USA) Big City Velo
12. Carol Lynn Neal (USA) CA Pools Racing
13. Rachel Tzinberg (USA) Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling
14. Courtney Hammond (USA) Team Rock
15. Erika Graves (USA) Helens/Trek


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