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April 22/08 9:50 am - Trek Red Truck Racing Wins Tour of Walla Walla

Posted by Editoress on 04/22/08

Trek Red Truck Racing Wins Tour of Walla Walla April 18-20 in Walla Walla, Washington
Courtesy - Geoff Rice

Rob Britton (Trek Red Truck Racing Team p/b Mosaic Homes), had his strongest weekend of racing this season during the Tour of Walla Walla, WA. Capturing a victory in the road race, and two consecutive 3rd place finishes in the Time Trial and the Waitsburg Road Race, Rob clinched 1st place in the overall General Classification. The Trek Red Truck Team also took the overall Team GC for the weekend.

The first event of the three-stage weekend was the Kellogg Hollow Road Race. The course is a 27-mile loop with an elevation gain of 2200 feet per lap. The 20 mph sustained winds all day Friday took their toll on many riders. The Trek Red Truck Team rode exceptionaly well and were represented in all the moves while in the crosswinds.

The following day was a double wammy with a TT in the morning and a Road Race in the afternoon. The 7.5 mile Wilson Hollow Time Trial course wasn't to rough. It did have a gradual incline into the wind for the first 3.8 miles heading out, then a decent with a strong tailwind heading back. The afternoon Waitsburgh Road Race is a 95 mi course with two major climbs per lap (or "rolling terrain" by the organizer) with a 3k hard climb to the finish. The team was still a little stiff from the TT a few hours before and the pace was pretty easy for the first lap. The goal was to have the team in all breaks, with the focus put on Kona Adobe rider Zack Garland and Symmetrics Will Routley. At the base of the climb, Jamie, Dave and Tyler set the tempo with Rob in tow. The team kept up the heat which allowed Rob to let the hammer down for the finish.

The final stage on Sunday was your standard 60-minute, flat, fast, six corner downtown criterium with a wide open finishing straight. Overall the team rode as a cohesive unit all weekend and ended up with 3 podium spots and 5 top 10 fiishes including Rob Brittons overall individual GC and the overall the team GC. The team will head to Maple Ridge, BC next weekend for the BC Cup #2, Race the Ridge Stage Race.

Stage 1: Kellog Hollow Road Race, 99.8km
1. Rob Britton (Trek/Red Truck pb Mosaic Homes)2:45:17
2. Sam Johnson (Hagens Berman LLP Cycling)at 2:43
3. Tim Abercrombie (Escape Velocity / dEVo)
4. Jacob Rathe (CMG/Bike n'Hike Giant/R Hosner)
5. Devon Smibert (Synergy Racing)
6. Logan Wetzal (First Rate Mortgage)
7. Tyler Trace (Trek/Red Truck pb Mosaic Homes)
8. Jake Macarthur (Hagens Berman LLP Cycling)
9. Nick Clayville (Hagens Berman LLP Cycling)
10. Seth Hosmer (Ind)
11. Chris Diafuku (Hagens Berman LLP Cycling)
12. Will Routley (Symmetrics)
13. Justin Rose (
14. Chris Devries (Team H&R Block)
15. Cyrus Kangarloo (Team H&R Block)
16. Chris Teufel (Garage Racing)
17. Jamie Sparling (Trek/Red Truck pb Mosaic Homes)
18. Michael Emde ( Fitness Fanati)
19. Patrick Stanko (Hagens Berman LLP Cycling)
20. Zack Garland (KONA-ADOBE)
21. Eric Anderson (Vertical Earth/CDA Velo Riders)
22. John Curry (G.A.S./ Intrinsik Architecture)
23. Ryan Anderson (Symmetrics)
24. Joshua Tack (Northern Rockies Orthopaedic)
25. Andrew Fischer (53x11 Coffee)
26. Kevin Rowe (
27. Dan Harm (Hagens Berman LLP Cycling)
28. David Zimbelman (ZTeam)
29. Matt Weyen (
30. Dave Vuckets (Trek/Red Truck pb Mosaic Homes)all s.t.
31. Jeff Bolstad (Team H&R Block)5:56
32. Kenny Williams (First Rate Mortgage)
33. Chris McNeil (Team H&R Block)
34. Shawn Ongers (Gin Optics Cycling)
35. Kyle Farrell (Garage Racing)
36. Adam Blanchard (Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cy)
37. Frank Gonzalez (Montana Velo)
39. Mark Blackwelder (Gentle Lovers)
40. Jonathan Gormick (KONA-ADOBE)
41. Grant Boursaw (Gregg's/Lemond)
42. Shawn Goulet (KONA-ADOBE)
43. Shawn M. Howard (Vertical Earth/CDA Velo Riders)
44. Kyle Valenta (CMG/Bike n'Hike Giant/R Hosner)
45. Calvin Allan (
46. Chris Stuart (
47. Adrian Hegyvary (Hagens Berman LLP Cycling)
48. Andrew Rosette (Second Ascent/StepDown Racing)
49. Zan Treasure (Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team)
50. Lang Reynolds (Hagens Berman LLP Cycling)
51. Paul Beard (Escape Velocity / dEVo)
52. Ivan Meadors (Finnegan's Toys/Discover Chiro)
53. Mike Hone (Carter Subaru/VW/Saab)
54. Jonathan Page (Escape Velocity / dEVo)
55. Cody Campbell (Symmetrics)
56. Kevin Noiles (Trek/Red Truck pb Mosaic Homes)
57. Nathan Macdonald (Trek/Red Truck pb Mosaic Homes)all s.t.
58. Dallas Morris (Team H&R Block)6:04
59. James Stangeland (Gin Optics Cycling)7:46
60. Michael Murdin (Garage Racing)
61. Jason Schniepp (Unattached)
62. Ian Mensher (Garage Racing)
63. Brent Davis (Carter Subaru/VW/Saab)all s.t.
64. Ian Tubbs (Carter Subaru/VW/Saab)9:22
65. Jason Williams (Cucina Fresca/Seattle Super Sq)
66. Aaron Schooler (Team H&R Block)
67. Bradley Marquardt (Carter Subaru/VW/Saab)
68. Jordan Campbell (RAD Racing NW)
69. Brian Venable (Carter Subaru/VW/Saab)
70. Galen Erickson (Gin Optics Cycling)
71. Jimmy Lingwood (Gregg's/Lemond)
72. Alistair Howard (KONA-ADOBE)
73. Dan Macdonald (KONA-ADOBE)
74. Trevor Mays (Gin Optics Cycling)all s.t.
75. Brad Morgan (G.A.S./ Intrinsik Architecture)9:29
76. Andrew Kyle (Escape Velocity / dEVo)12:59
77. Aaron Johnson (Benaroya Research Institute)
78. Brian Sather (
79. Dave Richter (Benaroya Research Institute)
80. Alan Adams (G.A.S./ Intrinsik Architecture)all s.t.
81. Pat Gray (Benaroya Research Institute)13:55
82. Joe Buckeye Holmes (Benaroya Research Institute)
83. Randy Bott (Avanti Racing)
84. Austin Arguello (CMG/Bike n'Hike Giant/R Hosner)
85. Marcel Delisser (CMG/Bike n'Hike Giant/R Hosner)
86. Ed Harley (First Rate Mortgage)
87. Nicholas Rhodes (Second Ascent/StepDown Racing)
88. Jason Bethel (Garage Racing)
89. Peter Girard (Second Ascent/StepDown Racing)
90. Charlie Warner (Veloce Racing)
91. Owen Sturgess (Escape Velocity / dEVo)
92. Jeff Ain (Escape Velocity / dEVo)all s.t.
93. Travis Dykstra (Cucina Fresca/Seattle Super Sq)24:18
94. Josh Gunn (Garage Racing)
95. Paul Nelson ( Fitness Fanati)
96. Gary Brown (Benaroya Research Institute)all s.t.
97. David Pilz (Gentle Lovers)24:24
98. Blair Murray (First Rate Mortgage)
99. Dan Mensher (Gentle Lovers)
100. Mike Gaertner (Vertical Earth/CDA Velo Riders)
101. Robert Campbell (
102. Andy Luhn (Benaroya Research Institute)all s.t.
103. Steven Beardsley (Gentle Lovers)35:28
104. Jeff Goodwin (Carter Subaru/VW/Saab)37:18
105. Edward Bertany (Union Bay Cycling/Wines of Was)
106. Chad Nikolz (Gin Optics Cycling)
107. Mark Knokey (Vertical Earth/CDA Velo Riders)
108. Matt Martyniuk (Moose Jaw Pavers)all s.t.
109. John-Christia Flack (The Valley Athletic Club)43:10
110. Chris Hillier (Ind)
111. Dakin Bell (Carter Subaru/VW/Saab)
112. Justin Mayfield (
113. Justin Hofeldt (Vertical Earth/CDA Velo Riders)
DNF. Trevor Connor (Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles)
DNF. Remy McManus (Inferno Pro Cycling)
DNF. Ben D'Hulst (Logan Race Club/Park City Jeep )
DNF. Mark Young (Second Ascent/StepDown Racing)
DNF. Ethan Harrison (Vertical Earth/CDA Velo Riders )
DNF. Matt Slater (ZTeam)
DNF. Nathan Kuehl (Ind)
DNF. Brian Nelson (Ind)
DSQ. Doug Reid (Veloce Cycles)
Stage 2: Wilson Hollow Time Trial, 12km
1. Sam Johnson (Hagens Berman LLP Cycling)13:54.65
2. Justin Rose ( 0:27.93
3. Rob Britton (Trek/Red Truck pb Mosaic Homes)0:34.74
4. Calvin Allan (
5. Matt Weyen (
6. Nick Clayville (Hagens Berman LLP Cycling)0:44.04
7. Jake Macarthur (Hagens Berman LLP Cycling)0:45.34
8. Eric Anderson (Vertical Earth/CDA Velo Riders)0:46.27
9. Seth Hosmer (Ind)0:46.40
10. Tim Abercrombie (Escape Velocity / dEVo)0:48.18
11. Will Routley (Symmetrics)0:50.58
12. Adrian Hegyvary (Hagens Berman LLP Cycling)0:55.42
13. Zack Garland (KONA-ADOBE)0:56.38
14. Chris Teufel (Garage Racing)0:57.28
15. Ian Tubbs (Carter Subaru/VW/Saab)0:57.40
16. Tyler Trace (Trek/Red Truck pb Mosaic Homes)0:58.29
17. Jamie Sparling (Trek/Red Truck pb Mosaic Homes)0:58.40
18. Mike Hone (Carter Subaru/VW/Saab)1:00.13
19. Kevin Rowe (
20. Cody Campbell (Symmetrics)1:07.97
21. Shawn M. Howard (Vertical Earth/CDA Velo Riders)1:08.78
22. Kenny Williams (First Rate Mortgage)1:09.87
23. Devon Smibert (Synergy Racing)1:10.17
24. Chris McNeil (Team H&R Block)1:11.12
25. Chris Stuart (
26. Dallas Morris (Team H&R Block)1:16.28
27. Andrew Kyle (Escape Velocity / dEVo)1:17.87
28. Justin Mayfield (
29. Patrick Stanko (Hagens Berman LLP Cycling)1:19.70
30. Logan Wetzal (First Rate Mortgage)1:20.55
31. David Zimbelman (ZTeam)1:20.81
32. Grant Boursaw (Gregg's/Lemond)1:22.09
33. Dan Harm (Hagens Berman LLP Cycling)1:23.61
34. Shawn Ongers (Gin Optics Cycling)1:28.81
35. Jacob Rathe (CMG/Bike n'Hike Giant/R Hosner)1:31.03
36. Jason Williams (Cucina Fresca/Seattle Super Sq)1:32.30
37. Chris Diafuku (Hagens Berman LLP Cycling)1:35.01
38. Cyrus Kangarloo (Team H&R Block)1:35.54
39. Ryan Anderson (Symmetrics)1:36.88
40. Kyle Farrell (Garage Racing)1:38.59
41. John Curry (G.A.S./ Intrinsik Architecture)1:39.05
42. Jonathan Gormick (KONA-ADOBE)1:40.32
43. Andrew Rosette (Second Ascent/StepDown Racing)1:40.72
44. Ed Harley (First Rate Mortgage)1:42.25
45. Adam Blanchard (Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cy)1:43.96
46. Michael Emde ( Fitness Fanati)1:51.74
47. Ian Mensher (Garage Racing)1:53.90
48. Brad Morgan (G.A.S./ Intrinsik Architecture)1:54.30
49. Jeff Bolstad (Team H&R Block)1:55.66
50. Zan Treasure (Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team)1:57.46
51. Lang Reynolds (Hagens Berman LLP Cycling)2:00.28
52. Dave Vuckets (Trek/Red Truck pb Mosaic Homes)2:00.45
53. Brian Sather (
54. Aaron Schooler (Team H&R Block)2:03.38
55. Mike Gaertner (Vertical Earth/CDA Velo Riders)2:06.56
56. Ivan Meadors (Finnegan's Toys/Discover Chiro)2:06.66
57. Owen Sturgess (Escape Velocity / dEVo)2:07.59
58. Michael Murdin (Garage Racing)2:08.91
59. Mark Blackwelder (Gentle Lovers)2:09.33
60. Josh Gunn (Garage Racing)2:11.45
61. Jason Bethel (Garage Racing)2:16.57
62. Alan Adams (G.A.S./ Intrinsik Architecture)2:23.54
63. Peter Girard (Second Ascent/StepDown Racing)2:25.31
64. Brian Venable (Carter Subaru/VW/Saab)2:30.11
65. Travis Dykstra (Cucina Fresca/Seattle Super Sq)2:30.78
66. Trevor Mays (Gin Optics Cycling)2:31.36
67. Joshua Tack (Northern Rockies Orthopaedic)2:34.54
68. Nicholas Rhodes (Second Ascent/StepDown Racing)2:38.31
69. Jonathan Page (Escape Velocity / dEVo)2:43.19
70. Frank Gonzalez (Montana Velo)2:43.97
71. Pat Gray (Benaroya Research Institute)2:52.67
72. Dan Mensher (Gentle Lovers)2:53.71
73. Chris Devries (Team H&R Block)2:54.58
74. Jeff Ain (Escape Velocity / dEVo)2:55.01
75. Jimmy Lingwood (Gregg's/Lemond)2:57.45
76. Blair Murray (First Rate Mortgage)3:00.77
77. Shawn Goulet (KONA-ADOBE)3:01.28
78. Jordan Campbell (RAD Racing NW)3:02.79
79. Bradley Marquardt (Carter Subaru/VW/Saab)3:03.05
80. Matt Martyniuk (Moose Jaw Pavers)3:06.77
81. Marcel Delisser (CMG/Bike n'Hike Giant/R Hosner)3:10.29
82. Jason Schniepp (Unattached)3:13.08
83. Andrew Fischer (53x11 Coffee)3:15.00
84. Justin Hofeldt (Vertical Earth/CDA Velo Riders)3:44.23
85. Mark Knokey (Vertical Earth/CDA Velo Riders)3:45.12
86. Chris Hillier (Ind)3:49.41
87. Alistair Howard (KONA-ADOBE)3:51.36
88. Brent Davis (Carter Subaru/VW/Saab)4:00.69
89. Steven Beardsley (Gentle Lovers)4:04.13
90. Dan Macdonald (KONA-ADOBE)4:06.96
91. Randy Bott (Avanti Racing)4:19.89
92. Paul Nelson ( Fitness Fanati)4:20.43
93. Dave Brooks (Trek/Red Truck pb Mosaic Homes)4:26.25
94. David Pilz (Gentle Lovers)4:26.50
95. John-Christia Flack (The Valley Athletic Club)4:27.69
96. Kyle Valenta (CMG/Bike n'Hike Giant/R Hosner)4:35.67
97. Andy Luhn (Benaroya Research Institute)4:39.41
98. Paul Beard (Escape Velocity / dEVo)4:40.92
99. Charlie Warner (Veloce Racing)4:46.02
100. Dave Richter (Benaroya Research Institute)4:58.38
101. Robert Campbell (
102. Galen Erickson (Gin Optics Cycling)5:10.25
103. Jeff Goodwin (Carter Subaru/VW/Saab)5:11.49
104. Joe Buckeye Holmes (Benaroya Research Institute)5:18.46
105. Gary Brown (Benaroya Research Institute)5:18.63
106. Dakin Bell (Carter Subaru/VW/Saab)5:41.07
107. Austin Arguello (CMG/Bike n'Hike Giant/R Hosner)6:11.50
108. Kevin Noiles (Trek/Red Truck pb Mosaic Homes)6:24.84
109. Aaron Johnson (Benaroya Research Institute)6:35.57
110. Chad Nikolz (Gin Optics Cycling)6:38.39
111. Nathan Macdonald (Trek/Red Truck pb Mosaic Homes)6:39.46
112. Edward Bertany (Union Bay Cycling/Wines of Was)9:27.80
DNS. James Stangeland (Gin Optics Cycling)
Stage 3: Waitsburg Road Race, 152.8km
1. Zack Garland (KONA-ADOBE)4:05:49
2. Will Routley (Symmetrics)at 0:57
3. Rob Britton (Trek/Red Truck pb Mosaic Homes)1:00
4. Jamie Sparling (Trek/Red Truck pb Mosaic Homes)1:26
5. Dallas Morris (Team H&R Block)2:11
6. Devon Smibert (Synergy Racing)2:14
7. Dave Vuckets (Trek/Red Truck pb Mosaic Homes)2:46
8. Tyler Trace (Trek/Red Truck pb Mosaic Homes)s.t.
9. Sam Johnson (Hagens Berman LLP Cycling)2:56
10. Justin Rose (
11. Eric Anderson (Vertical Earth/CDA Velo Riders)4:11
12. Nick Clayville (Hagens Berman LLP Cycling)4:16%3


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