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June 5/08 10:47 am - Deadgoat Giver-8-er

Posted by Editoress on 06/5/08

Deadgoat Giver-8-er June 1st, Calgary AB
Report by Roddi Lega, MTB and BMX Coordinator, Alberta Bicycle Association


The first of four Enduro/Marathon races on the AB calendar.

The Deadgoat Giver-8-er kicked off the Western Canada Enduro series this weekend in Calgary at Canada Olympic Park. More than 140 racers enjoyed 8 hours on their plush XC race saddles, and competition was both fierce and painful.

Ideal weather conditions welcomed athletes, which produced great results. Dallas "Diesel" Morris (Team H & R Block) won the Solo Men's event and Alana "A to the H" Heise (Terrascape) cleaned up the Women's Solo race.

Male SoloLap countLap time
Dallas Morris167:54:32
Jeff Neilson168:06:15
Pat Doyle168:13:05
Dave Crewe168:15:46
Leighton Poidevin168:22:59
Brad Pilling157:56:48
Geoff Clark158:07:08
Steven Johnson158:15:40
Marty Hafke158:21:19
Keith Bayly158:23:54
Peter Lawrence147:47:57
Devin Erfle147:53:08
Keith Batstone147:53:09
Thomas Ebbem148:00:46
Simon Williams148:01:59
Steve Walsh148:11:18
Aaron Sands137:30:41
Robin Borstmayer137:36:40
Peter Dunham137:40:18
Erik Bakke137:57:42
Fraser Judd138:10:46
Charlie Cooper126:08:53
Dominic Plamondor127:47:47
David Dyck127:54:15
Niall McGrath128:15:23
Rick Metzger128:16:42
Lorie Holte128:22:12
Lorne Allaby128:34:55
Brent Topilko117:27:45
Brian Nichols117:36:26
Dave Oneill117:45:41
Kham Daraseng117:45:49
Dave Brown117:48:33
Danny Johnston117:49:42
Brian Gibbons117:49:50
Steve Swenson117:51:13
Brady Holland117:51:54
Dave Dacosta117:55:54
Don Mcphalen117:56:10
Brian Dunham106:23:43
Mike Trebunia106:26:57
Thomas Yip106:43:24
Craig Marshall106:55:12
Stephen Ayotte107:32:32
Henry Yau107:37:46
Kevin Harris108:19:01
Roy Custodio95:28:18
Brad Tymchuk95:42:04
Dennis Marineau96:09:33
Todd Lloyd96:35:46
Jack VanDyk97:09:40
Stan Rachar98:12:34
Trev Williams84:40:08
Paul Martin85:26:27
Noel Flatters85:35:26
Mike Hayes85:35:42
Drew Simpson73:38:35
Ryan Draper73:39:05
Dylan Harris74:14:56
Michael McLean75:12:50
Scott Brooks64:55:11
Matthew Graham65:09:39
Darcy Johnson65:16:33
Martin Pangracs65:16:37
2 Man team
The Privateers148:09:56
Western Addiction148:26:03
Team Halusky138:08:35
Gear Mashers127:46:23
Just Cous106:25:08
4 Man team
Female Solo
Alana Heise148:30:30
Carena Dean137:57:50
Lisa Lepoole127:52:05
Shantel Koenig118:02:17
Cindy Koo118:06:39
Megan Culham118:20:30
Tori Fahey118:24:23
Nicole Muzechka107:10:00
Marissa Tosi85:29:09
Carrie Sutherland85:51:25
Jacqui Coward87:37:57
2 women team
Hot Dogs107:21:49
Mixed - 2 Person team
Deadgoat Mixed178:01:56
Team Merida158:06:36
Team Bate158:25:47
Team Green148:20:18
Cyclemeister/Bow Cycle128:14:34
Team Sam118:23:27
Mixed - 4 Person team
Different Bikes157:55:05
Male Solo - Single Spd
Edward Roddy147:56:25
Gerry Mccuaig118:03:48
Tom Brodzinski105:54:00
Chris Muzechka108:02:10
Leo Groenewoud53:31:04


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