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June 3/99 10:28 am - Nova Scotia points standings, Mississauga Midweek

Posted by Editoress on 06/3/99

Bicycle Nova Scotia Points Standings
(courtesy Craig Crocker)

Points standing after 2 events are Here.

Mississauga Midweek Club Wednesday Night Criterium

Event #7, June 2nd/99 - 13 laps
Weather: WET (rain w/ strong westerly breeze)

A surprising number of stalwarts braved the rain to contest tonight's criterium. And a few who turned Up, took a look at the revised course and went home. The organizer had decided that afternoon to change the circuit to a 3.6 kilometer up and back one on Explorer Boulevard with two dead turns.

After a neutralized lap to test the turns as a bunch, the pace "limousine" drew away and the speed picked up. The pack stayed together for a number of laps with the leaders gradually attacking the turns more and more aggressively.With 3 laps to go, Jeff Hansen-Ital Pasta- opened a 15 second gap but he was pulled back just after the final bell.

At the line, Dave Britnell,-Hummingbirds- won comfortably with Hansen hanging on to second and Kiro's James Wadden taking third. The remainder of the top 16 all finished in the same time.

Thanks to all the riders, to Tina Mayberry and Sean Kelly for marshalling and lap scoring and to Geoff Gadd of the Randonneurs for cone collection.

The Schwinn night has been resceduled for June 16th.

For all you time trial fans, Geoff Gadd is starting his popular Wednesday evening races in a couple of weeks. Watch Canadian Cyclist News for details

1Dave BritnellHummingbirdsS21:7.2812
2Jeff HansenItal PastaS1s.t.11
3James WaddenKiroS3s.t..10
4Mark ShawInd.MBs.t.9
5Mike YbanezMississauga VolvicS2s.t.8
6Paul RegoSaeco CanadaS1s.t.7
7Duncan SalisburyHalton R & TS3s.t.6
8Tom CramegnaMississauga VolvicS2s.t.5
9Dean PeddleNARCS2s.t.4
10Bobby MarveloDÕOrnellasS3s.t.3
11Malcolm MunroRacer SportifS1s.t.2


1Jeff Hansen68
2Greg Cavanagh51
3James Wadden39
4Peter Mazur39
5Heath Cockburn37
6Matthias Schmitt35
7Kevin Speacht34
8Piers Davidge32
9Don Zuck30
10Duncan Salisbury24
11Pat Shea22
12Mike Ybanez21
13Dave Britnell19
14Mirek Mazur19
15Paul Rego18
16Tony Abramavicious18
17Craig Deveer18
18Joe Juliano18
19Mark Shaw14
20David Fry14
21Chris Paton12
22Matt Hansen12
23Tom Cramegna11
24Daniel Maggiacomo10
25Michael Moore10
26Dean Peddle10
27Domenic Regato10
28Gerard Yeates10


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