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July 10/08 11:00 am - Mike's Bike Shop Cup Week 7

Posted by Editoress on 07/10/08

Mike's Bike Shop Cup Week 7 July 8th, Dieppe

The Mike's Bike Shop Cup series held the track race on Tuesday on the Caisse Populaire Velodrome in Dieppe. The event held for the series was the flying 200 m race which sees riders taking two laps of the 250 m track to get up to speed and then the timing starts in the final 200 metres of the final lap. It's a fast and thrilling race as riders dive down off the high boards at amazing spped and hurtle around the boards. The winner for the evening was Alain Goguen, New Brunswick's top male track specialist, with a time of 12:18. In a pleasant surprise, once the handicap system was applied, race leader and total track novice Derrick Keith found himself tied with Goguen - the handicap used penalizes Goguen by adding to his time while subtracting from Keith's. The time for both riders calculated to 12:79. Considering that Keith's first ride on the velodrome was the Saturday before proves that anyone can learn to ride the track and that the handicap system used for the series works and encourages riders to come and try new disciplines.

And so by his willingness to try anything, Derrick Keith continues to hold onto the series lead with 460 points. The series regulars are going to have to be sure to come out to all the races if they want to have a hope of catching him.

The Mike's Bike Shop Cup is a series of weekly races held on Tuesdays nights at 6:30pm. The series also includes criteriums, BMX and cyclocross events to be held later in the summer and fall. The overall winner of the series will pick a charitable organization to which a donation from the registration proceeds will be made.

The series continues on July 15 with more Velodrome racing on the Caisse Populaire Velodrome in the Rotary Park in St. Anselme. Registration will take place at 6:00 PM at the Atlantic Cycling Centre.

Full results (with handicap applied)
1. Derrick Keith, 12.79
1. Alain Goguen, 12.79
3. Jean-Richard Cormier, 12.99
4. Denis Hebert, 13.06
5. Charles Cormier, 13.18
6. Sacha LeBlanc, 13.26
7. Philippe Theriault, 13.27
8. Mike LeBlanc, 13.52
9. Melanie Bordage, 13.85
10. Derek LeBlanc, 14.75
11. Ian Dennis, 15.31


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