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August 6/08 6:34 am - Club News: Edmonton Mid-week, Owen Sound CC, Blizzard Bike Club

Posted by Editoress on 08/6/08

Owen Sound CC, Racing Series
Courtesy Bruce Copeland - Juventus/River Valley Cycle

A small group of riders was presented with good conditions of 26 C for the August 5th 20 km ITT but unfortunately the light headwind on the outbound leg seemed to disappear for the return trip. Thanks to Juventus and Pedalhead Cycling Clubs for hosting the event.

1 Bruce Copeland (Juventus/River Valley Cycle)25:17
2 Sean Barr (Pedalhead)27:52
3 Nick Jendzjoksky (Pedalhead)28:09
4 Dave Watson (Velocity)28:50
5 Darin Schaker (Juventus/River Valley Cycle)29:49
6 Jim Yeske (Velocity)29:53
7 Tim Ress (Pedalhead29:58
8 Bruce Harries (Juventus/River Valley Cycle)30:09
9 Hendrick Van J (Cranky's)30:33
10 Paul Kozak (ERTC/Revolution)33:13

Owen Sound Cycling Club

Annan 19K TT, August 5th

Timers: Scott and Mary Thomson

Riders: 18
11 PB's
All the women had PB's ! Big gains from Leola and Sean and Stephen.
*New Womens Course Record by Lynne !

Conditions: warm, humid, and calm, with some rain during the TT

Sean Calhoun, 28:56 PB
Jeff Wardell, 29:30 PB
Tim Hill, 29:49 PB
Ed DeLaplante, 30:08 PB
Mike Campbell, 30:22
Bob Bingham, 30:34 PB
John Brown, 30:57
Lynne Vaughan-MacDonald, 31:09 PB*
Jane Thomson, 31:58 PB
Jenn Wardell, 32:35 PB
Trevor Stokes, 32:49
Justin Zottl, 33:35
Reg MacDonald, 33:39
Susan Avery, 34:10 PB
Leola VanDolder-Fletcher, 36:48 PB
Chris LaForest, 39:37
Jim Cummings, 45:32

Stephen LaForest (10K) 16:00 PB

Blizzard Bike Club Fort St. John, BC

August 3rd

Robin Baillie won the 9th edition of the S & S Turbines Hill Climb Championship, Sunday, and set the course record along the way. His time of 21:15 minutes for the 8 km climb beat Vaughn Hilderbrands' record he set back in 2002.

Billy Bucknall was second at 23:06 and Colter Young third at 24:25. Bob Andrews was 4th at 26:59 and Rod Lewis 5th at 27:20.

Other times were Sam Keats at 28:39, Simon Andrews 29:08, Peter King 29:17, Sandy McDonald 31:03, Ken Nix 31:42, Marie Young 33:06 and Owen Giebelhaus 34:51.

Coming up:
-Wednesday club meeting 7:30 pm at Wendy's.
-Thursday Baldonnel time trial at 7 pm.
-Sunday is the tough 95 km Cecil Lake to Upper Pine School and back road race at 10:00 am. A 40 km distance will also be available.


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