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September 28/08 3:54 am - Tobago International Cycling Classic: Stages 1-4

Posted by Editoress on 09/28/08

Tobago International Cycling Classic
reports courtesy Chris Atkins

A composite team of riders from Ontario, BC, and Quebec headed to the 5 stage 600km Tobago International Cycling Classic from September 25-28th. The team is generously sponsored for a second year by

This year, teams from Germany, USA, Greece, Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, and Trinidad will be battling for top honours riding under severely hot and humid temperatures over challenging terrain. riders:

Trevor Connor
Jonathon Gormick
Matthew O'Hagan
Hugh Trenchard
Vincent Veilleux-Lessard
Chris Atkins (support / island guide / medic)

In the results you will notice other Canadian riders Alex Bhogal, Chris Reid, and Jean-Michel Lachance riding for local favorite Emile Abraham who races with Team Type 1 in the US.

The stages start out relatively 'tame' until the final epic stage 5 course, which includes category 1/2/3 climbs at Castara, Bloody Bay, L'anse Fourmi, Charlotteville, and the showcase climb at Speyside.

Stage 1 - Circuit Race 110km (10 laps - minor rolling inclines)
Stage 2 - 11km Time Trial
Stage 3 - Circuit Race 120km (6 laps - one 3km category 3 climb per lap)
Stage 4 - Circuit Race 110km (12 laps - minor rolling inclines)
Stage 5 - Tour of Tobago 120km (mountainous terrain - category 1/2/3 climbs - Palatuvier 10km ascent & notorious Speyside)

Stage 2

Just a quick update, had a great showing today on the stage 2 time trial. I was driving the team car behind Trevor Connor, our GC hope, who was aiming to come back from a tumble in yesterday's stage which took him out of a top finishing spot. I was laying on the horn for anything that moved...dogs...chickens...goats...dump trucks. Trevor had it pegged and claimed the top spot only seconds ahead of Heath Blackgrove riding for Gremli in Tobago (rides for Toyota United in the US). It was amazing to witness.

Jonathon Gormick also had a strong ride, placing in the top 10 today.

The heat is building up right now. Stage 3 (circuit race) starts later this afternoon. The stage is taking the riders through a steep climb that, from what I hear, goes 15-20% for 2km. It's going to blow apart today, and the GC is really going to shake up.

I'll try to get updates when I can. The internet is pretty sketchy here.

Note: Chris has not been able to provide regular updates, but full results from each stage are posted below

Stage 1 (September 25th) :110km Circuit Race
1 Stefan Steinweg (Ger) Team Guetersloh2:23:26
2 Emile Abraham (Tri) Team Gremli2:24:11
3 Marloe Rodman (Jam) Rafmon Mecalfab2:24:11
4 Jonas Schmeiser (Ger) Racing Students2:24:11
5 Heath Blackgrove (New) Team Gremli2:24:12
6 Daniel Holt (USA) Team Gremli2:24:12
7 Joshua Alexander (Tri) Rafmon Mecalfab2:24:12
8 Timo Scholz (Ger) Racing Students2:24:13
9 Andreas Feistel (Ger) Racing Students2:24:26
10 Paul Voigt (Ger) Team Guetersloh2:27:33
11 Jens Grewe (Ger) Racing Students 2:27:33
12 Alexander Gut (Ger) Racing Students2:28:21
13 Adam Alexander (Tri) Rafmon Mecalfab2:28:21
14 Simon Clarke (Bar) Rafmon Mecalfab2:28:21
15 Tyron Thomas (Gre) Digicel Grenada2:28:22
16 Bjorn Ruter (Ger) Team Guetersloh2:28:22
17 Linford Blackwood (Jam) Team Trek2:28:23
18 Vincent Veilleux-Lessard (Can) Mazurcoaching.com2:28:24
19 Alex Bhogal (Can) Team Gremli2:28:25
20 Mario Forde (Bar) Rafmon Mecalfab2:28:29
21 Jean-Michel Lachance (Can) Team Gremli2:28:30
22 Jonathon Gormick (Can) Mazurcoaching.com2:28:31
23 Christian Kern (Ger) Team Guetersloh2:29:45
24 Alexander Rutz (Ger) Team Guetersloh2:30:35
25 Jassette Bromfield (Jam) Team Trek2:30:36
26 Sydney Walters (Gre) Digicel Grenada2:30:38
27 Oniel Sinclair (Jam) Rafmon Mecalfab2:30:55
28 Christopher Breulmann (Ger) Team Guetersloh2:33:29
29 Jason Perryman (Bar) Team Guetersloh2:33:30
30 Dominic Ollivierre (Svg) St.Lucia/St.Vincent2:33:30
31 Andreas Kappes (Ger) Team Guetersloh2:33:31
32 Kevin Alexis (Gre) Digicel Grenada2:33:31
33 Carsten Eggert (Ger) Team Guetersloh2:33:32
34 Christopher Reid (Can) Team Gremli2:33:32
35 Trevor Connor (Can) Mazurcoaching.com2:33:32
36 Matthew O'Hagan (Can) Mazurcoaching.com2:33:32
37 Winston Williams (Lca) St.Lucia/St.Vincent2:33:33
38 Victor Silberer (Ger) Racing Students2:33:50
39 Christoph Kindle (Ger) Racing Students 2:34:07
40 Troy Felix (Gre) Digicel Grenada2:40:54
41 Kurt Maraj (Lca) St.Lucia/St.Vincent3:00:54
42 Orano Andrews (Svg) St.Lucia/St.Vincent3:00:54
43 Colin Wilson (Tri) Team Trek3:00:54
44 Dwight Sargeant (Svg) St.Lucia/St.Vincent3:00:54
Stage 2 (September 26th): 11k Time Trial
1 Trevor Connor (Can) Mazurcoaching.com14:39
2 Heath Blackgrove (NZl) Team Gremli14:42
3 Stefan Steinweg (Ger) Team Guetersloh15:08
4 Marloe Rodman (Jam) Rafmon Mecalfab15:11
5 Timo Scholz (Ger) Racing Students15:12
6 Jean-Michel Lachance (Can) Team Gremli15:17
7 Jonathon Gormick (Can) Mazurcoaching.com15:18
8 Daniel Holt (USA) Team Gremli15:21
9 Jonas Schmeiser (Ger) Racing Students15:23
10 Bjorn Ruter (Ger) Team Guetersloh15:26
11 Emile Abraham (Tri) Team Gremli15:31
12 Jens Grewe (Ger) Racing Students15:32
13 Paul Voigt (Ger) Team Guetersloh15:35
14 Andreas Feistel (Ger) Racing Students15:40
15 Kurt Maraj (Lca) St.Lucia/St.Vincent15:45
16 Dominic Ollivierre (Svg) St.Lucia/St.Vincent15:53
17 Colin Wilson (Tri) Team Trek15:55
18 Jason Perryman (Bar) Team Guetersloh15:55
19 Linford Blackwood (Jam) Team Trek15:59
20 Jassette Bromfield (Jam) Team Trek16:01
21 Vincent Veilleux-Lessard (Can) Mazurcoaching.com16:03
22 Tyron Thomas (Gre) Digicel Grenada16:06
23 Victor Silberer (Ger) Racing Students16:15
24 Alex Bhogal (Can) Team Gremli16:18
25 Joshua Alexander (Tri) Rafmon Mecalfab16:18
26 Christopher Breulmann (Ger) Team Guetersloh16:19
27 Christian Kern (Ger) Team Guetersloh16:25
28 Oniel Sinclair (Jam) Rafmon Mecalfab16:30
29 Orano Andrews (Svg) St.Lucia/St.Vincent16:35
30 Troy Felix (Gre) Digicel Grenada16:44
31 Adam Alexander (Tri) Rafmon Mecalfab16:45
32 Matthew O'Hagan (Can) Mazurcoaching.com16:52
33 Alexander Rutz (Ger) Team Guetersloh16:57
34 Mario Forde (Bar) Rafmon Mecalfab17:07
35 Carsten Eggert (Ger) Team Guetersloh17:20
36 Winston Williams (Lca) St.Lucia/St.Vincent17:21
37 Kevin Alexis (Gre) Digicel Grenada17:36
38 Sydney Walters (Gre) Digicel Grenada17:36
39 Dwight Sargeant (Svg) St.Lucia/St.Vincent17:49
40 Christopher Reid (Can) Team Gremli17:56
41 Alexander Gut (Ger) Racing Students18:00
42 Simon Clarke (Bar) Rafmon Mecalfab18:01
43 Andreas Kappes (Ger) Team Guetersloh18:29
44 Christoph Kindle (Ger) Racing Students22:47
Stage 3 (September 26th): 100km Circuit Race
1 Heath Blackgrove (NZl) Team Gremli2:56:15
2 Jens Grewe (Ger) Racing Students 2:56:16
3 Jonas Schmeiser (Ger) Racing Students2:56:45
4 Emile Abraham (Tri) Team Gremli2:57:30
5 Colin Wilson (Tri) Team Trek2:57:45
6 Timo Scholz (Ger) Racing Students2:58:04
7 Joshua Alexander (Tri) Rafmon Mecalfab2:59:03
8 Alexander Gut (Ger) Racing Students3:03:04
9 Marloe Rodman (Jam) Rafmon Mecalfab3:03:04
10 Paul Voigt (Ger) Team Guetersloh3:03:04
11 Jean-Michel Lachance (Can) Team Gremli3:03:05
12 Tyron Thomas (Gre) Digicel Grenada3:03:05
13 Andreas Feistel (Ger) Racing Students3:03:06
14 Trevor Connor (Can) Mazurcoaching.com3:03:07
15 Linford Blackwood (Jam) Team Trek3:05:24
16 Bjorn Ruter (Ger) Team Guetersloh3:05:26
17 Alex Bhogal (Can) Team Gremli3:05:27
18 Daniel Holt (USA) Team Gremli3:05:27
19 Jonathon Gormick (Can) Mazurcoaching.com3:05:27
20 Mario Forde (Bar) Rafmon Mecalfab3:06:36
21 Simon Clarke (Bar) Rafmon Mecalfab3:06:36
22 Jassette Bromfield (Jam) Team Trek3:08:19
23 Victor Silberer (Ger) Racing Students3:09:29
24 Christopher Breulmann (Ger) Team Guetersloh3:09:29
25 Dominic Ollivierre (Svg) St.Lucia/St.Vincent3:09:30
26 Kevin Alexis (Gre) Digicel Grenada3:09:30
27 Kurt Maraj (Lca) St.Lucia/St.Vincent3:09:30
28 Jason Perryman (Bar) Team Guetersloh3:14:19
29 Sydney Walters (Gre) Digicel Grenada3:21:21
30 Oniel Sinclair (Jam) Rafmon Mecalfab3:23:18
31 Carsten Eggert (Ger) Team Guetersloh3:24:32
32 Christopher Reid (Can) Team Gremli3:47:21
33 Christoph Kindle (Ger) Racing Students 3:47:21
34 Orano Andrews (Svg ) St.Lucia/St.Vincent3:47:21
Stage 4 (September 27th): 121km Circuit Race
1 Alexander Gut (Ger) Racing Students2:27:00
2 Oniel Sinclair (Jam) Rafmon Mecalfab2:27:01
3 Jassette Bromfield (Jam) Team Trek2:27:02
4 Linford Blackwood (Jam) Team Trek2:27:02
5 Jonas Schmeiser (Ger) Racing Students2:27:02
6 Timo Scholz (Ger) Racing Students2:27:02
7 Mario Forde (Bar) Rafmon Mecalfab2:27:02
8 Paul Voigt (Ger) Team Guetersloh2:27:02
9 Dominic Ollivierre (Svg) St.Lucia/St.Vincent2:27:03
10 Heath Blackgrove (New) Team Gremli2:27:04
11 Jonathon Gormick (Can) Mazurcoaching.com2:27:05
12 Joshua Alexander (Tri) Rafmon Mecalfab2:27:05
13 Tyron Thomas (Gre) Digicel Grenada2:27:06
14 Trevor Connor (Can) Mazurcoaching.com2:27:06
15 Bjorn Ruter (Ger) Team Guetersloh2:27:08
16 Jens Grewe (Ger) Racing Students 2:27:08
17 Simon Clarke (Bar) Rafmon Mecalfab2:27:08
18 Jean-Michel Lachance (Can) Team Gremli2:27:10
19 Alex Bhogal (Can) Team Gremli2:27:10
20 Emile Abraham (Tri) Team Gremli2:27:10
21 Marloe Rodman (Jam) Rafmon Mecalfab2:27:10
22 Daniel Holt (USA) Team Gremli2:27:10
23 Andreas Feistel (Ger) Racing Students2:27:10
24 Victor Silberer (Ger) Racing Students2:27:20
25 Kevin Alexis (Gre) Digicel Grenada2:27:29
26 Colin Wilson (Tri) Team Trek2:27:55
27 Sydney Walters (Gre) Digicel Grenada2:27:58
28 Kurt Maraj (Lca) St.Lucia/St.Vincent2:28:06
29 Carsten Eggert (Ger) Team Guetersloh2:28:57
30 Vincent Veilleux-Lessard (Can) Mazurcoaching.com2:30:08
31 Christopher Breulmann (Ger) Team Guetersloh2:32:04
32 Christoph Kindle (Ger) Racing Students 2:33:41
33 Matthew O'Hagan (Can) Mazurcoaching.com2:39:13
34 Orano Andrews (Svg) St.Lucia/St.Vincent2:41:03
35 Dwight Sargeant (Svg) St.Lucia/St.Vincent2:44:38
1 Heath Blackgrove (New Zealand) Team Gremli8:01:45
2 Timo Scholz (Germany) Racing Students0:00:44
3 Jonas Schmeiser (Germany) Racing Students0:01:31
4 Emile Abraham (Trinidad & Tobago) Team Gremli0:02:18
5 Joshua Alexander (Trinidad & Tobago) Rafmon Mecalfab0:04:48
6 Jens Grewe (Germany) Racing Students0:06:26
7 Marloe Rodman (Jamaica) Rafmon Mecalfab0:07:37
8 Andreas Feistel (Germany) Racing Students0:08:26
9 Daniel Holt (Usa) Team Gremli0:10:12
10 Paul Voigt (Germany) Team Guetersloh0:11:28
11 Jean-Michel Lachance (Canada) Team Gremli0:11:58
12 Tyron Thomas (Grenada) Digicel Grenada0:12:47
13 Jonathon Gormick (Canada) Mazurcoaching.com0:14:19
14 Alexander Gut (Germany) Racing Students0:14:26
15 Bjorn Ruter (Germany) Team Guetersloh0:14:27
16 Linford Blackwood (Jamaica) Team Trek0:15:00
17 Alex Bhogal (Canada) Team Gremli0:15:19
18 Trevor Connor (Canada) Mazurcoaching.com0:16:14
19 Mario Forde (Barbados) Rafmon Mecalfab0:17:21
20 Simon Clarke (Barbados) Rafmon Mecalfab0:18:14
21 Jassette Bromfield (Jamaica) Team Trek0:20:06
22 Dominic Ollivierre (Svg St. Vincent) St.Lucia/St.Vincent0:24:08
23 Victor Silberer (Germany) Racing Students0:25:10
24 Kevin Alexis (Grenada) Digicel Grenada0:26:19
25 Christopher Breulmann (Germany) Team Guetersloh0:29:37
26 Sydney Walters (Grenada) Digicel Grenada0:35:44
27 Oniel Sinclair (Jamaica) Rafmon Mecalfab0:35:49
28 Colin Wilson (Trinidad & Tobago) Team Trek0:40:44
29 Carsten Eggert (Germany) Team Guetersloh0:42:33
30 Vincent Veilleux-Lessard (Canada) Mazurcoaching.com0:43:49
31 Kurt Maraj (LCA St. Lucia) St.Lucia/St.Vincent0:52:30
32 Matthew O'Hagan (Canada) Mazurcoaching.com1:00:15
33 Christopher Reid (Canada) Team Gremli1:05:59
34 Christoph Kindle (Germany) Racing Students1:16:12
35 Dwight Sargeant (Svg St. Vincent) St.Lucia/St.Vincent1:34:01
36 Orano Andrews (Svg St.Vincent ) St.Lucia/St.Vincent1:44:09



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