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October 14/08 2:01 am - Jayco Herald Sun Tour Stage 2 report by Will Routley

Posted by Editoress on 10/14/08

Comments By Will Routley after Stage 2 where he finished 3rd

It has been full gas the last two days. The crit Preface on the first day wasn't for GC so it didn't matter overall but Eric went for it in the break anyway.

The race is on now. I got in lots of splits on Stage one and I tried a move toward the end, but it came down to a field sprint. I just tried to keep it safe - no crashes.

Then today it was full gas again, (I kept busy) just covering what seemed like thousands of attacks. Then, at about 25 km to go, a move finally went that stayed and I zipped up to it. When O'Grady attacked it at 9 km to go, I bridged up to him and we successfully broke away from our group, we rolled it well together until about 600m to go were he attacked and got the best of me. A few of the breakaway remnants just barely got up to me in their sprint for 3rd. I didn't see them coming and was caught by surprise. I got pipped for second, and finished 3rd. I think I might of held them off but looking back I honestly couldn't see him and was shocked he caught me and took second by half a tire width. A lesson learned.

The next two days have the big climbs so lots to go yet.


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