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July 26/09 11:05 am - Mont Ste Anne World Cup - Women's XC UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 07/26/09

Welcome to our coverage of the Mont Ste Anne World Cup XC.  Our coverage is  sponsored by Shimano



A couple top  ranked riders will not be racing. Sabine Spitz (6) Eva Lechner (7) and Petra Henzi (12) are all missing.

The day started cool (15c) and windy and 10 minutes before  the start of the women's race and the skies have opened up and it is pouring rain.


Elisabeth Osl crashed in training and injured her knee.  She will start but is not too sure about how it will go for her.


The organizers have added a "chicken run"  for the rocky descent (see 4 on the map), and it is hoped that it will actually be longer than the actual descent.  Geoff Kabush is not very happy about the section being added, but a number of riders crashed on it during training.


Former racers will be doing colour commentary for the CBC. Matt Toulouse will be doing for the French CBC and Lesely Tomlinson for English.


Lap 1


Women are doing 4 laps


Up the climb it is Katrin Leumann and Willow Koerber (Subaru-Gary Fisher) in the lead followed by Margarita Fullana Riera    (Massi) and then a long line.


They have just come out of the woods (~ 2 km in) and Marie-Helene Premont (Maxxis/Rocky Mountain) has taken an 8 second lead on Fullana, followed by Kalentieva, Heather Irmiger, Elisabeth Osl  (Central Ghost Pro Team, Willow Koerber.  Catharine Pendrel    (Luna Pro Team) is sitting 10th and Emily Batty (Trek Store) is 15th


At the end of the lap Pendrel has taken the lead, followed by Premont, Kalentieva and Korber together at 7 seconds.  Then Katerina Nash at 12 sec. Maja Wloszczowska at 15 sec,  the Osl, Gould, Aleksandra Dawidowicz, Byberg, Compton.  Batty sitting 16th ~ 2 min back. Mical Dyck 21st, Amanda Sin 30th, Sandra Walter 35th, Marie-Claude Surprenant, Mikaela Kofman DNF


The rain has backed off a bit and is now a steady drizzle.


1st lap was completed in 23:11


Lap 2


At the far end of the course (1/2 way), Pendrel has 10 seconds on Kalentieva and Koerber. At another 5 seconds is Nash.  then another 5 seconds to Premont. At another 10 seconds is Maja Wloszczowska.  Fullana is 14th and having real difficulty on the technical sections.  Getting off and walking a lot. Emily Batty is about to overtake her.


At the end of the lap.  Catharine Pendrel, Irina Kalentieva at 6 sec, Katerina Nash at 8 sec, Willow Koerber at 12 sec then Elisabeth Osl, Maja Wloszczowska 6th, Georgia Gould 7th, Katherine Compton 8th, Lene Byberg 9th, Marie-Helene Premont 10th  ~ 1:30 back.  According to the officials, she had a flat


Fullana is now 4 min back


Lap 3

On the rocky descent  Pendrel in the lead

Pendrel is taking the chicken route  having crashed last time through.   Kalentiev  2nd and Nash 3rd taking the regular route.

Compton 7th and Premont 9th.  Batty up to 12th?


Lap 4 - 12:27 pm

Pendrel has just started the last lap. Katerina Nash (Pendrel's  teammate) now into 2nd at 40 seconds back.  Kalentieva 3rd at 1:01, Koerber 4th at 1:14, Byberg 5th at 1:58.  Elisabeth Osl 6th,  Maja Wloszczowska 7th, Georgia Gould 8th, Aleksandra Dawidowicz 9th, Marie-Helene Premont is 10th at 3:42 back. Emily Batty 16th at 6:30 back .  Fullana 21st at 8:17 back, Mical Dyck 22nd




1 Catharine Pendrel (Can) Luna Pro Team,  1:37:42
2 Irina Kalentieva (Rus) Topeak Ergon Racing Team  at 1:31
3 Katerina Nash (Cze) Luna Pro Team  , 1:49
4 Lene Byberg (Nor) Specialized Factory Racing , 2:09
5 Willow Koerber (USA) Subaru-Gary Fisher, 2:26







Course Map



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