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September 2/09 16:57 pm - The Healing Cycle 2009

Posted by on 09/2/09

Since 2005, Via Ciclante has contributed and continues to participate in The Healing Cycle fundraising event because after our father Renzo Tesolin had passed from terminal cancer we learned an important lesson from palliative doctors and nurses at Credit Valley Hospital - that life worth living is more than a just a journey, it's an affirmation of life's  cherished moments even in the darkest times.  The realities of terminal disease are difficult; however, we can still understand what it means to have the precious gift of life. Through personal loss we understand, support and contribute to the Healing Cycle event because we can make a difference by helping others who are going to face the same journey. Every donation made extends respect for the dignity of every patient and their family.  We can express our compassion for a better community by contributing to a project that cares for everyone right up until their last breath.

The Healing Cycle Foundation shares in this thinking and has pledged $1 million dollars for a new palliative care building.  To date, it has raised $480,000 and I would like to encourage you to help us meet our goal to building this important palliative center.

Your generous donations will provide terminal patients and their families the encouragement and support they need to get through difficult times. Your dollars are going directly to building our community and 100% of donations will go directly to palliative patients and families at Credit Valley Hospital.  For more information about the Healing Cycle Foundation and the event day visit

Please help build a stronger community by contributing to our Via Ciclante team. You can make a pledge to Jean-Paul Tesolin or Andrew Tesolin. Secure online donations can be made by VISA, MasterCard or American Express. You will immediately receive an automatic thank you email with the tax receipt attached.

Thank you for your support

Jean-Paul Tesolin and Andrew Tesolin
Team Via Ciclante

Via Ciclante
222 Queen St. South
Mississauga, Ontario L5M 1L5


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