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March 31/10 13:23 pm - Team TVC Village Cycle Holds Track Day for Type 1 Kids

Posted by Editoress on 03/31/10

On Friday March 26, Team TVC Village Cycle London members Carlo Capaldi, Chris Jarvis and Gretta Welsh, along with Sponsors Medtronic and Connected in Motion, hosted a youth Velodrome night at the Forest City Velodrome for kids with Type 1 diabetes. The three team members are all type one diabetics who enjoy racing, being active, and are passionate about diabetes advocacy.

Chris Jarvis is well known in the diabetes world due to his accomplishments not on a bike, but rowing a boat for Team Canada. Chris also gives talks across the country for Medtronic, the maker of the insulin pumps worn by the three team members, and many of the participants. Carlo Capaldi will be racing in the Master 1 Category this year, and Gretta Welsh will race Master C. Chris Jarvis, who is on a break from rowing, will be racing Senior 4.

The athletes participating that night ranged in age from 8 to age 14. Rob Good, director and coach at the Velodrome, graciously donated his time and expertise so that all the participants enjoyed themselves tremendously. The night started out with kids learning that these bikes had no brakes!

They quickly took to riding the infield and, by the end of the session, were doing their hot laps. The night ended with a locker room talk about the 'ups and downs' of living with diabetes and the importance of working as a team with parents and doctors to achieve good blood glucose control.

If you are a diabetic or know of anyone who is diabetic, they are encouraged to contact founder Chloe Steep of Connected in Motion at

E-mail us at or call at (416) 557-9935.

Courtesy Carlo Capaldi

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