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April 11/10 12:35 pm - Pan Am Champs - Men's XC Updates

Posted by Editoress on 04/11/10

The Men's XC has started fast furious with Todd Wells (USA), Jeremy Horgan- Kobleski (USA) and Derek Zandstra at the front as they complete the start loop and head out for the first lap


Elite and U23 will be on course at the same time, with the Elites doing 6 laps and the U23's 5 of the 6.4 km loop


Canada's Zach Hughes has been suffering from a stomach bug, and was a possible DNS, but has decided to give it a go.


Lap 1


Late in the first lap it is Todd Wells and Rubens Valeriano (Bra) in the lead followed by Fabio Casteneda (Col) at 10 sec.  JHK is leading a chase group with Derek Zandstra, Andrew Watson, Sam Schultz (USA) at 30 sec.  Max Plaxton, Raph Gagne and Micheal Broderick are in the next group at 50 sec.  The U23's are starting to mix in with the Elites and it is impossible to tell who is who because they have not made different coloured or numbered plates for the 2 groups


We believe the U23 leaders are a Costa Rican and an American (possibly Fisterwald ..maybe?)


Lap 2

Through the feedzone: Rubens Valeriano (Bra) now leading with Wells at 12 sec.  Catrel Soto (Arg) 3rd.  JHK, Schultz, Zandstra and Watson together at 40 sec.  Plaxton and "Lico" Ramirez at 1 min, Gagne at 1:35


Leaders in the U23 are Russel Fisterwald and Rodrigo Altamirao (Arg) with a Costa Rican 3rd.  Cody Canning is sitting top 10



Lap 3

Elite Men

In the feedzone:  Valeriano and Wells together.  Soto third, Luis Anderson Sanchez 3rd, Schultz 4th, Zandstra, Dario Gasco (Arg) Watson, Plaxton  all within 7 secnds o leders.  Gagne another 20 sseconds with JHK fading fast.



Henrique Avancini and Sherman Paiva (both Brazil) are leading with Rob Squire (USA) now in 3rd and Denis Parras (CRc) 4th.  Canning 18th, Zach Hughes 20th



Lap 4


Todd Wells has taken over the lead with Valeriano at 40 sec.   Sanchez 3rd at  1:40,  Plaxton 4th at 1:50, then a group with Schultz, Watson and Zandstra at 2 min


It is now past noon and it is beginning to get very hot.  Still 2 laps to go fot he elite and 1 for the U23


Lap 5


Late in the lap, Wells still leading with Valeriano 2nd at 50 sec.  Sanchez still 3rd at 1:40, Plaxton 4th at 1:55, Watson, Schultz, Zandstra battling it out for 5th at 2:30 back




U23 Unofficial


1 Sherman Paiva (Brazil)

2 Henrique Avancini (Brazil)

3 Rob Squire (USA)

4 Rodrigo Darney (Argentina)

5 Raphael Slazar (Mex)

6 Holmon Camilo (Col)


Elite Men Unofficial


1 Todd Wells (USA)

2 Rubens Valeriano (Brazil)

3 Max Plaxton (Canada)

4 Luis Anderson Sanchez (Colombia)

5 Andrew Watson (Canada)

6 Sam Schultz (USA)

7 Derek Zandstra (Canada)

8 Catrel Soto (Aregentia)

9 Raphael Gagne (Canada)

10 marco Arocha (Pur)







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