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April 16/10 12:48 pm - Tour of the Battenkill Start List

Posted by Editoress on 04/16/10

Organizers of the 2010 Tour of the Battenkill Presented by Pepsi are proud to announce the start list for the Tour of the Battenkill Professional Invitational on Sunday, April 18th in Cambridge, NY. 

22 teams from 17 countries are represented in this UCI 1.2-sanctioned event.

Headlining the competition are Bahati Foundation rider and multi-time Tour de France competitor Floyd Landis, recent Dana Point Grand Prix Champion Jonathan Cantwell of FlyV Australia, and Olympian Bobby Lea of Bahati Foundation. The race starts at 11 AM on Main Street in Cambridge NY. 

Rider sign-in begins at 9:30 at the Rice Mansion Inn, 16 West Main Street. 

4 Canadian teams will be competing as well as a number of Canadian riders on non-canadian teams.


It is also rumoured that Kelly Benefits Strategies will try to get a last minute entry.  The team had had plans, for the weekend, that included racing in France which is now skuttled by the cancellation of flights to Europe.


Start list


Trek Livestrong U23
2 Cody Campbell (Can)
3 Alex Dowsett (GBr)
4 Benjamin King (Aus)
5 Julian Kyer (USA)
6 Thimothy Roe (Aus)
7 Jesse Sergent (NZl)
8 Justin Williams (USA)
DS Kevin Field
Axel Merckx
Rapha Condor - Sharp
11 Kristian House (GBr)
12 Mathew Cronshaw (GBr)
13 Dean Downing (GBr)
14 Jonathan Tiernan-Lock (GBr)
15 Darren Lapthorne (Aus)
16 Zakkari Dempster (Aus)
17 Dean Windsor (Aus)
18 Tom Southam (GBr)
DS John Herety
Fly V Australia
21 Hayden Brooks (Aus)
22 Jonathan Cantwell (Aus)
23 Benjamin Day (Aus)
24 Charles Dionne (Can)
25 David Kemp (Aus)
26 Aaron Kemps (Aus)
27 Bernard Sulzberger (Aus)
28 David Tanner (Aus)
29 Jay Robert Thomson (RSA)
DS Edward Beamon
Bahati Foundation
31 Floyd Landis (USA)
32 Bobby Lea (USA)
33 Jason Donald (USA)
34 Matthew Rice (Aus)
35 Alex Hagman (USA)
36 Lanell Rockmore (USA)
DS Steve Owens
Team Type 1
41 Fabio Calabria (Aus)
42 Joe (Charles) Eldridge (USA)
43 William Dugan (USA)
44 Thomas Rabou (Ned)
45 Martijn Verschoor (Ned)
46 Kenneth Hanson (USA)
DS Michael Carter
Mountain Khakis Fueled By Jittery Joes
51 Joey Rosskopf (USA)
52 Adam Myerson (USA)
53 Scott Tietzel (USA)
54 Matt Cooke (USA)
55 Eric Schildge (USA)
56 Oscar Clark (USA)
57 Neil Bezdek (USA)
58 Mark Hekman (USA)
DS Jason Snow
Jamis - Sutter Home
61 Alejandro Alberto Borrajo (Arg)
62 Nick Frey (USA)
63 James Driscoll (USA)
64 Andy Guptill (USA)
65 Demis Aleman (Arg)
66 Guido Emanuel Palma (Arg)
67 Jackie Simes (USA)
68 Andres Pereyra (Arg)
69 Tyler Wren (USA)
DS Sebastian Alexandre
Spidertech Powered By Planet Energy
71 Andrew Randell (Can)
72 Eric Boily (Can)
73 Mark Batty (Can)
74 Charly Vives (Can)
75 Simon Lambert-Lemay (Can)
76 Ryan Roth (Can)
DS Josee Larocque
Kenda Presented By Gear Grinder
81 Stefano Barberi (Bra)
82 Phil Gaimon (USA)
83 Robert Bush (USA)
84 Nicholas Keough (USA)
85 Jacob Rytlewski (USA)
86 Jonathan Sundt (USA)
87 Nick Waite (USA)
88 Scottie Weiss (USA)
89 Luca Damiani (Ita)
DS Frankie Andreu
Jetfuel Coffee
91 Kevin Hazzard (Can)
92 Peter Morse (Can)
93 Michael Mitchnick (Can)
94 Ryan Aitcheson (Can)
95 David Byer (Can)
96 Giuseppe Giuliano (Can)
97 Chris Freeland (Can)
DS Alex Sanna
Enrico Traini
Holowesko Partners U23
101 Caleb Fairly (USA)
102 Alex Howes (USA)
103 Lachlan Morton (Aus)
104 Peter Salon (USA)
105 Walker Savidge (USA)
106 Taylor Shelden (USA)
107 Rob Squire (USA)
108 Daniel Summerhill (USA)
109 Nick Walker (Aus)
DS Chann Mcrae
111 Joshua Dillon (USA)
112 Justin Lindine (USA)
113 Stephen Weller (USA)
114 Thom Coupe (USA)
115 Dan Timmerman (USA)
116 Luke Keough (USA)
117 Jerome Townsend (USA)
118 William Goodfellow (Can)
DS Todd Nordblom
Crca-Axa Equitable Cycling Team
121 Michael Mathis (USA)
122 Michael Margarite (USA)
123 Clayton Barrows (USA)
124 Peter Hurst (USA)
125 Colin Jaskiewicz (USA)
126 Daniel Zmolik (Cze)
127 John Loehner (USA)
128 John Minturn (USA)
129 Jake Hollenbach (USA)
DS Michael Sherry
Metlife Powered By Gosolar
131 Brad Sheehan (USA)
132 Gabriel Lloyd (USA)
133 Austin Roach (USA)
134 Nicholas Bennette (USA)
135 Alexander Bremer (USA)
136 William Elliston (USA)
137 Ryan Fleming (USA)
138 Peter Bell (USA)
DS Corey A Masson
141 Mark Walters (Can)
142 Derrek Ivey (Can)
143 Justin Steeds (Can)
144 Ryan Dewald (USA)
145 Charly Bryer (Can)
146 Adam Farabaugh (USA)
147 Benjamin Martel (Can)
148 Jordan Cheyne (Can)
149 Christian Deshaies (Can) 
DS Mirek Mazur
Wheelhouse Racing
151 Alec Donahue (USA)
152 Mukunda Feldman (USA)
153 Matthew Mainer (USA)
154 Adam Sullivan (USA)
155 Eric Tremble (USA)
156 Nathaniel Ward (USA)
DS Nathaniel Ward
Haymarket Bicycles-Homevisit
161 Jared Nieters (USA)
162 Chip Hoover (USA)
163 Christopher Schmidt (USA)
164 Stephen Cummings (USA)
165 Charles Hutcheson (USA)
166 Michael Githens (USA)
167 Stephen Tilford (USA)
168 Andrew Olson (USA)
DS Curtis Prosser
Terry Anderson
171 Kevin Wolfson (USA)
172 Robbie King (USA)
173 Emerson Oronte (USA)
174 Stephen (Vinny) Scalia (USA)
175 Todd Yezefski (USA)
176 John Hanson (USA)
177 Jonathan Bruno (USA)
DS Jonathan Bruno
Ride With Rendall Can
181 Aaron Fillion (Can)
182 Greg Reain (Can)
183 Nathan Underwood (Can)
184 Casey Roth (Can)
185 Chris Reid (Can)
186 Jim Tsilemos (Can)
DS Jason Cheney
Garneau-Club Chaussures
191 Derrick St-John (Can)
192 Jeff Schiller (Can)
193 Evan Mundy (Can)
194 Joel Dion Poitras (Can)
195 Jean Sebastien Perron (Can)
196 Andrew Lattimore (Can)
197 Jean-Francois Racine (Can)
DS Christian Ledu
CCB Wheelworks
201 Amos Brumble (USA)
202 Dylan Mcnicholas (USA)
203 Cameron Cogburn (USA)
204 Timothy Mitchell (USA)
205 Aliksandr (Sasha) Bialiauski (Blr)
206 Yahor Buben (Blr)
DS Steve Pucci
Champion Systems Racing
211 Rodney Santiago (Pur)
212 Igor Volshteyn (USA)
213 Sean Melcher (USA)
214 Cory Burns (USA)
215 Peter Bradshaw (USA)
216 Stephen Keeping (Can)
217 Keck Baker (USA)
DS Andrew Kozak


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