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October 27/10 11:36 am - Burnaby Velodrome News

Posted by Editoress on 10/27/10

Call for Volunteers

Hi Everyone, my name is Nathan MacDonald, and I have spent the last 4 years racing for Trek Red Truck Racing. I am also nearing the completion of my Kinesiology major, and am undertaking a project that is based on a British Medical Journal's study. I am studying cyclists femur lengths, to determine if the riders' strengths can be determined from their femur length (ie. Sprinter, Time trialist, etc.). The measurements should take less than 5 minutes to complete (a height, leg -trochanterion- and lower leg -tibiale laterale- length measurement). We are looking for male cyclists of all ability, and we will be at the track on Wednesday November 3rd from 530 until 10 and Friday November 5th from 630 until 10.

I would greatly appreciate if you can spare a few minutes for my study,

Nathan MacDonald

If you have any questions about this study you can contact me at

Friday Night Racing
While Mike Sidic, Jesse Reams and Erik Mulder took the firsts in the A-group, Jeff Ain still has a nice lead in the points total with his consistent finishing in the top five.

In the B-group Aidan Caves continues to have consistent results and leads the group. Trailing a bit but still with a large gap on the rest of the field is Steve Grandy who seems to improve each week.

In the C group Josh Williams and Albert Dunford lead the points with very close numbers. Darcy Reno, Rob Warren and Tristan Hughes are not that far behind though.



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