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November 28/11 15:59 pm - CCA Responds to Confirmed Agreda Positive

Posted by Editor on 11/28/11

The Canadian Cycling Association (CCA) has been advised by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) that a participant in the Québec Provincial Road Race Championships held on August 28, 2011, Miguel Agreda, has been sanctioned for the use of the banned substance EPO. While Mr. Agreda chose to disclose his situation as early as October 21, 2011 in a blog on a popular website, the Canadian Cycling Association had to await the formal resolution of the matter before commenting on the matter.

John Tolkamp, President of the Canadian Cycling Association noted: "This recent second case of doping highlights the need for continued vigilance. We must be vigilant, not only in exposing those who cheat, but also in continuing to build a culture where short cuts in performance are not even contemplated. Mr. Agreda's behavior is appalling and no confession lessens the travesty he committed against fair play, fellow competitors and his team."

Of equal concern to the Canadian Cycling Association is the fact that this doping infraction was in a provincial race by a 35 year old rider who is racing at a level below national. "It is disconcerting to learn that any rider would resort to doping but even harder to comprehend at this level," said CCA Chief Executive Officer and Secretary General Greg Mathieu. "Cheaters need to know that the Canadian Cycling Association and CCES are collaborating to ensure testing at all levels and types of races. This example of catching a cheater at a provincial event is indicative of the level of resolve we have to rid our sport of doping and those that support such practices."

The Canadian Cycling Association remains firmly and adamantly opposed to all forms of doping and has taken strong measures to monitor, test and educate athletes in the sport.

The Canadian Cycling Association once again urges any persons with knowledge of doping activities to contact the CCES via confidential email at or call 1-800-672-CCES to discuss this in further detail.

In accordance with the Canadian Anti-doping Policy the CCES has imposed a two-year ban from competition on Mr. Agreda. He also receives a lifetime ban from receiving Sport Canada funding.


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