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May 9/12 23:45 pm - Midweek Cycling Club Criterium

Posted by Editoress on 05/9/12

Midweek Cycling Club Criterium Race, Tuesday May 8th in Mississauga Ontario

A slightly windy, warm evening was on tap for our racers tonight. As will be the case until September, Midweek queued up a pair of races. The first was an orderly 30-minute effort that ended with a nice breakaway. Congrats go to Jason Grosse from Real Deal/LaBicicletta who won his first race with us. Second was Richard Westwood from Kurzawinski Coach, and Candice Vermeulen continues to impress with a third place showing (Candice was second last week).

The top five in the first race were stacked as follows:

1 Jason Grosse (Real Deal/LaBiccicletta) 32:30
2 Richard Westwood, (Kurzawinski Coach)
3 Candice Vermulen (FCV/Invita)
4 Elliot Horwitz (Erace Cancer)
5 Colin Engel (Real Deal/LaBicciletta), all st.

Second Race

About halfway through the 1 hour race, a well staffed breakaway formed that lapped the field. The break included the first 8 of the top 10 finishers (see list below). Midweek sprinted the pack first. The finish was very close and won by Victor Pwu of Wheels of Bloor, with Kurzawinski Coach's Andy D'Angelo and Mark Palma close behind.

The Breakaway sprint was as dispersed as the fragments of a hand grenade. Winner Rob D'Amico from Wheels of Bloor made it look much easier than it was. He coasted across the line, sitting up from 100 meters back. Wheels of Bloor teammate, Chris Firek, was not far behind. Third, but coming on strong, was Stan Blazek, from Kurzawinski Coach. Because it was so spread out, this was an easy sprint to score - thanks guys! Top 10 results below:

1 Rob D'Amico, (Wheels of Bloor), 1:05:51
2 Chris Firek (Wheels of Bloor)
3 Stan Blazek (Kurzawinski Coach)
4 Peter Morse, (Octto-Cervelo)
5 Ian Scott, Wheels of Bloor)
6 Yuri Hrycaj (Octto-Cervelo)
7 Brent Aquino (Team Zuck)
8 David Byer (Octto-Cervelo), all s.t.
9 Victor Pwu (Wheels of Bloor), 1:06:27
10 Andy D'Angelo (Kurzawinski Coach) s.t.

As always, we do our best to score the finish as accurately as possible. If you have evidence that the order is incorrect, please let us know.

Bob Haufler, Midweek Cycling Club


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