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July 6/12 23:34 pm - Para-Cycling Road World Cup Finals, Baie-Comeau, ITT results

Posted by Editoress on 07/6/12

Five Canadians Seal UCI World Cup Titles In Baie-Comeau

Time Trials featured on opening day of UCI World Cup Finals

Baie-Comeau is playing host the 2012 UCI Para-Cycling Road World Cup Finals, and Canada excelled on the day that featured the time trials with 10 medals.

In doing so, five Canadians today sealed the prestigious White Jersey, awarded to the leader of the World Cup Finals. Marie-Eve Croteau (T2), Shelley Gautier (T1), the tandem of Robbi Weldon and Lyne Bessette (WB) as well as Marie-Claude Molnar (C4). Today, thanks to his victory, Robert Labbé (H1) is now the new leader of the H1 category and will seal the victory tomorrow.

In the tightly contested Men’s C4 race, Calgary’s Jaye Milley had the best time of the 25.9-kilometre course, showing a 12.69 seconds lead over his Canadian teammate Brayden McDougall, also from Calgary.

“The time trials today went very well for me. I brought my A-game and was ready to destroy the course. I came out on top. The progression in the past few weeks has been phenomenal for me, and I am stepping up to the challenge, and hope to go the Games,” said Milley, who was second last week at the Canadian Road Championships just last week.

“I came home from Europe, and did a lot of training at home, and it’s paying off for me. At Nationals last week I had a great race and was lucky to work with Arnold Boldt. I fought him to the line and gave it everything I had.”

Marie-Claude Molnarrode solo in the Women’s C4 race, posting a time of 28:34.28 and secured the jersey.

In the tandem races, Canada’s medal-winning squad of Robbi Weldon and Lyne Bessette won the category against their teammate Geneviève Ouellet and Emily Roy, and also secured the coveted World Cup jersey.

Daniel Chalifourand Alexandre Cloutier, Canada’s top ranked men tandem in seventh place of the World Cup standings, took the top prize in today’s race and in doing so improved their rank to third place, and could take the fifth World Cup jersey with a win on Sunday.

Canadian champion Mark Ledo raced to the first place in the H3 race, in front of Polish cyclist Rafal Wilk. Ledo jumped from the sixth to the third place in the overall standings, and could easily take the second place of the overall standings, behind Wilk, the current leader of the standings.

In the tricycle category, Marie-Eve Croteau (T2) took the victory in her category, and in doing so sealed the UCI World Cup leaders’ jersey. Croteau completed the 8.6-km lap in 17:47.59, the fastest time of the day.

“I am very pleased to be able to defend my title,” said Croteau, who also won the title last year. “I had no stress last year. This year I had to defend. I did the training, and I took it one race at a time this season. It is going very well. I do all my training sessions, I take care of business. The Paralympic Games are arriving in a month. I'll take the next few weeks to rest at home. From August 1, I'll get back into training and work to prepare for the Games. The progression this season is going really well. We worked on technical points and the results are following.”

Shelley Gautier, alone in the T1 race, posted a time of 22:45.27 and also sealed the World Cup title with her performance.

There were a total of six Canadians who raced their career first World Cup race today. Myriam Adam racing in the Women’s Handcycle (H3) race, Louis-Albert Corriveau-Jolin in the Men Tricycle (T2) race, Dominique Mainguy in the Women’s Tricycle (T2) race, Charles Moreau in the Men’s Handcycle (H3); Simon Harrington in the Men’s Handcycle (H3) race and Nicole Clermont in the Women Cycle (C5).

There are 45 competitors from eight nations racing in these World Cup finals, with 21 para-cyclists coming from Canada either racing as independent or with the Canadian Team.

The road races will be held tomorrow for the handcyclists (H) and for the tricyclists (T), while the cyclists (C) and tandems (B) will compete in their road races on Sunday, along with the team relay race.

The race in Baie-Comeau is organized by Paramanic International, the same organizing committee who organized the 2010 Para-cycling Road World Championships and the 2011 UCI Para-Cycling Road World Cup Finals.


Tricycle, Women
1 Shelley Gautier (WT1 Canada) 22:45.27
1 Marie-Eve Croteau (WT2 Canada) 17:47.59
2 Dominique Mainguy (WT2 Canada) at 4:53.50
Handcycle, Men
1 Robert Labbé (MH1 Canada )38:56.78
2 Anthony Pederferri (MH1 USA) at 1:25.69
1 Walter Abkinger (MH2 Austria)  29:38.97
2 William Lachenauer (MH2 USA) at 5.35
3 Mark Beggs (MH2 Canada) 2:04.58
4 Charles Moreau (MH2 Independant) 2:06.69
5 Rico Morneau (MH2 Canada) 2:42.66
1 Mark Ledo (MH3 Canada) 28:39.85
2. Rafal Wilk (MH3 Poland) at 32.06
3 Simon Harrington (MH3 Independant) 4:30.20
Cycle, Women
1 Marie-Claude Molnar (WC4 Canada) 28:39.24
Cycle, Men
1 Jaye Milley (MC1 Canada) 30:14.88
2 Brayden McDougal (MC1 Canada) at 12.62
3 Georg Schwab (MC1 Austria) 31.19
1 Aaron Keith (MC2 Independant) 26:26.87
2 Arnold Boldt (MC2 Canada) at 2:26.49
3 Matthieu Parent (MC2 Canada) 3:45.61
Tandem, Women
1 Weldon/Bessette (Canada), 38:54.34
2 Ouellete/Roy (Canada) at 1:17.72
Tandem, Men
1 Chalifour/ Cloutier (Canada), 33:14.62
2  Rachfal/Swanson  (USA) at 50.36
3 Carrier/Dionne (Canada), 1:51.20

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