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October 29/12 18:34 pm - John Henry Bikes Store Partners with Norco

Posted by Editoress on 10/29/12

Locally owned John Henry Bikes announced Monday that after more than 20 years, owners John Henry and Willie Cromack will be retiring from the bicycle retail business. Norco and John Henry Bikes have been partners and family for this entire time, and recently made it official with their formal partnership store, Norco John Henry Bikes.

New ownership will be LTP Sports Group Inc., distributors of Norco Bicycles. Company president John Williams confirmed that John Henry Bikes is the premier cycling store on Vancouver's North Shore, and will continue to operate as Norco John Henry Bikes. "As a part of the Norco Partnership program, LTP Sports has invested in the John Henry brand and culture. John Henry, Willie and key staff confirmed their wishes for the store to continue to be an exclusive partner of LTP Sports Group."

Rooted firmly on the North Shore, John Henry Bikes has built a tremendous loyalty among customers and friends that reach far beyond their immediate area. The LTP Sports Group president further commented that, "The store is a destination, and we are truly grateful for everything that the Cromack family has done to grow a successful business promoting cycling, family fitness and cycling culture."

Norco Bicycles VP Sales and Marketing, Skip Swain added, "John Henry has set the bar for customer service standards and we're looking forward to building on these traditions."

Independent Bicycle Dealers are the cornerstone of Norco's business and he adds, "their success is our success. Our goal is to work with leading IBDs to build the Norco Bicycle brand. Each store works tirelessly to build relationships and advocacy in their communities, participation in cycling events and taking a leadership role for small business and healthy living ... there's no doubt John Henry and Willie are some of the best."

After more than 20 seasons selling bikes, helping customers, leading out Sunday morning group rides and reveling in a spirited English premier league rivalry between father and son (Manchester United vs. Liverpool), John Henry is looking forward to the change, that may still include the occasional store visit. "Having watched the cycling boom take place over the last 20 years I am proud to have been a part of this industry," he says. "I am excited about taking my bikes on some long trips, continuing to be a part of events and our cycling club and to enjoy watching the riding community continue to grow. It has been a wonderful ride and our family is thrilled with the legacy we are leaving behind."

Willie Cromack is also excited about the next stage for him and his family. "After 21 years in the bike industry and building wonderful relationships through John Henry Bikes, my Dad, Mum and I are looking forward to the future. We are so proud to have been a part of this phenomenal community and to have been able to contribute. We look forward to seeing the legacy continue. I am personally excited about dedicating more time to our Escape Adventures Camps for kids, our charitable enterprise CYCLE4:What Matters Foundation, our media arm FMG and whatever fresh challenges come our way. Ultimately we are proud that we can see John Henry Days, Bike for Humanity's Uganda project, our rides across Canada, our local trail projects and so many more things John Henry Bikes has touched continue on and flourish. The bike community will continue and we are excited to see what the next level of John Henry Bikes can be."

John Williams closed by adding, "we really want to again, thank the Cromack family and the John Henry customers and assure everyone, that other than a few enhancements to the store, it will be business as usual. Customers will see the same familiar faces and the same best in class products available through our other excellent dealers and partners."


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