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December 17/13 19:11 pm - Vuelta Kolbi of Costa Rica: Stage 1 results, Lachance 2nd

Posted by Editoress on 12/17/13

Results From the first stage of the Vuelta Kolbi of Costa Rica

Stage 1: Limon to Limon, 134.38 km
1 Evgeny Kovalev (Rus) RusVelo 2:57:29
2 Jean-Michel Lachance (Can) For The Planet
3 Yasmany Martinez (Cub) Cuban National Team
4 Juan Juarez (Mex) Canel’s Turbo Team
5 Juan Mata (CRc) Agricenter Coronado Hotel Los Lagos all s.t.
6 Carlos Brenes (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-Powerade 2:24
7 Carlos Villalobos (CRc) Coopenae-Movistar-Economy
8 Jose Irias (CRc) Frijoles Los Tierniticos
9 Anton Varabei (Can) For The Planet
10 Gregory Brenes (CRc) Coopenae-Movistar-Economy
11 Elias Vega (CRc) JPS-Giant
12 Fabricio Quiros (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-Powerade all s.t.
13 Alexander Serov (Rus) RusVelo 2:26
14 Julio Padilla (Gua) Guatemalan National Team
15 Jose Bonilla (CRc) Coopenae-Movistar-Economy
16 Artur Ershov (Rus) RusVelo
17 Alejandro Padilla (Gua) Guatemalan National Team
18 Mauricio Robayo (Col) Colombia Fr
19 Bryan Salas (CRc) Olman Ramirez-SRAM
20 Andres Alpizar (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-Powerade
21 Lisnandy Alonso (Cub) Cuban National Team
22 Jose Valera (CRc) Olman Ramirez-SRAM
23 Rodolfo Villalobos (CRc) JPS-Giant
24 Juan Rojas (CRc) JPS-Giant
25 Juan Fallas (CRc) Frijoles Los Tierniticos
26 Alexander Sanchez (CRc) Coopenae-Movistar-Economy
27 Roberto Jimenez (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-Powerade
28 Erick Soto (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-Powerade
29 Bryan Villalobos (CRc) Agricenter Coronado Hotel Los Lagos
30 Gavriel Epstein (Can) For The Planet
31 Cesar Rojas (CRc) Frijoles Los Tierniticos
32 Kenneth Benavides (CRc) Olman Ramirez-SRAM
33 Juan Araya (CRc) Agricenter Coronado Hotel Los Lagos
34 Felix Araya (CRc) Frijoles Los Tierniticos
35 Romel Morales (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-Powerade
36 Joseph Chavarria (CRc) JPS-Giant
37 Issac Morera (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-Powerade
38 Jonathan Sandoval (Mex) Canel’s Turbo Team
39 Vladimir Fernandez (CRc) Olman Ramirez-SRAM
40 Hiram Perez (Mex) Canel’s Turbo Team
41 Miguel Cendales (Col) Colombia Fr
42 Mainor Rojas (CRc) Frijoles Los Tierniticos
43 Dennis Raabe (CRc) Olman Ramirez-SRAM
44 Pablo Arce (CRc) Agricenter Coronado Hotel Los Lagos
45 Brayan Rios (Gua) Guatemalan National Team
46 Bryan Sanchez (CRc) Olman Ramirez-SRAM
47 Yerson Sanchez (Col) Colombia Fr
48 Bladimir Gonzales (Col) Colombia Fr
49 Yennier Lopez (Cub) Cuban National Team
50 Harold Esquivel (CRc) Frijoles Los Tierniticos
51 Juan Marin (CRc) JPS-Giant
52 Jose Arce (CRc) JPS-Giant
53 Ryan Roth (Can) For The Planet
54 Pedro Sibila (Cub) Cuban National Team
55 Leonid Krasnov (Rus) RusVelo
56 Carlos Lopez (Mex) Canel’s Turbo Team
57 Fredy Malaver (Col) Colombia Fr
58 Jaime Ramirez (Col) Colombia Fr
59 Manuel Rodas (Gua) Guatemalan National Team
60 Paul Betancourt (CRc) Coopenae-Movistar-Economy
61 Marconi Duran (CRc) Coopenae-Movistar-Economy
62 Jans Arias (Cub) Cuban National Team
63 Dorian Monterroso (Gua) Guatemalan National Team
64 Walter Escobar (Gua) Guatemalan National Team
65 Nieves Carrasco (CRc) Agricenter Coronado Hotel Los Lagos
66 Julien Gagné (Can) For The Planet
67 Ivan Kovalev (Rus) RusVelo
68 Sergey Klimou (Rus) RusVelo all s.t.
69 Gilbert Tencio (CRc) Frijoles Los Tierniticos 2:46
70 Jose Vega (CRc) JPS-Giant 2:24
71 Emilio Molina (CRc) Olman Ramirez-SRAM s.t.
72 Henry Raabe (CRc) Coopenae-Movistar-Economy 2:24
73 Francisco Gonzalez (Gua) Guatemalan National Team 13:56
74 Harvin Reyes (CRc) Agricenter Coronado Hotel Los Lagos 20:56
75 Luis Alvarez (CRc) Agricenter Coronado Hotel Los Lagos
76 Étienne Samson (Can) For The Planet
77 Jose Mojica (Cub) Cuban National Team
78 Eduardo Anguiano (Mex) Canel’s Turbo Team all s.t.
79 Agustin Martinez (Cub) Cuban National Team 30:12
Team GC
1 For The Planet 8:57:17
2 RusVelo at 0:02
3 Agricenter Coronado Hotel Los Lagos
4 Cuban National Team
5 Canel’s Turbo Team all s.t.
6 Coopenae-Movistar-Economy 2:24
7 BCR-Pizza Hut-Powerade s.t.
8 JPS-Giant 2:26
9 Frijoles Los Tierniticos s.t.
10 Olman Ramirez-SRAM 2:28
11 Guatemalan National Team
12 Colombia Fr both s.t.


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