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July 23/16 23:32 pm - Cascade Classic: Women stage 4, Whitten still leading

Posted by Editoress on 07/23/16

Tara Whitten (The Cyclery Opus) continues to lead after the fourth stage in Bend, Oregon

Stage 4: Downtown Criterium
1 Kimberly Wells (Colavita/Bianchi) 0:47:34
2 Carmen Small (Cylance Pro Cycling)
3 Sara Bergen (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosiac Homes)
4 Mia Manganello (Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling)
5 Tara Whitten (The Cyclery Opus)
6 Jessica Prinner (Rally Cycling)
7 Alison Jackson (TWENTY16Ride Biker) all s.t.
8 Starla Teddergreen (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano-Special) 0:02
9 Mandy Heintz (Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling)
10 Alexandra Burton (The Happy Tooth Pro Cycling)
11 Laura Jorgensen ( p/b Felt)
12 Carrie Cartmill (The Cyclery Opus)
13 Sara Poidevin (Rally Cycling)
14 Kristin Armstrong (TWENTY16Ride Biker)
15 Leah Thomas (TWENTY16Ride Biker)
16 Kate Buss (The Happy Tooth Pro Cycling)
17 Mikayla Maier (Portland Bicycle Studio)
18 Monica Volk (The Happy Tooth Pro Cycling)
19 Denise Ramsden (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosiac Homes) all s.t.
20 Allison Whitney (Colavita/Bianchi) 0:06
21 Jessica Cutler (Colavita/Bianchi)
22 Caitlin Laroche (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano-Special)
23 Krista Doebel-Hickok (Cylance Pro Cycling)
24 Caroline Mani (The Happy Tooth Pro Cycling)
25 Allie Dragoo (TWENTY16Ride Biker)
26 Kaitlin Antonneau (TWENTY16Ride Biker)
27 Sofia Arreola (TWENTY16Ride Biker)
28 Beth Ann Orton (Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling)
29 Erica Clevenger ( p/b Felt)
30 Stephanie Roorda (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosiac Homes)
31 Melinda Mccutcheon (Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling)
32 Amy Cameron (Folsom Bike/Trek)
33 Brenna Wrye-Simpson (Portland Bicycle Studio)
34 Lauretta Hanson (Colavita/Bianchi)
35 Jen Luebke (Portland Bicycle Studio)
36 Alizee Brien (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano-Special)
37 Justine Clift (The Cyclery Opus)
38 Gray Patton ( p/b Felt)
39 Julie Emmerman (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano-Special)
40 Diane Moug (Folsom Bike/Trek)
41 Sara Bird (Folsom Bike/Trek) all s.t.
The following riders did not receive a placing
Elizabeth Hernandez (Colavita/Bianchi)
Kathryn Donovan (Colavita/Bianchi)
Emma Grant (Colavita/Bianchi)
Jannalyn Luttrell (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano-Special)
Anne Perry (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano-Special)
Hanna Muegge (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano-Special)
Julia Gieschen (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano-Special)
Kate Sherwin (The Happy Tooth Pro Cycling)
Marie-Soleil Blais (The Happy Tooth Pro Cycling)
Amanda Miller (Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling)
Nina Laughlin (Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling)
Sara Tussey (Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling)
Breanne Nalder (Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling)
Tarah Cole ( p/b Felt)
Katherine Salthouse ( p/b Felt)
Jenna Stauffer ( p/b Felt)
Stefanie Sydlik ( p/b Felt)
Courteney Lowe ( p/b Felt)
Sara Enders (Folsom Bike/Trek)
Aliya Traficante (Folsom Bike/Trek)
Melanie Wong (Folsom Bike/Trek)
Illi Gardner (Folsom Bike/Trek)
Helena Coney (Fresh Air Athena)
Marina Shea-Aspen (Fresh Air Athena)
Lori Nedescu (Fresh Air Athena)
Meghan Lemiski (Fresh Air Athena)
Shannon Malseed (Fresh Air Athena)
Emily Jordan (Fresh Air Athena)
Nicole Pressprich (Portland Bicycle Studio)
Erica Allar (Rally Cycling)
Hannah Ross (Rally Cycling)
Catherine Ouellette (Rally Cycling)
Suzanne Hamilton (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosiac Homes)
Leah Guloien (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosiac Homes)
Ellen Watters (The Cyclery Opus)
Hannah Van Kampen (The Cyclery Opus)
Kathryn Bertine (Cylance Pro Cycling)
Erica Zaveta (Cylance Pro Cycling)
Morgan Cabot (Glotman Simpson Cycling)
Emma Lujan (Glotman Simpson Cycling)
Michele Schaeffer (Glotman Simpson Cycling)
Monica Manca (Glotman Simpson Cycling)
Manuela Escobar Jaramillo (Glotman Simpson Cycling)
1 Tara Whitten (The Cyclery Opus) 9:41:07
2 Carmen Small (Cylance Pro Cycling) at 0:21
3 Leah Thomas (TWENTY16Ride Biker) 0:42
4 Kristin Armstrong (TWENTY16Ride Biker) 0:49
5 Melinda Mccutcheon (Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling) 1:25
6 Allie Dragoo (TWENTY16Ride Biker) 1:39
7 Kaitlin Antonneau (TWENTY16Ride Biker) 1:47
8 Alison Jackson (TWENTY16Ride Biker) 2:20
9 Jen Luebke (Portland Bicycle Studio) 2:47
10 Jessica Prinner (Rally Cycling) 3:01
11 Sara Bergen (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosiac Homes) 3:06
14 Sara Poidevin (Rally Cycling) 4:48
16 Morgan Cabot (Glotman Simpson Cycling) 4:08



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