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May 3/01 9:13 am - Mississauga Midweek Crit, Tour of the Gila, Calgary Crit Series Returns

Posted by Editoress on 05/3/01

LaBicicletta Midweek Series 2001
Courtesy Peter McCaffery

Event #3 01/05/02 Points Race (Handicap Start), 45.1 km
Time: 1-01-12 Av. Speed: 44.22 kph
Hershey Centre

NameTeamCategorySeries PointsPoints
Andrew RandallSevcn12412
Peter MorseGO1511
Dave AnthonyCervelo3310
Barry ReidMaple Leaf139
Roy ZucchettoPavanMB28
Jamie SproulePeterborough327
Greg ReainGears216
Jeff HansenItal Pasta115
Heath CockburnSympatico114
Marcel ZierfussRacer Sportif3(6th. in final sprint)3

Buck Miller of St. Catharines got 10 points but these were gained after he had been lapped by Randall and managed to draft him for the balance of the race. 87 starters a record for May!

The Hershey Way is continuing to split the race up completely. Once the 1-2 group caught the others, after 4 laps, and Andrew Randall eased off the front to do a solo ride, only ten of the rest were able to keep him in sight. Most of the 1-2 riders were in a bunch that finished about 2.5 minutes down. The rest of the starters were spread all around the circuit in small groups.

As the weeks pass and riders get more adept at handling the 6 turns and as the general fitness level improves, there will be more able to stay towards the front of the race, but I don't think we'll see many of the large bunch finishes we used to get at Airport Park. In many ways this is a far safer course.

Thanks to our new marshall for a sterling job and to those who thoughtfully piled some of the conesaftr the event. ONLY FOUR WEEKS TO THE SECOND ANNUAL DOWNSVIEW CRITERIUM. SEE YOUR DENTIST NOW!

Tour of the Gila - New Mexico, USA

Stage 1- Tyrone TT 15.7 miles

1 Scott Moninger (Mercury) 34:46
2 Eric Wohlberg (Saturn) at 0:36
3 Doug Ziewa (7-Up/Colorado Cycl) 1:16
4 Clark Sheehan (7-Up/Colorado Cycl) 1:28
5 Matt DeCanio (Saturn) 1:37
6 Phil Zajicek (Mercury) 1:38
7 John Lieswyn (7-Up/Colorado Cycl) 1:50
8 Trent Klasna (Saturn) 1:52
9 Scott Price (Landis/Trek/VW) 1:58
10 Michael Creed (Prime Alliance) 2:05

14 Svein Tuft (Broadmark Capital) 2:53
60 Gord Fraser (Mercury) 4:57

1 Genevieve Jeanson (Rona Cycling Team) 38:46
2 Kimberly Bruckner (Saturn) 1:12
3 Lyne Bessette (Saturn) 1:30
4 Anna Millward (Saturn) 1:59
5 Sarah Ulmer (Autotrader:com Cyc) 2:40
6 Elizabeth Emery (Intersports) 2:41
7 Jessica Phillips (Intersports) 2:55
8 Kristy Scrymgeour (Saturn) 3:07
9 Katrina Berger ( 3:18
10 Pam Schuster (Autotrader:com) 3:25

19 Manon Jutras (Rona Cycling Team) 5:04
24 Leah Goldstein 5:32

29 Ruthie Matthes (Intersports) 6:18
30 Amy Jarvis (Rona Cycling Team) 6:19
40 Nicole Demars ( 6:51
44 Sophie St: Jacques (Volkswagen) 7:12

47 Catherine Marsal (Intersports) 7:42
49 Stacey Spencer (Proctor & Gamble) 7:53
52 Marg Fedyna (Bow / CMC) 8:05
53 Chloe Black (Intersports) 8:06

Intersports Race Report - Tour of the Gila Stage 1

The Intersports Cycling Team began the Tour of the Gila today resplendent in their new baby blue and yellow team uniforms by Castelli! The first stage of this mountainous tour was a 15 mile time trial. The Intersports girls, including guest rider Ruthie Mathes of mountain bike legend, were keen to get into action sporting their new threads. Needless to say, the competition was tough today in Silver City NM, as the North American Dream Team was on hand. Saturn with star climbers Lyne Bessette and Kim Bruckner, not to mention world number 1 Anna Milward, were anxious to displace Genevieve Jeanson and her Rona squad as well as (who is in a somewhat injury depleted state).

Saturn's ambitions would have to wait, as Jeanson posted an unbelievable 38:47 in the opening TT ahead of Bruckner by 1:12 and Bessette by 1:30. Intersports Elizabeth Emery and Jessica Phillips were strong in 6 and 7th respectively.

Thursday's 70 mile road race should offer more excitement with 2 fifteen second time bonuses on offer, as well as the prospect of a 7 mile mountain top finish that will stir things up. Stay tuned!

Calgary Crit Series
Courtesy Kurt Innes

The Tuesday Night Crit Races are back! The races will start on Tuesday May 8th.

B group (Cats 4,5, women) starts at 7 p.m. A group starts at 7:45 p.m. Please come early to register and get your numbers. We'll be there at 6 p.m. Cost is $10 for the season and an additional $3 per race. Or you can buy a season's pass for $39.

Points are awarded for racing, for bringing spectators and for volunteering. Extra points go to the top five finishers in each race.

If you have any questions email


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