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February 10/98 23:45 pm - New Stuff, Alberta News, Cannondale News

Posted by Editor on 02/10/98

New At the Site

We are slowly filling in the provincial calendars - B.C. and Alberta went up today. One of the things that is slowing us down is that some provincial associations have not yet sent us their calendars.

You will also notice that previously used links are now a different colour than unused ones. This has come about due to preliminary feedback from our survey (ie, people hated the fact that they could not tell which links they had already gone to!). We will continue to refine the site, based on your feedback. If you have not done so already, please take a minute to complete the survey (no one will ever call on you, and your premiums will never increase...).

Alberta News

The ABA is pleased to announce that Rent-a-Wreck is offering substantial discounts on rental vehicles to ABA licensed and general members. Rent-a-Wreck cards will be issued to each ABA member that registers during 1998. Members may use this card for cycling related or any personal needs that they may have. Information about Rent-a-Wreck's offer will be provided with the card.

Cannondale News

We just received a press release from Cannondale announcing a new product line for them - motorcycles. Yep, that‚s right, Alison Sydor and Andreas Hestler will be trading in their pedal bikes for ones with motors. You think we are joking, don‚t you? Well we are - but only about the Sydor and Hestler part (we hope). Cannondale does indeed intend to release (in their words) Cannondale branded off-road motorcycles. They say this spring, but we have heard that before; expect to maybe see something later in the season. Well, I guess if Mercedes and Porsche can do bikes, why not?


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