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July 16/01 11:53 am - Online Reg., Alberta & Ontario Results, U.S. Results

Posted by Editor on 07/16/01

Online Registration

Is now open for the Northumberland Challenge. Also, we will be adding in Spring Classic videos and Tour team jersey to the CC Store in the next 24 hours. We have been reconfiguring our secure server, so you may have had some difficulty getting in during the last few days. It has all been fixed now (fingers crossed), and you should no longer receive a message stating that our security certificate is expired.

Stampede Road Race - Calgary, Alberta
Courtesy Rob Onodera

Top finishers of the Stampede Road Race held today (July 15, 2001) outside of Okotoks, Alberta. Hosted by the Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club (CCMCC), an Alberta Bicycling Association (ABA) affiliated masters cycling club. Held under sunny to partially-cloudy conditions, 28C, 11km SE wind.

Results listed by name, club affiliation, winning time or elapsed interval.

Open Men (under 30 yrs)
1. Paul Kelly (Bow Cycle) 96km in 2:35:22
2. Bruce Copeland (Edmonton Road & Track Club) at 1:37
3. Steve Elm (Calgary Cycle) 5:25
4. Shane Rush (Velocity CC) 5:29
5. Micheal Stickland (Velocity CC) 7:47
(29 riders, 23 finishers)

Master B Men (30-39 yrs)
1. Conan Cooper (Calgary CrankMasters CC) 96km in 2:50:32
2. Phil Rayner (Independent)
3. John Gilchrist (Cafe Racers) both s.t.
4. Micheal Prinz (Singletrack ) 5:26
5. Martin Machacek (Eurotech) 7:27
(11 riders, 6 finishers)

Master B Men (40-49 yrs)
1. James Kenney (Calgary CrankMasters CC) 80km in 2:27:53
2. Tommy Mak (Calgary CrankMasters CC) at 17:00
3. Brad Barrow (Calgary CrankMasters CC) 32:07
(8 riders, 3 finishers)

Master C Men (50-59 yrs)
1. Claude Breau (Bicisport CC) 64km in 1:57:17
2. Bill Stilwell (Calgary CrankMasters CC) at 0:01
3. Stephen Sampson (Calgary CrankMasters CC) 0:02
4. Gabe Scigliano (Calgary CrankMasters CC) 3:43
5. Thomas Steenaerts (Eurotech CC) 3:44
(8 riders, 8 finishers)

Master C Women (50-59 yrs)
1. Marcy Dibbs (Edmonton Masters CC) 64km in 2:04:01
2. Linda Sinclair (Central Alberta CC) at 13:29
(2 riders, 2 finishers)

Master D Men (60-69 yrs)
1. John Bryan (Calgary CrankMasters CC) 48km in 1:21:06
2. Ian McFadden (Lethbridge Headwinds CC) at 13:50
3. Karl Waeldele (Calgary CrankMasters CC) 26:48
(3 riders, 3 finishers)

Hamilton 2001 Classic, Provincial Criterium Championships
Courtesy OCA

Ontario Cup Road Series #5
Hamilton, Ontario


Cadet (U17) MenClub40km
1Mark PozniakSt Catharines CC1:02:21Gold
2Tyler HoltzmanSt Catharines CCSilver
3Andrew WilsonNARCboth s.t.Bronze
4Adam ThussSilent Sportsat 3 laps
DNFDoug ShanklandZiggy's CC
Junior WomenClub39km
1Cydney GalbraithAsteria-Freewheel1:06:49Gold
Junior MenClub40km
1Taras KlebanHamilton CC1:01:48Gold
2Brenden HurleyD'Ornellas CCat 1 lapSilver
Scott KellyInd.DNF
Senior 3 MenClub40km
1Eric KamekaHalton R&T1:01:48
2Andrew SzafranskiTeam Hardwood at 0:18
3Shawn CranwellInd.
4Matt PyattZiggy's CC
5Jose AmaralNewmarket Eagles
6Andrew DobleTeam Hardwood
7Marty BryceD'Ornellas CC
8Trevor KokerTrue North
9Brett MaccanneilHalton R&T
10Colin MatsallaNeworld Cycle
11Tyrone SinghZiggy's CC
12Neil DignamZiggy's CC
13Shawn BenardInd.
14Sean BairdInd.
15Jeffrey TenkInd.all s.t.
16Thomas FreureSilent Sports0:34
17Chad GibbsInd.1:10
18Mike McCoughgyInd.1:30
Master A 30-39 MenClub40km
1Hans LoeffelholzLCW Merrill Lynch1:03:30Gold
2Gerard YeatesRNH Racing
3Greg CavanaghOakville CyclepathSilver
4Russell JonesSt Catharines CCBronze
5Ed MakarchukHalton R&T
6Keith PeckZiggy's CC
7Garnett AbbeyHalton R&T
8Chris KiziakHalton R&T
9Chris PatonGears Racing
10Sean ScottHamilton CC
11Dean PeddleInd.
12Greg CushingMulti Laser Racing
13David DermontTrue North
14Matthew ChaterNewmarket Eagles
15Doug RichardsPierik's Cycle
16Jeff TweedyBay City Tri-Club
17Marc PreciousInd.
18Duncan SalisburyHalton R&Tall s.t.
Master B/C/D 40+ MenClub40km
1Charlie Squires (B)LCW Merrill Lynch1:01:15Gold
2Eon D'Ornellas (B)D'Ornellas CCs.t.
3Rob Good (B)Waterloo Flying Dogsat 1:06Silver
4Chris Ford (B)Waterloo Flying DogsBronze
5Aubrey Bryce (C) D'Ornellas CCGold
6Robert Sule (B)Chain Reaction
7Marc Polsinelli (B)Pavan
8Mike Viel (B)Pavan
9Rob Cheskey (B)Hamilton CC
10Ross Morris (B)Ind.
11Fred Pepper (B)Hamilton CC
12Craig Doucet (B)LCW Merrill Lynchall s.t.
13David Harrison (B)Hamilton CCat 2 laps
14Allan Stolaryk (B)Bicycles Pluss.t.
15Donald Smith (C) St Catharines CCat 3 lapsSilver
16David Pinder (C) Brampton CCBronze
17Bill Buckley (C) Ind.
18Tim Porter (D)Ind.all s.t.Gold
19Peter Morris (C) Hamilton CCat 4 laps
Senior WomenClub40km
1Kimberley DavidgeSaturn1:06:35Gold
2Julia FarellAsteria-FreewheelSilver
3Susan Palmer-KomarHamilton CCBronze
4Amy JarvisEquipe Cycliste Rona
5Ann TurrinInd.
6Chloe BlackIntersports
7Sophia RadeckiRNH Racing
8Allyson FoxTalgoamerica.comall s.t.
9Merrill CollinsWoodbridge Italiaat 0:14
10Diana MayLCW Merrill Lynchs.t.
11Linda SimonsenOakville Cyclepath0:20
12Cara GillisLCW Merrill Lynchat 1 lap
DNFTara MulderAsteria-Freewheel
DNFMaogosha PyjorInd.
DNFSusan PortengenInd.
DNFCheryl SmitsInd.
DNFMelissa LunsteadInd.
Senior 1/2 MenClub60km
1Andrew Randell7-Up Colorado Cyclist1:24:29Gold
2Tim LefebvreSt Catharines CCat 0:04Silver
3Matthew KingsInd.0:06Bronze
4Bruno NellaInd.
5Michael MooreGears Racing
6Nathan ChownSt Catharines CC
8Patrick SheaAtlas C.S. / Ital Pastaall s.t.
9Aaron FillionInd.0:12
10Stirling McArthurGears Racing0:17
11Michael YbanezRNH Racing0:56
12Chris LechSt Catharines CC
13Michael LutherKnapps
14Enrico TrainiToronto CC
15Barry ReidMaple Leaf CC
16Roderick SmitToronto CC
17Peter SanowarRocky Mountain
18Andrew HickmanGears Racing
20Paul HornakGears Racing
21Paul RegoAtlas C.S. / Ital Pasta
22Antoine VargheseAtlas C.S. / Ital Pastaall s.t.

Tour of the Hilltowns
Courtesy VeriZon

1 Genevieve Jeanson (Rona) 2:28:45
2 Catherine Powers (CRCA Dush/Renaissance) time gap not available
3 Ann Marie Miller (CRCA/Renaissance)
4 Andrea Hannos (Verizon Wireless)
5 Laura Shuford (CYBC/Trek)

Cascade Cycling Classic - Oregon

Women's Final GC

1 Amber Neben (
2 Nicole Demars (
3 Kim Smith (
4 Sandy Espeseth (Intersports)
5 Julie Young (


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