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August 30/01 1:15 am - Mississauga Midweek Novice, Fallen Riders Memorial Race, Birthday

Posted by Editoress on 08/30/01

La Bicicletta Midweek Novice Series 2001 - Final
Courtesy Amit Ghosh and Peter Morse

Sponsors: Schwinn Canada, Trillium Foundation, City of Mississauga
Event # 14 01 08 27 Hershey Centre 37.5 km avg: 36.3 km/h
Conditions: Partly Sunny, Warm 28 deg C Wind: WSW 15 km/h

Name - Club                    Category        Time
1. Mike Rutledge                MA              1:02    
2. Malcolm Eade - D'Ornellas    MA              at 10"  
3. Morty Bryce - D'Ornellas     3               at 25"
4. Monir Taha                   3               st.
5. Gary Hirsch - Pavan          MD              st.
6. Daniel Rafique - CRCA        3               st.
7. Alex Pond                    MB              st.
8. Greg Wells                   MA              at 1:45
9. Julian Pudelsky              CAD             st.
10.Roger Chiocka                MA              at 2:00
11.John Sharpe - Midweek CC     3               st.
12.Jeff Monsinger               3               
13.Akiko Sekine                 W
14.Hein Wick                    MB      
15.Chris Balestri - Midweek CC  CAD
16.Chantal Thompson - Madonna   CADW    

26 Starters

Conditions were perfect for the final race in the Midweek
Novice Race Series. Thanks to all the sponsors and helpers including Peter McCaffery, Lorne Thompson and Peter Hurley.
Thanks to the riders and coaches from Madonna Wheelers and D'Ornellas who brought many new riders to the series. We had 107 riders (including 30 women, cadets and juniors) participate in the series this year. We hope to see you back next year either as a racer or as a helper.

Thanks to La Bicicletta, Schwinn Canada for prizes and to all the rider coaches who came out to help.

Fallen Riders Memorial Race
Courtesy Trevor Shepley

In recent years here in BC we have had the misfortune to lose several much loved and respected members of our cycling community. In an effort to keep their memories alive Cycling BC, in partnership with the Gericks Cycle women's ride and the Central Okanagan bike Riders Association, (C.O.B.R.A.), have joined together to present a fun charitable event in their honour.

All net proceeds from the entry fees will be given out in the form of bursaries for Cycling BC members attending post secondary education. There will be an essay contest judged by a “blind panel” to determine the recipients and a complete accounting of the race costs will be made available after the event to interested parties.

These races are recreational events and will not have upgrade points or cash prizes. (Remember the object here is to raise money for the bursaries)

The event will consist of two separate races, one road and one off-road. These races are suitable for riders of any ability.

Mountain bike
The off road portion will take you back to a racing format not seen in BC in recent years. Riders will compete in an uphill time trial followed shortly thereafter by a downhill time trial. Results will be combined in a points format with the winner being the person with the highest combined points total. Racers must race the same bike for both legs of the race but don't be afraid to bring out the big rig, there will be a prize for the heaviest bike pushed, pulled or dragged up the uphill.

The road event will consist of an uphill time trial up the paved access road to crystal MTN.

When: September 16/2001

Where: Crystal Mountain Ski hill, Westbank. (Just West of Kelowna)

Cost: $15

Registration: MTN bike - At the ski hill, there will be no pre reg and hence no late fees.

Road - will be at the start of the road event at the cattle guard at the bottom of the Crystal access road. Registration will be quick and easy. Non-licenses members will need to purchase a one event license for $7

MTN bike - 10-16, 17-30 and 31+ in both Mens and Womens.

Road - the will be junior, senior and masters categories in men and an open women's category. (Why not regular categories? Again, costs. We want to give as much money back as we possibly can as we think that would be the best way to honour the memories of our friends who can no longer ride with us.)

Start times

MTN bike - Registration starts at 8:30 AM with Racing starting at 9:30. Riders will leave at timed intervals in no particular order (Just present yourself at the start line when you're ready) with the last start happening at noon. There will be plenty of room for passing slower riders.

Road - Registration for the road event will start at 9:00AM with racing starting at 10:00. As in the MTN bike event, riders will leave in no particular order and will start when they present themselves. Last start will be at noon.

Food :There will be barbeque available at reasonable prices at the ski hill.

Prizes: There will be trophies and draw prizes.

This race will hopefully become an annual event and will travel around the province with different clubs hosting it and adding their own personal twist to it every year. Clubs interested in next years race can contact me at

Happy Birthday to....National Team member Geneviève Jeanson, who celebrated her 20th birthday yesterday.


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