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June 3/02 2:09 am - Bikeshevik Grand Prix (AB)

Posted by Editoress on 06/3/02

Bikeshevik Grand Prix track event Calgary, AB - June 1/2
Courtesy Alberta Cycling

While a steady downpour (at least it's rain now) has kyboshed racing today at the 5th Bikeshevik Grand Prix track meet in Calgary, plenty of fine riding took place yesterday. Special features of the event included the "cub racer" category, for riders under 17 years of age, and the Big Bro/Sis race, in which the cubs rode essentially a Keirin, but with their own individual pacers, in the form of Senior riders. The event will be used to select the Alberta Provincial team competing next month at the National Track Championships in Bromont. Special thanks to Organizer cp Walsh of the Foundation for Velo Kinetics and his fine crew of volunteers for an excellent event.


3 Kilometer
1. Marco Albinus (Bicisport)4:24.84
2. Spencer Royds (MBC/Tatonka)4:27.33
3. Jean Pierre Roy (Synergy Racing)4:32.58
1. Jenny Trew (Opus)4:18.38
2. Laura Yoisten (Colnago/Carrera)4:20.93
3. Kristina Groves (Bow Cycle/CMC)4:28.50
4. Kathy White (Jeune Cyclisme)4:37.54
5. Susan Sutherland (Synergy Racing)4:46.19
1. Bob Veroba (Bicisport)3:43.85
2. Gary Alexander (Independent)3:48.18
3. Len Conlin (Bicisport)3:48.88
4. cp Walsh (Synergy Racing)4:05.03
5. Rob Brandrick (Bicisport)4:10.88
6. Sean Huggins-Chan (Bicisport)4:14.46
7. Claude Breau (Bicisport)4:22.66
8. Reid Dalgleish (Juventus)4:24.21
9. Don Reichert (Synergy Racing)4:29.70
10. Bill Hoyne (CBTL)4:32.91
11. Greg Yanicki (Bicisport)4:36.94
12. Rob Onodera (CBTL)5:20.29
1. Andrew Davidson (Trek/VW)3:51.21
2. Philippe Abbott (Olympic Oval)3:55.57
3. Jamie Sparling (Bow Cycle/CMC)3:58.64
4. Spencer Atkinson (Olympic Oval)3:59.68
5. Cam MacKinnon (MBC/Tatonka)4:01.18
6. Kevin Bowser (Olympic Oval)4:11.47
7. Jeff Sparling (Olympic Oval)4:11.53
8. Eric Holland (Bow Cycle/CMC)4:12.03
9. Rene Regimbald (Olympic Oval)4:21.01
10. Felix Haspel (Olympic Oval)4:22.89
11. Sean Walsh (Olympic Oval)4:38.84
12. Matt Roles (Olympic Oval)4:41.84
Men - Final
1. Bob Veroba (Bicisport)4:50.61
2. Chris Bentley (Olympic Oval)5:05.19
3. Gary Alexander (Independent)5:10.57
4. Len Conlin (Bicisport)5:13.12
5. Nick Jendzjowsky (Juventus)5:15.08
6. Mike Patton (Olympic Oval)5:16.86
7. Graeme Thomson (Bicisport)5:16.99
8. Mark Knoll (Bow Cycle/CMC)5:17.00
9. Scott Williams (PVL/Forte)5:31.51
10. Rob Brandrick (Bicisport)5:34.59
11. Chris Hooper (Bicisport)5:37.74
12. Warren Ellis (Eagle Homes)5:44.43
2 Kilometer
Cub racers
1. Anthony Stadnyk (Bicisport)3:11.22
2. Danielle Kenny (Olympic Oval)3:17.41
3. Jill Walsh (Olympic Oval)3:21.08
4. Melissa Findley (Olympic Oval)3:26.10
5. Monique Sullivan (Olympic Oval)3:45.39
Junior Women
1. Lisa Bowe (Olympic Oval)2:56.17
2. Laura Brown (Olympic Oval)3:04.71
3. Rebecca Wilkinson (Synergy Racing)3:07.86
1. Barb Ferner (Olympic Oval)3:46.02
2. Brayden McDougall (Olympic Oval)3:59.18s

Devil take the hindmost
1. Chris Bentley (Olympic Oval)
2. Mike Patton (Olympic Oval)
3. Bob Veroba (Bicisport)
4. Travis Smith (Juventus)
5. Nick Jendzjowsky (Juventus)
6. Len Conlin (Bicisport)
1. Warren Ellis (Eagle Homes)
2. Marco Albinus (Bicisport)
3. Joe Shandera (Juventus)
4. Spencer Royds (MBC/Tatonka)
5. Jean Pierre Roy (Synergy Racing)
6. Brian Zarsky (Synergy Racing)
1. Gary Alexander (Independent)
2. Sean Huggins-Chan (Bicisport)
3. cp Walsh (Synergy Racing)
4. Russ Colnett (Bicisport)
5. Scott Websdale (Café Racers)
6. Rob Brandrick (Bicisport)
1. Cam MacKinnon (MBC/Tatonka)
2. Andrew Davidson (Trek/VW)
3. Spencer Atkinson (Olympic Oval)
4. Philippe Abbott (Olympic Oval)
5. Eric Holland (Bow Cycle/CMC)
6. Jamie Sparling (Bow Cycle/CMC)
1. Laura Yoisten (Colnago/Carrera)
2. Jenny Trew (Opus)
3. Kristina Groves (Bow Cycle/CMC)
4. Kathy White (Jeune Cyclisme)
5. Lisa Bowe (Olympic Oval)
6. Laura Brown (Olympic Oval)
Big Bro/Sis Race
1. Jill Walsh (Olympic Oval)
2. Danielle Kenny (Olympic Oval)
3. Anthony Stadnyk (Bicisport)
4. Melissa Findlay (Olympic Oval)
5. Monique Sullivan (Olympic Oval

Women's Sprint
1. Laura Yoisten (Colnago/Carrera)
2. Jenny Trew (Opus)
3. Lisa Bowe (Olympic Oval)
4. Susan Sutherland (Synergy Racing)
5. Kathy White (Jeune Cyclisme)
6. Laura Brown (Olympic Oval)
Junior Sprint
1. Cam MacKinnon (Mountain Bike City)
2. Spencer Atkinson (Olympic Oval)
3. Felix Haspel (Olympic Oval)
4. Eric Holland (Bow Cycle/CMC)
5. Rene Regimbald (Olympic Oval)
6. Jeff Sparling (Olympic Oval)
Master Sprint
1. Tim Caulfield (Juventus)
2. cp Walsh (Synergy Racing)
3. Scott Websdale (Café Racers)
4. Bill Hoyne (CBTL)
5. Don Reichert (Synergy Racing)
6. Norm Kalmanovitch (Bow Cycle/CMC)
Open Sprint
1. Lars Madsen (Juventus)
2. Jim Fisher (Juventus)
3. Travis Smith (Juventus)
4. Joel Regimbald (Colnago)
5. Neil Thebeau (Colnago)
6. Graeme Thomson (Bicisport)
7. Mike McCorkell (Olympic Oval)
Novice Sprint
1. Joe Shandera (Juventus)
2. Spencer Royds (MBC)
3. Jean-Pierre Roy (Synergy)
4. Marco Albinus (Bicisport)
5. Don Reichert (Synergy)
6. Brian Zarsky (Synergy)
Cub Racer Sprint
1. Monique Sullivan (Olympic Oval)
2. Jill Walsh (Olympic Oval)
3. Melissa Findley (Olympic Oval)
4. Danielle Kenny (Olympic Oval)
5. Anthony Stadnyk (Bicisport)

Novice Men
1. Joe Shandera (Juventus)10100525
2. Marcus Albinus (Bicisport)5310725
3. Spencer Royds (MTB/Tatonka)777324
4. Jean Pierre Roy (Synergy Racing)355215
5. Warren Ellis (Eagle Homes)0001010
6. Don Reichert (Synergy Racing)22004
7. Brian Zarsky (Synergy Racing)11013
Master Men
1. cp Walsh (Synergy Racing)773522
2. Tim Caulfield (Juventus)10100020
3. Gary Alexander (Independent)0071017
4. Bob Veroba (Bicisport)0010010
5. Scott Websdale (Café Racers)350210
6. Sean Huggins-Chan (Bicisport)00178
7. Norm Kalmanovitch (Bow Cycle/CMC)51006
8. Len Conlin (Bicisport)00505
9. Bill Hoyne (CBTL)23005
10. Russ Colnett (Bicisport)00033
11. Don Reichert (Synergy Racing)12003
12. Rob Brandrick (Bicisport)00213
Junior Men
1. Cam MacKinnon (MBC/Tatonka)101021032
2. Spencer Atkinson (Olympic Oval)773522
3. Andrew Davidson (Trek/VW)0010717
4. Philippe Abbott (Olympic Oval)007310
5. Felix Haspel (Olympic Oval)550010
6. Eric Holland (Bow Cycle/CMC)33028
7. Jamie Sparling (Bow Cycle/CMC)00516
8. Rene Regimbald (Olympic Oval)22004
9. Jeff Sparling (Olympic Oval)11002
10. Kevin Bowser (Olympic Oval)00101
Open Men
1. Chris Bentley (Olympic Oval)0071017
1. Lars Madsen (Juventus)7100017
3. Bob Veroba (Bicisport)0010515
4. Jim Fisher (Juventus)570012
5. Travis Smith (Juventus)350311
6. Doug Baron (Bicisport)1000010
7. Mike Patton (Olympic Oval)00178
8. Gary Alexander (Independent)00505
9. Joel Regimbald (Colnago/Carrera)13004
10. Neil Thebeau (Colnago/Carrera)22004
11. Len Conlin (Bicisport)00303
12. Nick Jendzjowsky (Juventus)00202
13. Scott Websdale (Café Racers)00022
14. Graeme Thomson (Bicisport)01001
Cub racers
1. Jill Walsh (Olympic Oval)7751029
2. Danielle Kenny (Olympic Oval)1037727
3. Anthony Stadnyk (Bicisport)2210519
4. Monique Sullivan (Olympic Oval)3102217
5. Melissa Findlay (Olympic Oval)553316
1. Laura Yoisten (Colnago/Carrera)101071037
2. Jenny Trew (Opus)7710731
3. Kristina Groves (Bow Cycle/CMC)005510
4. Lisa Bowe (Olympic Oval)350210
5. Susan Sutherland (Synergy Racing)532010
6. Kathy White (Jeune Cyclisme)223310
7. Laura Brown (Olympic Oval)11013


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