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June 14/97 12:06 pm - Lac St-Jean, Beauce, Elladee, Dauphine

Posted by Editor on 06/14/97

Tour du Saguenay -Lac St-Jean (thanks to J.L.) June 13th Results 2nd stage: 8,2 km ITT 1. Mark Hibbard (Forest City) in 13:29. 28 2. Sylvain Beauchamp (Everfresh-Radio Energie) 13:29.34 3. Michael Barry (Espoirs Laval) 13:34.28 4. Guillaume Belzile (Everfresh) 13:34.29 5. Trevor Gunderson (Excellence sports-Harvey's) 13:35 6. Mark Hlady (Ital-Pasta) 13:39 7. Alexandre Cloutier (Excellence) 13:39 8. Timothy Granshaw (One Plus) 13:43 9. Mark Walters (Jeep Eagle) 13:47 10. Jean-Sebastien Beland (Everfresh) 13:55 11. David Bogue (Forest City) 13:55 3rd stage: 50 km criterium: 1. Sebastien Morrissette (Everfresh) 1:08:35 2. Tim Lefebvre (Ital-Pasta) 3. Samuel Thibodeau (Excellence) 4. Torrey Marks (One Plus) 5. Tom Davis (Jeep Eagle) 6. Donny Lopez (Jeep Eagle) 7. Michael Barry (Espoirs Laval) 8. Alexandre Lavallee, (Espoirs Laval) 9. Yannick Cojan (Espoirs Laval) 10. Laszlo Alberti (Sportable) all s.t. G.C.: Mark Hibbard (Forest City) is wearing the leader's jersey but has only a small lead of 6 one hundreths of a second over Sylvain Beauchamp (Everfresh-Radio Energie) The Beauce GP starts next Tuesday with a crit in Quebec City at 18h30 on the Plains of Abraham. Good course, fast and hard. RE BEAUCE GP: Elbows will be busy on the starting line of the Beauce Grand Prix. A few days before the start of this prestigious race, it was learned that Igor Boutchoukov, last year's winner, will be back to defend his title. Also there, the three leaders of the Coor's series: Frank McCormack, Trent Kalsna and Jonathan Vaughters. The Grand Prix may also welcome the Alberta provincial team. Negotiations with the team, presently at the Saguenay/Lac St-Jean Tour, are going on. Where In the World Is Elladee? We have been trying to find out what happened to Canada‚s top female downhiller in Europe - she left for Europe to compete on the World Cup circuit, but hasn‚t turned up in any results columns. Well, thanks to Rocky Mountain (Elladee‚s sponsor) suspension guru Marshall Cant we now have the story: Elladee was a DNF at the first European World Cup (Italy, WC#2), and then came down with a virus and couldn‚t race in Spain for event #3. She should be back on the circuit shortly. Dauphine Libere, France Stage 6, Digne-les-Bains to Briancon - 187 km 1. Abraham Olano (Spa/Banesto) 5:07:27 2. Udo Bolts (Ger) at 0:01 3. Jean-Cyril Robin (Fra) 0:05 4. Michael Boogerd (Ned) 0:09 5. Manuel Beltran (Spa) 0:57 6. Miguel Angel Pena (Spa) 1:00 7. Santiago Blanco (Spa) 1:37 8. Mikel Zarrabeitia (Spa) 1:41 9. Christophe Rinero (Fra) 2:20 10. Francois Simon (Fra) 2:21 GC Olano takes the lead after Ekimov finishes 4:10 back. Zulle and Boardman have both withdrawn.


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