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April 20/98 23:44 pm - Vendee, Toronto Paris-Roubaix

Posted by Editor on 04/20/98

TROIS JOURS DE VENDEE, UCI 2.9.2., April 17-19, France
(courtesy USA Cycling)

The Vendee is a prestigious women‚s stage race. Anne Samplonius proved to be in good form, fnishing 2nd in one stage, and 7th overall.

Final GC

2. Yvonne McGregor (British National), Great Britain, at 0:14
3. Svetlana Samokhvalova (Vizir-Russian Roulette), Russia, 0:32
4. Emily Robbins (U.S. National), Wauwatosa, Wis., 0:37
5. Valentina Gerassimova (Vizir-Russian Roulette), Russia, 0:43

7. Anne Samplonius (Canadian National), Canada, 0:47

Stage One, Lucon-Lucon, April 17, 89.9km

2. Mirella Van Melis (Dutch National), Holland, s.t.
3. Loewenguth, s.t.
4. Sanne Schmidt (Danish National), Denmark, s.t.
5. Vanje Vonckx (Vlaanderen 2002), Belgium, s.t.

Stage Two, La Roche Sur Yon-Talmont Saint Eilaire, April 18, 96.6km

2. Nathalie Six (Region Paris-Nord), France, s.t.
3. Samokhvalova, s.t.
4. Marcia Eicher Vouets (ASPTT-Moselle), Switzerland, s.t.
5. Samplonius, s.t.

Stage Three, Venansault-Venansault (Individual Time Trial), April 19, 17.3km

1. JEANNIE LONGO (LONGO-EBLY), France, 24:15.77
2. Teutenberg, 24:35.48
3. McGregor, 24:49.69
4. Robbins, 25:06.40
5. Samokhvalova, 25:07.61

Stage Four, La Roche Sur Yon-La Roche Sur Yon, April 19, 93.9km

1. VANJA VONCKX (VLAANDEREN 2002), Belgium, 2:44:00
2. Samplonius, s.t.
3. Samokhvalova, s.t.
4. Richardson, s.t.
5. Eicher Vouets, s.t.

Toronto Paris-Roubaix (courtesy Mike Barry)

Yesterday, April 19th, saw the eleventh running of Toronto's Paris-Roubaix Challenge. The route covers the worst roads and tracks that can be found between the Toronto Zoo and Sutton on Lake Simcoe. This year the route was again changed to avoid newly paved roads. This has been a problem over the years as asphalt replaces gravel and mud. However the organisers were able to find some previously unused abominable tracks to maintain the character of the event.

The action started very early and the winning break went away on the first section of mud only four kilometers from the start. 1997 winner Ray Duggan (Jet Fuel) attacked with Peter Morse (Chain Reaction) and they were never to be caught. By half distance (30km) they had established a two and a half minute lead and this grew to three minutes at the entrance to the "Hell of the North". This is a thirteen kilometer section of disused railway bed, which is usually the area in which the race is decided. Morse was unable to hold the wheel of Duggan on the sand and gravel of the track and finished 27secs back. Ray Duggan therefore became the first repeat winner in the history of the event.

Behind these two the peloton was slowly pared down to a group of six who entered the last track section together but over those last thirteen kilometers they split up with Kevin Lehman taking third place over a minute ahead of Keith Hopkins in fourth.

By the halfway mark it looked as if Lisa Hussey had the women's race sewn up, as she had over five minutes in hand on the other women competitors. Unfortunately, she went off course, losing considerable time. This allowed bike courier turned road racer Crissima Pearce to take the women's award. Hussey finshed second and Sarah Buck third.

1 Ray Duggan 66 km in 2:06:15
2 Peter Morse at 27s
3 Kevin Lehman 2m 41s
4 Keith Hopkins 4m 05s
5 Alex Vaughan 8m 45s
6 Jim Kooz 9m 11s
7 James Buffet 11m 48s
8 Joe Diaz 11m 56s
9 John Quirin 15m 39s
10 Edgar Apse 15m 49s
11 Sean van Rooyen 19m 14s
12 Tomek Malewicz 24m 05s
13 Snoopy Sellers 24m 48s
14 Kamaal 28m 20s
15 Robert Ospina 27m 31s
16 Crissima Perace 27m 51s
17 Rob Gordon 44m 16s
18 Dave Britnell 47m 30s
19 Mike McGill 50m 42s
20 Albert de Ciccio 51m 30s
21 Kevin McCurley 51m 30s
22 Lisa Hussey 1h 6m 28s
23 Tyrone Kerr 1h 8m 56s
24 Sarah Buck 1h 9m 51s
25 John Ruttan 1h 27m 00s
26 Sarah Jane Chilton 1h 37m 55s
27 Pete Breward 1h 37m 55s
28 Mark van Loon 1h 37m 55s
29 Deen Karin 1h 37m 55s
30 Jordon Soares 1h 37m 55s
Richard Gorman DNF
Ian Starke DNF


To participants: please do not telephone us, asking for results - as soon as they are made available to us they will go up, we promise! The organizers had some computer system problems, but they will send us the results as soon as possible, so please try to be patient.

Attention Readers!

There appear to be a few readers out there that seem to be labouring under the impression that we have this huge database of results that we do not post (maybe just to be nasty?). At least, that is the impression we get from people complaining about how one rider is missing, or their name mispelled, or road gets preference over mountain (or vice-versa). Please realize that we can only put up the results that are supplied to us, so rather than telling us that your event is missing, DO something about it! E-mail the results, suggest that the organizer send them in, send us corrections, send us contacts... If you you send them, they will be posted...


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