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February 7/03 8:39 am - Andrew Pinfold in the at Trust House Tour

Posted by Editoress on 02/7/03

Canadian's Big Day Out in the Trust House Tour
Courtesy Kieran Turner -

Andrew Pinfold wins Stage 3

Andrew Pinfold (centre) wearing leaders jersey

Canadian Andrew Pinfold is racing his first race of the season. It didn't show today after staying away for virtually all day to win the stage and the tour leaders jersey. Pinfold's team manager in Canada is Kiwi cycling legend John Harris. Harris told Pinfold to go early as the kiwi teams would be unlikely to organize a cohesive chase. Sage advice as it turned out.

Pinfold was joined by Dutch rider Arjan De Heer before Andy Reid and Paul Odlin bridged across later. Odlin came to police the break for tour leader Tim Wilson and took the conductors seat at the back.

Reid set about driving the bunch and by the second feed station the quartet had 7 minutes on the main field. Reid kept on driving and De Heer was left behind. Behind a late reaction occurred in the bunch and a break of six set off in pursuit of the lead trio.

Unfortunately they left their run too late and the trio was left to sprint it out. Paul Odlin had started working with 10km to go when he realized that they were going to stay clear. It was he who opened up the sprint but Pinfold reacted easily taking the sprint arms aloft. Reid managed to take second.

The chase group finished just 18 seconds behind with Marc Mackay taking the sprint ahead of Matt Gilbert, Tim Gudsell, Roger Gray, Silas Cullen and Geoff Burndred.

Pinfold holds a 4 second lead over Andy Reid with Matt Gilbert lying third 20 seconds back. Overall there is a group of 7 riders within 1 minute of the leader. Tomorrow's stage will be the deciding stage with plenty of hills to split the field apart before finishing up the 12km climb of Admiral's Hill.

The Southend Cycles Women's team had their best stage yet with three riders - Sarah Ulmer, Susie Wood and Melissa Holt finishing in the main bunch. Annaliisa Farrell came in in the next group while Penny Warring had mechanical problems but will live to fight another day.

Editor's note: Micheal Moore is also racing in NZ, but we have no result


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