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May 15/98 20:24 pm - l'Aude, Fraser 3rd!

Posted by Editor on 05/15/98

Why We Are A Little Behind...

You may have noticed over the last 24 hours that we are a little slower than usual in posting results We‚ve been up in northern Ontario for the past couple of days, building trail and feeding the blackflies. So any postings were done from the bush - not the best circumstances. However, the trail work is done (for now), we are clean again (and scratching our bites...), and here is the news! Stay tuned tomorrow for our World Cup reports from Plymouth, England.

Tour de l‚Aude, France

Stage 6a - Axat to Belcaire, 41 km

1. Meike De Bruijn (Ned) Dutch National 1:15:12
2. Kathryn Watt (Aus) Mutuelles de France at 0:07
3. Rasa Polikeviciute (Lit) Ebly Lithuania
4. Catherine Marsal (Fra) Mista Mimosa Sprint
5. Susanne Ljungskog (Swe) Greenery Hawk

13. Julie Young (USA) US National
14. Leigh Hobson (Can) Canadian National
17. Lynne Bessette (Can) Canadian National
19. Linda Jackson (Can) Canadian National all s.t.

22. Pam Schuster (USA) US National 0:33
34. Joan Wilson(USA) US National 1:13
39. Anne Samplonius (Can) Canadian National s.t.
53. Cybil DiGuistini (Can) Canadian National 6:12
63. Kim Langton (Can) Canadian National 6:39

Stage 6b - Belcaire to Axat, 61 km

1. Fabiana Luperini (Ita) Mista Mimosa Sprint 1:41:55
2. Valentina Polkhanova (Rus) Vizir-Russian Roulette at 0:04
3. Catherine Marsal (Fra) Mista Mimosa Sprint 0:41
4. Susanne Ljungskog (Swe) Greenery Hawk
5. Marcia Eicher Vouets (Swi) Omt all s.t.

11. Julie Young (USA) US National 2:24
18. Joan Wilson(USA) US National 4:21
19. Leigh Hobson (Can) Canadian National
28. Linda Jackson (Can) Canadian National both s.t.

48. Pam Schuster (USA) US National 10:41
73. Anne Samplonius (Can) Canadian National 19:44
75. Kim Langton (Can) Canadian National
79. Cybil DiGuistini (Can) Canadian National both s.t.

GC after Stage 6b

1. Fabiana Luperini (Ita) Mista Mimosa Sprint 18:05:01
2. Valentina Polkhanova (Rus) Vizir Russian Roulette at 1:15
3. Catherine Marsal (Fra) Mista Mimosa Sprint 3:09
4. Hanka Kupfernagel (Ger) Greenery Hawk 3:38
5. Eicher Vouets 4:43

12. Julie Young (USA) US National 8:13
13. Linda Jackson (Can) Canadian National 8:47
17. Leigh Hobson (Can) Canadian National 12:49

19. Pam Schuster (USA) US National 16:19
27. Joan Wilson(USA) US National 19:14
58. Cybil DiGuistini (Can) Canadian National 58:29
63. Kim Langton (Can) Canadian National 1:12:38
70. Anne Samplonius (Can) Canadian National 1:30:32

Tour of Austurias, Spain

Stage 3 - Llanes to Avilés, 163 km

1. Pedro M. Silva (Por) Recer 4.34.04
2. Laurent Jalabert (Fra) ONCE
3. Gordon Fraser (Can) Mercury
4. Jeremy Hunt (GB) Banesto
5. Julian Dean (NZ) Mercury all s.t.


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