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June 8/03 12:49 pm - World Cup DH #2 Full Results

Posted by Editor on 06/8/03

Downhill World Cup #2 - Alpe d'Huez, France

1Rennie, NathanAUS3:16.71
2Kovarik, ChristopherAUS3:17.310.6
3Barel, FabienFRAKona Clarks Factory3:17.360.65
4Pascal, MickaelFRAMaxxis-MSC3:18.491.78
5Minnaar, GregRSA3:19.362.65
6Gracia, CedricFRASiemens Mob. Cannondale3:19.532.82
7Vazquez Lopez, DavidESPMSC Bikes3:20.754.04
8Sanchez, HimarESPMSC Bikes3:21.164.45
9Leov, JustinNZL3:21.845.13
10Hargreaves, KrisGBR3:22.365.65
11Oulego Moreno, IvanESP3:23.156.44
12Hill, SamuelAUS3:23.476.76
13Atherton, DanielGBR3:23.496.78
14Poomans, JulienFRA3:23.666.95
15Berchtold, MarkolfBRAMSC Bikes3:23.857.14
16Atherton, GeorgeGBR3:23.907.19
17Lunn, JordieCAN3:23.967.25
18Camellini, JulienFRA3:24.097.38
19Longden, WillGBR3:24.167.45
20Carter, EricUSAMongoose-Hyundai3:24.667.95
21Ruffin, ThibautFRA3:24.748.03
22Ball, ChrisGBR3:24.778.06
23Guardia Pascual, BernatESPMaxxis-MSC3:24.838.12
24Mermoud, DamienSUI3:24.878.16
25Canals Flix, PascualESP3:25.078.36
26Barker, SteveGBR3:25.088.37
27Lehikoinen, MattiFIN3:25.198.48
28Haas, MathiasAUT3:25.268.55
29Donoghue, NeilGBR3:25.688.97
30Rojo, CesarESP3:26.039.32
31Deldycke, MickaelFRA3:26.089.37
32Van Valkenhoef, KoenNED3:26.569.85
33Matus, FilipCZE3:26.659.94
34Tatarkovic, KamilCZE3:26.8710.16
35Vink, NicoBEL3:27.0410.33
36Vagner, AdamCZE3:27.2510.54
37Wildhaber, ReneSUI3:27.3710.66
37Steffen, AndreasSUI3:27.3710.66
39Saut, VincentFRA3:27.3810.67
40Page, NigelGBR3:27.6110.9
40Aguin Castro, JorgeESP3:27.6110.9
42Corry, WilliamIRL3:27.6710.96
43Barelli, YoannFRA3:27.7811.07
44Sieber, AndreasGER3:27.8811.17
45Payet, JerumeFRA3:28.2711.56
46Beaumont, MarkGBRTeam Orange3:28.4111.7
47Giordanengo, OlivierFRA3:28.5111.8
48Paccard, YoannFRA3:28.9412.23
49Thomson, StuartGBR3:29.2212.51
50Cibelly, FabienFRA3:29.3712.66
51Ochin, OlivierFRA3:29.4112.7
52Smith, WaylonGBR3:29.4812.77
53Beer, NickSUI3:29.6312.92
54Beaumont, ScottGBR3:30.0813.37
55Spagnolo, DamienFRA3:30.1913.48
56Barre, ThomasFRA3:30.5913.88
57Cousinie, FabienFRA3:31.0114.3
58Muller, SimeonFRA3:32.9516.24
59Peat, SteveGBRTeam Orange3:33.0916.38
60Reid, BenIRL3:33.1916.48
61Jodko, MaciejPOL3:33.7617.05
62Polc, FilipSVK3:34.5217.81
63Mollier, EddyFRA3:34.5717.86
64Saladini, RomainFRAMSC Bikes3:34.6617.95
65Jahnel, RudigerAUT3:36.4319.72
66Iannis, GiorgioITA3:38.3021.59
67Saiz, OscarESPMaxxis-MSC3:39.9023.19
68Roussel, MatthieuFRA3:40.2023.49
69Marosi, MichalCZE3:40.9124.2
70Schurter, MarioSUI3:42.7526.04
71Pedemanaud, FabienFRA3:46.9830.27
72Zbinden, SamuelSUI3:50.8534.14
73Havukainen, JustinAUS4:45.341:28.63
74Kudella, StefanGER4:45.851:29.14
75Hughes, JamesGBR5:42.762:26.05
76Warner, RobGBR8:45.365:28.65
Wardell, DaveGBRDNF
Klausmann, MarcusGERDNF
Tholen, GertjeNEDDNF
Ortiz, NicolasFRADNF

World Cup Ranking after Round 2

1Rennie, NathanAUS386
2Gracia, CedricFRASiemens Mobile Cannondale355
3Pascal, MickaelFRAMaxxis-MSC336
4Kovarik, ChristopherAUS297
5Minnaar, GregRSA258
6Barel, FabienFRAKona-Clarks Factory231
7Vazquez Lopez, DavidESPMSC Bikes187
8Hill, SamuelAUS180
9Oulego Moreno, IvanESP148
10Atherton, GeorgeGBR129
11Longden, WillGBR127
12Guardia Pascual, BernatESPMaxxis-MSC122
13Camellini, JulienFRA113
14De Bever, BasNEDBe-One103
15Berchtold, MarkolfBRAMSC Bikes99
16Sanchez, HimarESPMSC Bikes97
17Havukainen, JustinAUS97
18Hargreaves, KrisGBR94
19Leov, JustinNZL90
20Carter, EricUSAMongoose Hyundai89
21Atherton, DanielGBR86
22Mermoud, DamienSUI86
23Poomans, JulienFRA74
24Peat, SteveGBRTeam Orange69
25Carrick-Anderson, CrawfordGBR67
26Lehikoinen, MattiFIN64
27Klaassenvanoorscho, DavidUSA64
28Lunn, JordieCAN63
29Ball, ChrisGBR58
30Rojo, CesarESP46
31Saiz, OscarESPMaxxis-MSC45
32Wardell, DaveGBR39
33Ruffin, ThibautFRA37
34Canals Flix, PascualESP37
35Vagner, AdamCZE37
36Barker, SteveGBR36
37Matus, FilipCZE36
38Beaumont, MarkGBRTeam Orange33
39Klausmann, MarcusGER32
40Page, NigelGBR26
41Saut, VincentFRA24
42Haas, MathiasAUT23
43Valkenhoef, KoenNED23
44Donoghue, NeilGBR22
45Wildhaber, ReneSUI21
46Moseley, EdGBR21
47Ortiz, NicolasFRA20
47Deldycke, MickaelFRA20
49Marosi, MichalCZE20
50Steffen, AndreasSUI19
51Tatarkovic, KamilCZE17
52Jodko, MaciejPOL17
53Vink, NicoBEL16
54O'Brien, GlynIRL16
55Warner, RobGBR13
56Aguin Castro, JorgeESP11
57Polc, FilipSVK11
58Thomson, StuartGBR10
59Corry, WilliamIRL9
59Schurter, MarioSUI9
61Barelli, YoannFRA8
62Sieber, AndreasGER7
63Payet, JerumeFRA6
64Harper, DanGBR6
65Cheetham, JonGBR5
66Giordanengo, OlivierFRA4
67Paccard, YoannFRA3
68Zielinski, GregorzPOL3
69Bosch, ToddUSA2
70Cibelly, FabienFRA1

Trek-VW Report

The third stop of the UCI World Cup was an all gravity affair with round two for the Downhill and 4X events. Situated at the top of 21 very famous switchbacks, Alpe d'Huez has a heritage rich in cycling history as a longtime fixture as a stage finale for the Tour de France.

The week's practice sessions were graced with sunny blue skies and light breezes. The newly designed 4X course was met with much apprehension and disdain from riders and staff members alike. With some minor revisions and still not completely satisfactory, the course was set for competition on Saturday. During the morning qualifying runs, many of the riders opted for their longer travel downhill bikes to help with the length of the course and the rough terrain. Trek-Volkswagen's Mio Suesmasa struggled a bit on her run, qualifying in 12th place. Teammate Wade Bootes had better luck in his run finishing a solid 5th place.

The evening's 4X finals were delayed a bit at the start due to gondola lift service glitches. Just as the first bracket of athletes entered the gate, the rain began! As the sky opened up the course became very slippery and muddy with very little traction. Consequently, the racing was rife with crashes and the competition was less than spectacular. In the women's race Suemasa was eliminated early, finishing 15th on the day as Tracey Moseley (Kona-Clarks) took the victory over Katrina Miller (Jamis), Sabrina Jonnier (Intense) and Tara Llanes (Giant-Pearl Izumi). In the men's event, Wade Bootes advanced through his earlier rounds but was eliminated in the 1/4 finals to a 9th place finish overall. Eric Carter (Mongoose-Hyundai) took the gold followed by Michael Prokop (Arthur Racing), Scott Beaumont (Beaumont Racing) and Cedric Gracia (Siemens Mobile - Cannondale). With these results, the Trek-Volkswagen team remains at the lead of the UCI Trade Team competition for 4X.

Sunday morning reinstated the sunny skies with very warm temperatures much to the delight of all athletes and staff. Again, morning began with qualifying runs, this time for the downhill event. Trek-Volkswagen's Mio Suemasa finished in 16th position on the high speed and open course. Certainly no major surprises greeted the decidedly French crowd as reigning World Champion Anne-Caroline Chausson (Commencal) dominated the qualifying run by nearly 3 1/2 seconds over second place. Into the afternoon's final runs, Celine Gros (Morzine-Avoriaz) locked in 3rd place with Tracy Moseley (Kona-Clarks) in silver and Anne-Caroline Chausson taking the victory. Trek-Volkswagen's Mio Suemasa retained her qualifying place in the finals, finishing in 16th place.


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