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May 31/98 10:40 am - Gossip, Bastion Square

Posted by Editor on 05/31/98

Cycling on Television

The Queens Park GP will be broadcast in southern Ontario on the New VR (CKVR in Barrie) on either June 23 or 28th (Curt Harnett doesn‚t have exact dates and times yet). The Victoria Track World Cup is scheduled to be shown on CBC in the west next Saturday.


- Andrew Shandro hasn‚t shown up in the results for the Downhill World Cup yet for one good reason - his sponsor hasn‚t finished the bikes yet! Apparently, they (K2) are way behind.

- Damiann Skelton, who rides downhill for Norco, had to come back to Canada from Europe before getting a chance to ride the World Cups after hurting her back in a crash.

- There will be wedding bells after the racing season is over. Andreas Hestler popped the question to Lesley Tomlinson (and she said yes). The wedding is expected to take place early in the new year.

Bastion Square, Victoria

This classic downtown criterium was made even more interesting today with the addition of riders from many of the national track teams who had just finished competing in the World Cup the day before. The race did have a few problems capturing all the results from the sizable fields (74 men and 28 women), but the crowds of spectators were huge, and the riders put on quite a show. Danish rider Michael Sandstod, who had won the individual pursuit a couple of days prior, went for the second last lap‚s gamblers prime and pursuited around the 900 metre course to take the 70 lap men‚s race. He had the field completely stung out, and no one could come around him in the end. `96 and `97 winner Roland Green was hot on his wheel, but lacked the strength to overtake Sandstod. Gustavo Artcho of Argentina was 3rd, while Brian Walton (the winner in `95) was 9th.

Brian‚s wife of only a few months, Dana, surprised a lot of people when she took the women‚s title in a sprint finish. Walton yoyoed from the front of the field to the back throughout the race, but at the end of 40 laps she was in the right spot - the front. Second was Wa-Yoko Teutenberg of the German national team, and third was Svetlana Samokhvalova of Russia. Stephanie Hannos was the top Canadian, in 4th, while mountain bike stars Lesley Tomlinson and Alison Sydor finished 7th and 8th respectively.


1. Dana Walton 46:15
2. Wa-Yoko Teutenberg GER
3. Svetlana Samokhvalova RUS
4. Andrea Hannos CAN
5. Maureen Kaila Vergara CAN all s.t.


1. Michael Sanstod DEN 1:12:17
2. Roland Green CAN
3. Gustavo Artcho ARG all s.t.

Other Categories


Category 3/Junior
1. Murray Drew, Victoria
2. Cory Lange, Langley
3. Barry Beck, Brentwood Bay

Category 4/Cadet/Vet
1. John Ridineton, Vancouver
2. Timothy Barkely, Victoria
3. Scott Williams, Victoria

Novice/Category 5
1. Alec Walton, Victoria
2. Lam Hubert, Vancouver
3. Fraser Young, Victoria


Category 4/Junior/Cadet/Vet
1. Louise Penkman, Victoria
2. Ingrid Haesevoets, Victoria
3. Claire Townsend, Victoria

Novice/Category 5
1. Carol Tickner, Victoria
2. Fran Lynott, Victoria
3. Meghan MacLeod, Victoria

Elementary School Relay

1. Bayside School, Mill Bay
2. Deep Cove
3. Lochside
4. Lochside
Top Victoria Elite Riders

Andrea Hannos
Roland Green


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