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July 27/03 8:47 am - Tour de White Rock: Brief Report and more Results

Posted by Editoress on 07/27/03

Tour de White Rock

Stage 2 Criterium

The weather was absolutely perfect, a sunny warm afternoon, unfortunately I arrived just at the end of the women's race so I am not able to provide an assessment or report. However, I can tell you that Cynthia said it was the most exciting race she has ever seen. Cynthia is a reputable source as she pulls shots at Starbucks Monday-Friday!

90 men lined up to start the 24th annual Tour de White Rock Criterium. On the opening laps Healthnet made their presence obvious by setting a hard pace and stretching the pack all the way down main (Street 152nd). A few breaks were attempted but didn't stick, each was quickly shut down by the pack. The fast pace eventually started to take a toll and with 22 laps the main pack had split in half . Danny Pate made what would be the winning move and jumped clear. As quickly as you can say "under 23 National time trial champion", he had a 10 second gap. By the next lap Danny had opened the gap to 15 sec then 22, finally with 12 laps to go he lapped the main pack.

With just 5 laps to go Zach Bell got clear and quickly opened an 8 second gap on the bunch, but his effort for a second place were diminished as the Green train (Healthnet) went to the front and brought him back. A great effort by Zach, this kid has only been racing one year, yikes look out!

On the last lap Healthnet, tired form all the work? too many riders to watch? concentrating on their own sprint plans? whatever, their control of the pack slacked off a wee bit. This was enough for Alex Candelario (Prime Alliance) to maneuver himself into the right position to take the sprint. Eddy Gragus (Trek VW Allstars) riding in his usual gutsy style, pulled off 3rd just behind Alex.

Other notable mentions: Cory Lange (Symmetrics) was away for a few laps and picked up a prime.

Great racing guys!

From the West,
Totally Todd

More Results


1. Ina Teutenberg (Saturn Cycling Team)
2. Jessica De Mars (Team Alberta)
3. Sarah Noble (Bike Barn)
4. Kristen Lasasso (Rona-Esker)
5. Andrea Hannos (Rona-Esker)
6. Lisa Sweeney (Team Kappa)
7. Samantha Nicholson (Team Alberta)
8. Barbara Zimich (Dizzy Cycles)
9. Nina Krack (Escape Velocity)
10. Alena Radomsky (Opus)


1. Danny Pate (Prime Alliance)
2. Alex Candelario (Prime Alliance)
3. Eddy Gragus (Trek VW Allstars)
4. Tyler Farrar (Jelly Belly/Surisban Clothing)
5. Gordon Fraser (Team Health Net)
6. Andrew Pinfold (Atlas Cold/Ital Pasta C.C)
7. Scott Goguen (Symmetrics)
8. Ric Minichiello (Symmetrics)
9. Alex Lavallee (Atlas Cold/Ital Pasta C.C)
10. Peter Sanowar (Gears


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