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July 27/03 8:17 am - Warkworth Challenge

Posted by Editoress on 07/27/03

Warkworth Challenge - Ontario Cup, Road July 27th

Hosted by the Cobourg Cycling Club

Cadet Men - 50.0 km
(Average Speed 33.19 km/h)
1. Mark Hinnen (McMaster Cycling Club) RU171:30:23
Master BCD Men/Women Results - 75.0 km
(Average Speed 33.72 km/h)
1. Stefan Kramer (Independent) RMB2:13:28
2. Garnett Abbey (D'ornellas Racing Team) RMB
3. Marc Polsinelli (Pavan Cycling Team) RMB
4. Mark Berger (D'ornellas Racing Team) RMB
5. Jim Laird (Multi-Laser Racing) RMC
6. Joseph Torchia (L.C.W. / Racer Sportif) RMB
7. Merrill Collins (La Bicicletta - J Lindeberg) RS1
8. Mark Dwyre (Multi-Laser Racing) RMB
9. Gordon Clarke (Somerset Graphics Racing Team) RMC
10. Edward Smolinski (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club) RMB
11. Dan Bartoli (Independent) RMB
12. Bruno Grossi (Pavan Cycling Team) RMB
13. Tim Buckley (Independent) RMC
14. Aiken Scherberger (Sport Swap Racing) RMB
15. Greg Cushing (Peterborough Cycling Club) RMB
16. Jennifer Stephenson (Cycle Logik Racing) RS2all s.t.
17. Brent Thomlison (Waterloo Cycling Club) RMB0:28
18. Rob Cheskey (Hamilton Cycling Club) RMB4:54
19. Fulvio Mark Cubello (Somerset Graphics Racing Team) RMB5:11
20. Dave Britnell (Hummingbirds International Cycling Club) RMB
21. Ian Wilson (Peterborough Cycling Club) RMB5:48
22. Holland Gidney (Team Animus) RS36:37
23. Jim Elzinga (La Bicicletta - J Lindeberg) RMB8:03
24. Kathy Lewis (Independent) RS310:37
25. Chris Kiriakopoulos (Hamilton Cycling Club) RMB10:47
26. Dave Wall (Multi-Laser Racing) RMB11:57
27. Don Mcculloch (D'ornellas Racing Team) RMB15:55
28. Anna Tratnyek (Mcmaster Cycling Club) RJ17:54
29. Karina Sacca (Team Animus) RS318:04
30. Diana Joness (Toronto Police "Trailhogs") RS218:08
31. Amy Maher (L.C.W. / Racer Sportif) RS323:46
32. Perry Gelakis (Coach Chris.Ca/Bmo Nesbitt Burns) RMBs.t.
33. Carolyne Haill (Independent) RS328:49
DNF. Paul Goddard (Independent) RMB
DNF. Phil Vermette (Juventus) RMB
DNF. Taras Kowalczyszyn (Cornwall Cycle Club) RMC
DNF. Steven Bonisteel (Independent) RMB
DNF. Jorn Hansen (Somerset Graphics Racing Team) RMC
DNF. David Woolley (Somerset Graphics Racing Team) RMB
DNF. Mauro Martini (Pavan Cycling Team) RMB
DNF. Barb Brzezicki (Midweek Cycling Club) RS2
DNF. Maogosha Pyjor (Team Animus) RS2
DNF. Erin Byrne (Multi-Laser Racing) RS3
DNF. Carrie Alexander (Multi-Laser Racing) RS3
Womens Placings
1. Merrill Collins (La Bicicletta - J Lindeberg) RS12:13:28
2. Jennifer Stephenson (Cycle Logik Racing) RS2s.t.
3. Holland Gidney (Team Animus) RS36:37
4. Kathy Lewis (Independent) RS310:37
5. Anna Tratnyek (Mcmaster Cycling Club) RJ17:54
6. Karina Sacca (Team Animus) RS318:04
7. Diana Joness (Toronto Police "Trailhogs") RS218:08
8. Amy Maher (L.C.W. / Racer Sportif) RS323:46
9. Carolyne Haill (Independent) RS328:49
DNF. Barb Brzezicki (Midweek Cycling Club) RS2
DNF. Maogosha Pyjor (Team Animus) RS2
DNF. Erin Byrne (Multi-Laser Racing) RS3
DNF. Carrie Alexander (Multi-Laser Racing) RS3
Junior/Senior 3/Master A Men - 100.0 km
(Average Speed 35.65 km/h)
1. Gerard Yeates (Peterborough Cycling Club) RMA2:48:18
2. Doug Hinan (Peterborough Cycling Club) RMAat 0:04
3. Jason Vincze (Khs Bicycles Canada) RMA
4. Chris Helwig (Coach Chris.Ca/Bmo Nesbitt Burns) RMA
5. Erik Davis (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club) RMA
6. Carlos Barros (Somerset Graphics Racing Team) RMA
7. Todd Olynick (Indieaccess.Ca) RMA
8. Stuart Mckay (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club) RMA
9. Duncan Salisbury (Somerset Graphics Racing Team) RMA
10. Steve Morrison (Teen Speed Cc) RS3
11. Jean Pierre Dore (Velocity Racing) RS3
12. Shawn Marshall (Mikes Bikeshop) RS3
13. Shane Lavell (Cyclepath Oakville Racing Team) RMA
14. Tom Villano (Sport Swap Racing) RMA
15. Andrew Doble (Team Hardwood Cycling & Ski Club) RMA
16. Kieran Andrews (Peterborough Cycling Club) RMA
17. Rene Menard-Kilrane (Bike Race Ottawa) RJ
18. Thos Howell (Sport Swap Racing) RMA
19. John Fee (Multi-Laser Racing) RS3
20. Ian Mackellar (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club) RMA
21. Tim Reid (Multi-Laser Racing) RS3
22. Gordon Henderson (Cervelo) RMA
23. Christopher Paton (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club) RMA
24. Anthony West (Indieaccess.Ca) RMA
25. Ryan Hodgkinson (Newmarket Eagles Cc) RS3
26. Antonio Liokossis (Coach Chris.Ca/Bmo Nesbitt Burns) RMA
27. Jason Fitzsimmons (Independent) RMA
28. Andrew Kruger (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RS3
29. Chris Kiziak (Somerset Graphics Racing Team) RMA
30. Gord Woolley (Somerset Graphics Racing Team) RMA
31. Tristan Galbraith (Independent) RS3
32. Adrian Gedye (Sudbury Cc) RMA
33. Scott Wood (Peterborough Cycling Club) RMA
34. Shawn Cranwell (Hamilton Cycling Club) RS3
35. Eric Crudeli (Velo Club Bressan) RMA
36. Andrew Mcrae (Indieaccess.Ca) RS3
37. Loche MacKinnon (Independent) RMA
38. Douglas Chisholm (Coach Chris.Ca/Bmo Nesbitt Burns) RMA
39. Stephen Heck (Sport Swap Racing) RMA
40. Jean David Messier (Bike Race Ottawa) RJ
41. John Wiman (Team Cervelo) RMA
42. Kevin Lehman (Thornhill Saab - Bici) RS3
43. Robin Bolduc (Velo Sommet) RS3
44. Scott Lindow (D'ornellas Racing Team) RMA
45. Cary Moretti (Team Cervelo) RMA
46. Scott Murison (Peterborough Cycling Club) RMA
47. Patrick Tuite (Midweek Cycling Club) RS3
48. Claudio Buffone (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club) RMA
49. Filip Bohac (Multi-Laser Racing) RS3
50. Mike Nash (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RMA
51. Tim Hadfield (Peterborough Cycling Club) RMAall s.t.
52. Ed Makarchuk (Khs Bicycles Canada) RMA1:10
53. Scott Buschlen (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club) RMA1:41
54. Michael Amaral (Independent) RS32:01
55. Michael Forsdike (Coach Chris.Ca/Bmo Nesbitt Burns) RMA2:10
56. Ian (a) Wilson (Waterloo Cycling Club) RS39:11
57. Aarron Jackson (Indieaccess.Ca) RS3s.t.
58. Rob Sidhu (Independent) RS39:50
59. Dave Kervin (Peterborough Cycling Club) RS3
60. Mark Davies (Team Cervelo) RMA
61. Jose Paul Amaral (Somerset Graphics Racing Team) RMAall s.t.
62. Steven Alexander (Multi-Laser Racing) RMA12:07
63. Mark Cleland (Mcmaster Cycling Club) RS316:25
64. Kris Lew (Peterborough Cycling Club) RS320:38
65. Andrew Stewart (Team Cervelo) RMAs.t.
DNF. Marvin Correa (Independent) RMA
DNF. W. Drew Robertson (Sport Swap Racing) RMA
DNF. Keith Peck (Waterloo Cycling Club) RMA
DNF. Eric Peterson (London Centenial ) RMA
DNF. David Vanderlaan (Thornhill Saab - Bici) RS3
DNF. Matt Parnell (Peterborough Cycling Club) RMA
DNF. Shane Hollingshead (Independent) RS3
DNF. Matt Shadudro (Kona) RMA
DNF. Ted Correa (Independent) RMA
DNF. West Edwards (Indieaccess.Ca) RMA
DNF. Kris Tobias (Sport Swap Racing) RMA
DNF. Mark R. Petty (Indieaccess.Ca) RMA
PRO 1/2 Men - 150.0 km
(Average Speed 36. km/h)
1. Aaron Fillion (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RS14:09:58
2. Stig Somme (Jet Fuel Coffee) RS2s.t.
3. Andrew Randell (Jet Fuel Coffee) RS1at 1:31
4. Darko Ficko (La Bicicletta - J Lindeberg) RS11:58
5. Thorben Wieditz (Thornhill Saab - Bici) RS1
6. Nathan Chown (Midweek Cycling Club) RS2
7. Ramon Mira De Orduna (St. Catharines Cycling Club) RS2
8. Ryan Roth (Jet Fuel Coffee) RS1E
9. Don Zuck (Pavan Cycling Team) RS12:37
10. Peter Morse (Midweek Cycling Club) RS13:23
11. Jeff Schiller (L.C.W. / Racer Sportif) RS2E
12. Malcolm Munro (Thornhill Saab - Bici) RS2
13. Eric Stock (St. Catharines Cycling Club) RS2
14. Jason Valenti (North Ryder.Com) RS2
15. Robert Mann (Khs Bicycles Canada) RS2
16. Jason Maclaren (Neworld Cycle) RS2
17. Andrew Hickman (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club) RS2
18. Shannon Hunt (Independent) RS2
19. Colin Burn (Jet Fuel Coffee) RS2E
20. Rino Lapiccirella (Pavan Cycling Team) RS29:45
21. Noel Savage (Peterborough Cycling Club) RS210:10
22. Axel Bergman (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club) RS2
23. Jeffrey Bakal (Multi-Laser Racing) RS212:59
24. Greg Roth (Independent) RS213:26
25. Adam Wade (Khs Bicycles Canada) RS2E31:42
DNF. Christopher Bolten (Thornhill Saab - Bici) RS2
DNF. Marc Precious (Oakvcc) RS2
DNF. Attila Hajdu (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club) RS2
DNF. Stirling Mcarthur (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club) RS2
DNF. Kurt Schreiter (East Side Cycle) RS2
DNF. Paul Hornak (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club) RS1
DNF. Paul Rego (Atlas Cold - Italpasta) RS1
DNF. Sean Kelly (La Bicicletta - J Lindeberg) RS2
DNF. Heath Cockburn (La Bicicletta - J Lindeberg) RS2
DNF. Bryan Rusche (Atlas Cold - Italpasta) RS1
DNF. Adam Lucas (Coach Chris.Ca/Bmo Nesbitt Burns) RS2
DNF. Antoine Varghese (Atlas Cold - Italpasta) RS1


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