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October 26/03 5:25 am - BC CycloCross Championships: Photos and Results

Posted by Editoress on 10/26/03

BC Provincial Cyclocross Championships Vancouver, BC - October 25th
Thanks to Greg Descantes for the brief report, arranging results and sending photos

Open Men

Open Women and Junior Men

In the womens race, Wendy Simms quickly distanced herself from a small field on the first lap, taking off with the sole Junior Men's rider present, Trevor Bant. The two steadily increased their lead each lap, eventually cruising in together to win their respective divisions.

In the Open Men's race, it was a four-man race between Max Plaxton, Andrew Kyle, Drew MacKenzie and Carter Hovey, with each rider taking turns attacking the other three. With three laps to go and the field lapped, it was down to Plaxton and Kyle, with Plaxton winning by a bike length.

Mountain Cross
1. Manuel Fehlmann40:28:00
2. Kevin Calhoun
3. Robin Suopanki
4. Matt Klymson
5. Greg Devinsat 1 lap
DNF. Pascel Teste
Junior Men
1. Trevor Bant (Dizzy)36:58:00
Open Women
1. Wendy Simms (Steed Cycles)36:56:00
2. Cynthia Young (Flash Five)
3. Salena Lawrie (Team Soliton)
4. Caroline Lavoie (Quebec) (Opus)
5. Naomi Cooper - (Junior) (Escape Velocity)at 1 lap
6. Barb Zimich (Dizzy)
7. Jenny Trew (Alberta)
8. Lesley Trivett
Open Men
1. Max Plaxton (Gears Racing)59:34:00
2. Andrew Kyle (Sugoi)
3. Drew MacKenzie (Sugoi)
4. Carter Hovey
5. Kris Sneddon (Kona)
6. Matt Slaven (USA) (Spot)
7. Martin LaFontaine (Quebec)
8. Ed Arthur (USA)
9. Basse Clement (Rocky Mountain)at 1 lap
10. Jay Murray (Trek Volkswagon)
11. Matt Gossage (USA)at 1 lap +
12. Sven Sturm (Another Bike)
13. Murray Solem (Symmetrics)
14. Rick Rodland (Flash Five)
15. Nels Guloien
16. Andrew Ferguson (Team Soliton)
17. Sean Howie
18. Chris Reid
19. Quinn Anderson
20. Gary Wade (Fresh Air Exp.)
21. Mark Bohm
22. Paul Beard (Atomic)
23. Chris Brown
24. Jeff Spence (Team Soliton)
25. Jason Fluckiger (Bayside)
26. Mike Charuk
27. Mathew Harriman
28. Glenn Hendricks (Bayside)
29. Barry Brennan
30. Marlon Tang
31. Corey Piket
32. Raphael Fang
33. Rexnald Hoskinson
34. Ben Schmidt (Natural Earth)
35. Warren Ellis (Bike Barn)
36. Patrick Love
37. Steve Cork (Union Bay)


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